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    i7-4770K @4.2
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    Asus Z97-E
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    Kingston Hyper X Black 2x4GB DDR3 1600
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    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Reds
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    Razer Naga Epic
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  1. Thanks. Yeah the Founders begs to be shown off with that gorgeous shroud. Just wish it was a little quieter.
  2. Y'all are probably getting tired of seeing this thing, but the final parts I'd been waiting on from finally came in yesterday. PCIe x16 extension riser cable, 2x 4-way 4-pin fan hub splitters and cable hold-down straps for the cable management. So, here it is in it's final state: Originally wanted to mount the GPU vertically, but the CPU cooler is too huge and the fans at the bottom didn't leave enough room to do that. Seems like many case manufacturers are starting to include the option of vertical GPU mounting so I decided to do things a little different. The nice, stealthy black riser ribbon. Very nice quality piece. Not perfect, but nice. Very carefully took the dremel with the cutting disk to my brand new case... (little nerve-racking, lol). The end result: My 'git er dun' cable management. (It's more organized than it looks ) Some glamour shots...
  3. Sweet setup. One suggestion; put your subwoofer down on the floor (under your desk if you can) to free up some desk space and more importantly; it will sound MUCH better.
  4. You into archery? What bows are those?
  5. Freak'n dinosaur! Damn! That's amazing. I wonder how old it is. Wow.
  6. Depends on the firmware of what ever controls the fan header. On some graphics cards, like mine, the firmware will allow custom fan curves but will not allow below a certain speed as a safeguard against overheating. On GPUs that have the zero fan speed at idle (or below a certain temp) will usually allow full control in Afterburner as well (allow you to turn the fans off completely). At least that's the way ti was with my 980 strix. It depends on each type and manufacturer as to what % power the fan needs to "start" and what % minimum power is required to continue running (the slowest they can run). For example; the GF120 on the CPU cooler I have will kick on and run at just 30%, yet the TF120's (all the white ones) require 40% min to kick on and stay running. You have to test to find this out. It probably doesn't harm anything, but I would still advise against having a custom fan curve with any set points below the minimum % to keep those fans running. They should either be completely off or running at minimum %, not "trying to spin". It's unavoidable to be operating within a transition zone where the temp is crossing the threshold where it's sending power to the fan, but it's still below the "kick on" point. This is fine though because it's usually only for a few seconds. If not, you may want to manually adjust your fan curve so it jumps from fully off to on, if you get what I'm saying. What my fan curves look like is they are flat across the bottom at 0%, then at what ever temperature I want, I have that point jump to 30 or 40% (depending on the fan), so that it doesn't sit there trying to spin at a lower %. To answer your questions: 1. I want good, uniform airflow through the case. Intake through the bottom, up and out through the top and rear - all flowing in the same direction so fresh, cool air is constantly and consistently being spread to all the components. I also want this with low noise. You can have fewer fans, but you'd need to run them at higher rpm to maintain the same amount of airflow as more fans running at slower speeds. They come on and ramp up to 40% and that's as fast as they need to run. Compare that to my old S340 with 2x 120mm fans up front that I had to run at 60% to achieve the same temps. 2. The fans at the top are exhaust. They blow through the top of the case and out through vents on the back side panel. The other side of the case looks like this: 3. Bottom fans are intake (there's a removable dust filter in the bottom). The rear and top fans are exhaust. This way, the GPU always gets a good supply of fresh air all the time. The way I have it is the way they show it on their Gamerstorm website and the way I've seen most people assemble it. Make more sense to me as the shape of it kind of goes with the flow, but I don't think it really matters either way for performance. Yeah, I didn't want that green fan in my build. Didn't really go with the theme, lol. Plus It wouldn't have fit in my case anyways. The tips of the heat pipes are probably 1-2mm from the glass, if that. For me it seems to run passively quite well. Only occasionally see the fan kick on depending on the game I'm running or what I'm doing. If I open the case and touch the cooler after a while, it does feel warm, so it's doing it's job. Indeed, it does deserve more attention. Noctua D15 level performance for less than half the cost ($50 CAD). It is big, but it needs to be to run passive.
  7. As someone who had a 1070 with a 4570 (bit slower than the 6500), some games will be fine and some you may lose up to 10% +/- from the testing I have done thus far after moving to a 4770k. Not a big deal, but it will choke it a bit.
  8. Took moar pics last night. Added the 2nd LED strip under the top. Last pic is running Watch Dogs 2 with the CPU cooler still passive (~40-50*C).
  9. Yep, just saw that this morning. I'm eagerly awaiting the unavailing of all the new cars for 2017 next month...
  10. That's kinda cool to add temp probes, but I wouldn't want the extra wires in the system. I also prefer to use the internal temp sensors as they would be more accurate as to the actual CPU/GPU temps etc. Unless you want to know the internal air temps inside the case in certain locations. Yeah, my GPU fan will only go down to 27% at the lowest. It's a blower card though, so it has to run all the time. That's another reason I like Speedfan. It gives you full control of the fans, from 0 to 100%.
  11. I just really like Speedfan for the level of control it gives me. Fully custom fan curves for each individual fan header on the motherboard based on a number of temp sensors (CPU, GPU etc.). And it's all automatic once set up. Are there hardware controller that let you do that? I don't mind the 10-20 seconds of roaring on boot up.
  12. That's pretty much what it's like when I hit the power button, lol. But then windows boots up, speedfan kicks in and it's back to dead-silent. Cools the 4770K passively at idle and low loads (browsing etc.). That's why I picked it. LED's are a Deepcool RGB kit. Comes with 2x 30cm RGB LED strips, control module (powered by molex) and remote to control colour, brightness, different transitions and on/off. This kit: And it was only $15! At idle and normal use; silent. While gaming; like a gentle woosh. The bottom fans don't come on until the GPU hits 55*C and the top ones at ~67*C and they don't ramp up to more than 40%. I'll do a video to show it all working soon.
  13. I paid $320 CAD ($240 USD). Was the lowest at the time on ebay. It was a used part. Yep, the Gabriel cooler uses a 120mm fan. I didn't like the slim fan that came with the cooler because it's a blue-grey colour, so I used the one you saw in the pic. (TF120). This is my setup now (in sig), with the massive Lucifer v2 cooler. Normally have the LED's brightness turned way down or off. Just turned them up for the photos.
  14. I just upgraded to a 4770K (from an i5-4570) It's the Deepcool Gabriel with a Deepcool TF120 white LED fan. It worked really well cooling my old i5. Yes, it is indeed.