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    A little context goes a long way.


  • CPU
    i7-4770K @4.3
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z97-E
  • RAM
    16GB @1600 - Kingston Hyper X & AData XPGv1
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 FE w/ Kraken G12 + H55 AIO @2050MHz/9GHz
  • Case
    InWin 303 White
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 120GB SSD + 2x Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDDs
  • PSU
    EVGA Supernova 850 GS
  • Display(s)
    Asus 24" 1920 x 1080p + Samsung 19" 1440 x 900p + RCA 40" 1080p TV
  • Cooling
    Deepcool Lucifer V2 w/ TF120 fan + 6x TF120 chassis fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Reds
  • Mouse
    Razer Naga Epic
  • Sound
    Edifier 1380 2.1 Speakers + Steel Series Siberia V2
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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    Central Ontario Canada
  • Interests
    Building and racing cars (autocross, ice racing, time attack), anything technical/mechanical, fixing/building/troubleshooting PCs, PC gaming.
  • Biography
    Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering/Automotive products Design
  • Occupation
    Technician of Architectural Engineering for local school board

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  2. Show off your setup!

    Awesome job with the cable management.
  3. Really, AMD? Really? xD 


    1. Razor Blade

      Razor Blade

      Interesting...My 1700x didn't come with a CPU cooler... So I guess I shouldn't put any CPU cooler on it or it would void the warranty. :P

    2. App4that


      Hnmm, do I delid to void my warranty, or use a AIO? What a time to be alive. 

    3. Silentprototipe


      The fuck? AMD the fuck? Lmao

  4. Show off your setup!

    No worries.
  5. Show off your setup!

    Hi there. The section you're looking for is the new builds and planning section. If you post up your build questions there, there are plenty of knowledgeable folks who can help you out. Once you've got it built, post pictures here in this thread to show off your new setup.
  6. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    Yep. That's one of my plans in the near future for this build.
  7. Posted a new build I've been working on. :) 


  8. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    Thanks. Actually I like the idea of being able to plug-in extra graphics power into the game cartridge slot. I'll probably upgrade it to a GTX 1050 in the near future.
  9. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    Some final build pics.
  10. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    And some more build pics.
  11. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    Moar pics...
  12. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    Project SNES PC [PC Edge is my PC repair & custom build hobby/business, for those curious about the watermark] Friend of mine gave me his old nasty SNES that had been sitting in his closet for god knows how long. Just the console, no cords or controllers or game. Not even sure if it still worked. Anyways, I’d been wanting to build a new HTPC for a while now and when this fell in my lap, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I was on a tight budget for this, so I had to re-use some parts I already had. Specs: Intel Core i3-4150 3.5GHz Rosewill RCX-Z775 LP CPU cooler Gigabyte GA-H87N-Wifi mITX G.Skill 4GB 1600 (for now, will be upgrading to 8GB) AData 120GB SSD Pico 160XT PSU Zotac GTX 750 LP 2x Fractal Design 40mm fans 19cm PCIe x16 extension ribbon from modDIY.com The Build: The main goal with this build was to have it look as original as possible (from the front, top and sides). The idea of mounting the graphics card in the game cartridge slot came about after I realised there wasn’t any room inside for the GPU. The original SNES power switch and front power LED are both functional. There were many challenges with this build, needless to say, but it works great (mostly) and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. CPU temperatures are a problem with moderate to heavy use (like gaming) where it will spike up into the 90*C range. Internal airflow and cooling is an issue but I’m working on how to address that without cutting any holes or vents in the top or sides. For now, it’s good enough and stays in the 70’s while streaming. Future plans for this build (aside from fixing the temperature issue), is to get a pair of SNES to USB controller adaptors, disassemble them and solder it up to the original SNES controller ports on the front for some authentic SNES gameplay (along with some retro gaming emulators of course ). Will update the build log after I figure out how to fix the cooling issue, but for now, enjoy the pics. Thanks for looking.
  13. Show off your setup!

    4k is 3840 x 2160.
  14. PSU Tier List Updated

    I was not aware of that (the fan curves in the higher-wattage units). Why do you think that is? The EVGA 850GS unit I have is semi-passive and extremely quiet. (Note; I'm not saying everyone needs to buy an 850w unit, it's WAAAY overkill for my current system, just stating the fact that it's a higher-wattage unit that is very quiet). Is load on the unit not a contributing factor in the amount of heat the unit produces? Not saying Stefan wanted a unit with passive mode, but he was stating that noise is a concern and I was simply pointing out that that is a feature on many units these days. Goes hand in hand IMO. I agree, SLI/CF is a waste in this day and age. But there are still people out there who do want and use it. Why? I don't know. But I wasn't referring to "most people". Again, does loading not have an impact on this? Assuming both units are gold rated and have a 350w load placed on them, will they not create the same amount of heat +/- a few %? I just know 700rpm is still pretty slow for a 120-135mm fan, respectively. I guess it depends how quiet the room and the rest of your chassis fans are. With regards to efficiency, I wasn't stating it as a priority in terms of saving money on their energy bill. Are higher-efficiency units not also of better quality, generally speaking? I understand what you're saying and I don't disagree. I see a PSU as a long-term component and I just personally don't see a problem, nor think it's a waste, going for an extra 100w of headroom for a few extra dollars at the same level of quality. But like @Stefan Payne just mentioned in the last post, most people don't change their system as often as some of us enthusiasts would and in those cases, I agree with you completely.