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    The Fox

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    sydney AUS


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    i7 5820
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    x99 deluxe
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    fractal arc xl
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    1x 850 256GB 1x sandisk 120GB 1x WD black 4TB 3x Barracuda 2TB 3x wd green 2TB 1x Barracuda 3TB
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    ducky shine 3
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  1. foxhound590

    Moderators on the forum

    at least 3000 posts woops
  2. foxhound590

    Phone board screen connector do HDMI adaptor

    moved over to phones and tablets
  3. foxhound590

    Is it okay to have it below standards?

    @Craftsman_2222 it could be that that the motherboard is initialising all the peripherals and disk drives before allowing the boot to happen my computer takes an age to boot because of this (lots of HDD's) so try booting with only the boot drive, screen, keyboard and mouse
  4. foxhound590

    [AUS/NZ] Retailer Dick Smith Electronics to close

    well they did become a toy shop but it is sad to see them go
  5. foxhound590

    Moving Desktop (US -> Australia)

    +1 to winds comment mel to syd nothing moved even with the me having to manhandle it in to a car
  6. foxhound590

    PC Safety Question

    as long as you are not getting droplets of water forming on the pc is should be fine
  7. foxhound590

    DirectX 7 in 4K? (No joke)

    the guys over here may be able to help http://www.rockraidersunited.com/forum/170-legoland/
  8. foxhound590

    New PC not posting.

    i have had a similar problem with my old x58 rig. i ended up basically rebuilding the system and it fixed itself and is working to this day tho i suspect it had to do with a sata connector that was loose or light corrosion on one of the many connectors in the rig. also as GzeroD stated before x58 was picky is its ram some boards just wouldn't recognize certain ran evan some ram that was validated for the chips
  9. foxhound590

    Is Project M dead?

    from the project m website https://projectmgame.com/ from that i think the project has bean shutdown tho it was a good mod
  10. foxhound590

    make primary download HDD

    in chrome it is under advances settings in the settings menu
  11. foxhound590

    Opening a PC after 20 years...

    yep those ide/pata/40pin cable where a pain to deal with and scsi cables where a real pain 80 pin if i am remembering corectly
  12. foxhound590

    Opening a PC after 20 years...

    i remember when that hardware was new and those where the days when cable origami existed. ah the old days
  13. foxhound590

    Opening a PC after 20 years...

    looks like you got yourself some old pentium 1/2 rigs your making me feel old
  14. on a glass surface your fingers gradually move from there original position the bump and curve on keys is there to stop this happening
  15. foxhound590

    Halo 5 legendary ending rant (spoilers, obviously)

    they needed to include alot of the back story that was in the comic's/novels. without that knowledge your left grasping at straws trying to figure out what is going on.