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  1. Not necessarily. It's the type of charger, not the voltage from the wall. What I should have said was basically slow charge is much better than fast charging for battery longevity. I'm sure they have the normal slow chargers even in Europe and UK with 230v. Dat noise...
  2. This is more my thing. Out in the middle of nowhere with no traffic, no pedestrians and no cops. This is the route I take to my parent's cottage up near Bracebridge. It's more twisty than it looks, and the elevation changes... hehe. There's more than one place where you can get air - if you're brave enough...
  3. I did some homework on used Leafs because I was considering buying one. Funny thing is; most of the battery degredation takes place in the first few years or 100k or so kms. After that the degradation significantly slows down and plateaus. So you could have a Leaf with -15% battery capacity, but it won't drop much more than that in the following years/kms. The biggest factor on battery degradation is how it's charged. If you charge it slowly (over night) via 120v, you'll have a lot less degradation than if you use quick charges (240v) more frequently.
  4. Uh.... Ok. To each, his/her own, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If it can accelerate like hell and doesn't burn a drop of gas, I'm OK with a silent commuter.
  5. Yeah, good luck with that, lol. I mean, I agree to an extent, but I just can't see how anything like that could be sustainable, considering just how many thirsty vehicles are out there. I LOVE many things about ICE's but the truth is; they are very inefficient and "old tech". Electric motors are far more efficient and for daily driving and commercial use, they are the answer for the future. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true. The issue still stands with regards to battery tech, longevity and recharging time, but those are all things that can be developed in time. When it comes to racing, heck yeah, ICE's all day long. Formula E is just... strange and kinda boring to watch without the "noise".
  6. I always turn motion blur or any kind of blur effects off in game settings.
  7. Make it more complicated. Sure, why not. lol. IMO, manufacturers should stop (or significantly decrease) funding to ICE development and put way more time/effort into EV tech.
  8. Brought home two 4th place finishes the other night (Wednesday) at Laguna Seca. My best season with PRD yet by far. Don't think I've ever finished better than about 8th over all in any previous championship. Currently sitting in 4th. Driver Points Fiskerton 178 Nooonotreally 158 GosuNoob 149 MECZero 132 NinjjaSlicee 130 NearFear 130 Scottmik 124 Bullett 119 Synystr 103 GeoSnipes 96 Foxifyer 93 1185323118 89 Static_Energy 87 xCrazydogx 83 TMussa12 75 Rip|chiefjedi 75 Flying Spark 71 SVTC0bra 69 Travok 52 Dub 41 BlindJesus 25 It'll be a tall order to catch Gosu and those guys just behind me are all highly skilled as well. No pressure. LOL Having a blast this season with the SR3, none-the-less. Some good footage to post up next week when I'm back at work. Plenty of great battles.
  9. Mehbeh.... Mk4 4-door GLS 1.8t 5m. No prob. Just read through this old thread:
  10. Lol, one of the first things I do in racing games is turn all music off.
  11. Will be doing some *mods* to the Golf tomorrow. More power for virtually $0. I love factory turbo cars...
  12. ^I really want to play that game. Looks awesome.
  13. You need to re-read the OP, plain and simple. And what purpose would there be for anyone to BS any of this? What point?