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  1. Go re-read my earlier post. I never once told anyone not to complain or to "shut up". I was simply stating my opinion that I found it really surprising the level of reaction and up-roar over something that's rather minor. The reaction vs what triggered the reaction doesn't line up, IMO. I think a lot of people have overreacted to this. That's all. I would consider what they did a slight annoyance at most. I understand the whole argument of "let them do one minor thing and they will start doing far worse things" but I don't believe that is the case in this situation. Like I mentioned before, other companies like MS have done and are still doing far worse things that should be generating far larger uproar than this petty little gesture that AMD did. It just doesn't make sense for some people to get this upset about such a thing, IMO Yes, I have put in the effort to respond to this, because the level of response to this has me quite puzzled, to be honest. lol
  2. AMD listened to all the complaints and removed it. Not going to argue. Not worth my time. Companies are always going to do things like this. IMO, this was something very minor. I'm not saying I'm OK with things like this, but rather, if it's so minor, it's not worth my effort to cause an uproar over it. I'll just delete it and move on. Now, if it was an actual program that most people don't want, or a link to something or software that's not even game related, that's something different and more worth complaining about. In the end, AMD listened and took it out. Some companies don't listen and do what they want anyways - things far worse than adding a link to a game beta sign up. *cough* Microshit *cough*
  3. So I actually registered to bid in the F1 Manor auction... @chaozbandit
  4. Just be yourself and be genuine.
  5. I just use the default Kodi theme. Looks and works great for me.
  6. 6 pages of discussion about AMD placing an icon on your desktop with the latest drivers, that is not malicious and can be deleted literally in 2 seconds...? There's no question AMD and Bethesda have a connection, but come on people. Nobody's forcing anyone to do anything. If the effort required to delete one icon is that difficult for you, maybe you should get some help? lol. Nvidia puts a GFE icon on my desktop every time it updates and I just delete it after if I don't want it there. Simple. Also, AMD has denied making any money off of this. I'm not saying they aren't lying, but there's no proof otherwise, so you can't make the claim that they ARE making money from it. Aside from that, did anyone ever think that maybe someone at AMD thought, "Hey, some gamers like taking part in betas. Maybe we should give them a leg-up on the green team users and give them a shortcut to sign up for this new game that's in the works? Yeah they might like that." Maybe AMD was actually just trying to do something nice. That's the way I see it anyways. And no, I'm not bias towards AMD in the slightest. I use and prefer Nvidia GPUs.
  7. That Dell Precision Xeon tower is identical to the CAD machine I use here at work. I wonder what GPU it has though...
  8. @Droidbot Here's my laptop desktop as I mentioned earlier.
  9. Actually, I'm wrong. The way you did it is correct. But what version (build) of windows are you running on your laptop?
  10. May I ask then, how did you go about installing it? I don't believe you can do that because that install it's registered to your laptop.
  11. You'd be surprised just how many windows-only apps and games you actually can run in Linux. All you need is "wine" and "playonlinux". It doesn't work with everything, but it does work with a lot of common apps and games.
  12. Linux uses FAR less system resources than windows. The install size for the OS is much smaller, it uses a lot less ram and requires less processing power for the OS itself. In Linux there are far less processes running at any given time, you could say it's a lot more streamlined. This of course, depends on the distro, as some distros are certainly heavier than others. Something like Lubuntu is very light on the system and should run quite well on that type of machine. Mint would be another decent option that is on the lighter side.
  13. @COTG Did you purchase a new Licence of Windows 10?
  14. @shriram Just so you know, you can quote multiple people by clicking the "+" just below each post on the left. Also, to help us help you come up with a good, balanced build, it would be beneficial to provide a total budget/cost for the entire build (and country/currency).