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    i7-4770K @4.4
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    Asus Z97-E
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    16GB @1600 - Kingston Hyper X & AData XPGv1
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  1. I agree. My system has an EVGA GS850 which is crazy overkill for what I have now (the fan pretty much never even turns on, lol), but 2 years ago I was running crossfire 290's so it was necessary at the time. Personal preference I guess. Even though the RX 480 is only a 150w GPU, I would still go for a 650w for CF 480's, just for the little added peace of mind and headroom in case I change things up later on and need the extra grunt.
  2. Speaking of splitting lanes in a car... This is just epic.
  3. A good quality 550w will work fine, it just doesn't leave much headroom. Personally, I think about what I may want to run in the future and choose accordingly so I don't have to upgrade again later on. A good PSU these days can last you well beyond 5 years. Just thinking out loud...
  4. Don't know why some of you are recommending PSU's that are just enough. I would say 650w minimum. Will keep the PSU running at it's more efficient range and give you more headroom for future upgrades.
  5. Screenshots I've posted were taken with steam. They look fine, IMO. There is an option to have steam save a raw file of the screenshot if you don't want any image quality degradation.
  6. The type of cooler has no bearing on how much heat the CPU is producing, just FYI. The more efficient the cooler, the more heat it will be putting off into the room. I had 2 R9 290's for a while. It was a furnace, to say the least. Not joking. At full load it was essentially a 600+ watt heater.
  7. Wow, the things people complain about these days. How about just play the game and enjoy it for what it is instead of wasting time whining and making these pointless silly comparisons. We ALL know by now, the trailers are all about marketing and should never be taken as actual in-game footage. Most of the time, I find the actual game looks better in the flesh than it does in the trailers. Such is the case with ME:A. Have played the game for an hour or so thus far and it looks great, IMO. I have no issues with the graphics what-so-ever. I don't see this so called "downgrade" at all.
  8. Maybe try setting the game to a higher priority in task manager? See what background programs and apps you have running. Could be a conflict with one of them, maybe.
  9. I ran crossfire R9 290's for almost a year. Don't bother. Save yourself the time and effort required for tinkering and tweaking, just go with a single Fury. Seriously. I switched to a single 980 after the pair of 290's and did not regret it. Don't get me wrong, when CF works, it works really well and scales great. But it only works that well in very few games I play, so it wasn't worth the hassle, IMO. Single, more powerful card > two, less powerful cards.
  10. I've tried both as well and didn't see much of a difference between the two.
  11. Ouch... Shall we start taking bets on whether Mclaren will even finish the race? Ok, how can anyone not think that sounds awesome!? The severe compressor surge made me cringe though. They really should address that with a proper BOV setup.
  12. The thing to remember when using DSR with a 1080p display is there are still only a certain number of pixels and pixel density is still lower, so it will never look perfectly crisp. Also something to note with DSR is there is a setting in NVCP that can adjust the "sharpness" of it. I think it's called DSR blend or something and the setting is based on a percentage. The higher the setting, the "fuzzier" the effect will be. When I use it I try to keep this setting below 30% so the image stays more sharp and less soft. I only really use it in a few games that have really poor built-in AA options like ROTTR to get a better image.
  13. I assumed you were playing at 1080p. 3440x1440 should look pretty darn good at native res with FXAA, I would think. But yeah, it's a shame this game doesn't have any better implementations of AA options.
  14. No. Trust me, the i7 (even if non-K,) was the better choice. When you eventually want to upgrade your GPU, you will be glad you chose the i7 instead. And yeah, this is a show off your setup thread, so post some pics please.
  15. I would suggest then trying 4K with DSR but that might be too much for a 1070... I'm a little surprised it doesn't look good enough at native 1440p with the in-game AA options.