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  1. I'm probably not buying any games from this sale. Have too many I haven't even played yet already and I barely game anymore aside from league racing and a few others. Plus my system is also pretty much a mining rig now 24/7.
  2. Taking this with a massive grain of salt until the real product surfaces...
  3. Pretty much every aspect of the engine has to be carefully optimized at that level of performance.
  4. Woah indeed. Racing games have come a long way in recent years. So hyped for PC2... Already have it. Need to spend more time with it...
  5. Threads merged.
  6. Power is directly related to how much air can flow through the engine. One way to make it flow more is to rev it higher. A lot higher. To do that without having the internals spew out all over the place is to decrease the stroke. As it says in the article, that's what they did. They also probably milled a hefty chuck off the block and head to increase the compression at the same time. F1 engines work on that same principle. Short stroke, crazy high rpms. It's all about the flow.
  7. No. see; this is cool. Because now it's making the kind of power it should be.
  8. Threads merged.
  9. PRD's next and probably last season with Project Cars starts July 19th. We'll be running the Radical SR3 with default setups. Only brakes, tire pressures (and compounds), diff, fuel and steering ratio can be touched/adjusted. Everything else will be locked as per gentlemen's agreement. Dis gon be fun! I think after this, we (PRD) will probably take a sizable break and experiment with other games (RF2 and AMS mainly) while waiting for PCars 2 to release.
  10. I just upgraded to a 4770K earlier this year (from an i5-4570). That's a 4 year old CPU and still kicks-ass in gaming today. Needless to say, it saved me a huge amount of money and I will be rockin it for at least another 2 years or more, considering how capable Sandy and Ivy Bridge CPUs still are these days. Used to upgrade my GPU once a year, but this time I'm going to sit on the 1070 for at least another year. Really don't understand those who upgrade every generation or even feel the need to upgrade from Haswell when all they do, primarily, is gaming or basic use. It is a waste of money IMO. My wife is still using our laptop from 2010 which has been running Linux for years and still works great for her needs. I think a lot of the time, what people think they need is very different from what they actually need, and the psychological condition of "must have the latest and greatest" is strong with many.
  11. I have used the fans that come on the Deepcool Gammaxx 400 before, as chassis fans. In person they are very quiet. The difference in noise would be negligible. For the price, the Gammaxx 400 is really good value.
  12. I actually hold to that smaller rims with higher-profile sticky tires can actually give you more grip than larger rims with lower-profile sticky tires. The added flex in the taller sidewalls can help maintain grip where a lower-profile tire would break loose. Just look at an F1 tire. 13" rims yo. I know what some of you might be thinking, but a good, high-end R-comp tire will still have a far stiffer sidewall than your typical street tire. They will still provide a lot of feedback and response. There was no clunking before hand. Barely 400whp!??? From an 8L V10!!!!! What a joke!!! I'm sorry, but that's just sad. Viper engine at 500hp / 8L = 62hp/L My wife's Elantra at 148hp / 1.8L = 82hp/L 'Nuff said.
  13. The car has 330,000kms on it. If the engine dropped, I would be towing it straight to the wreckers. lol
  14. Out-performs the competition and yes they are quiet. I've used those fans it comes with before. Check out Tomshardware review.,4460-2.html Everyone recommends the 212 Evo, but it is not the best in it's class anymore. Here's another review. Out-performs the H60 AIO in OC testing.