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    The social guy
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    Social media, communities, PC hardware and games


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    i7 4790K
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    Asus z97-a
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    16GB ddr3
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    EVGA gtx 780ti
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    NZXT H440 green/black
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    1TB hdd + 500gb ssd
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    Corsair RM850x
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    triple monitors
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    Dual NZXT Kraken x61
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    Corsair K70 rapidfire
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    Mad Catz R.A.T. 7
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    Astro a50
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    Windows 10

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  1. All of my games run perfectly on it though, that's even weirder
  2. HeyGuys So I've recently gotten my 1080 and now I'm using my main widescreen monitor on HDMI, side monitor with Display-port and top monitor with DVI. First weird thing is that when I switch the cables from main and side monitor, my main monitor wont work anymore... Second weird thing is that all my video sources (twitch, gifs, youtube) are pixelating like the picture below... What can the problem here be? Monster Linus inc
  3. The thing that I am worried about is that the G10 fan will not be able to cool my Vram enough..
  4. As you can see on my pictures I'm gaming on a widescreen 2580x1080 And I'm not gonna invest in 2 1080's, don't wanna go all out with the price
  5. People always told me a single more powerful card is always better than SLI cards
  6. Thing is, I have to use the credit from the refund on a particular store here in Belgium
  7. HeyGuys To give you some history: my headset broke 2 days before warranty, sent it back, got full refund worth 299 euros. In the meantime I bought a Rode NT-USB and used my PM3's as new sound equipment. Problem is that I'm doing quite some LAN parties and I'm not taking my Rode to that and the PM3's dont have a mic. So the plan is the following: Buy a HyperX Cloud II for 97 euro. And buy an EVGA 1080 SC ACX3.0 for 467 euro (669 but with the "discount" from my refund) I'm also wondering if I can throw my Kraken X61 on that 1080 with their G10 bracke
  8. HeyGuys So I've been using CAM (from NZXT) as my main temp/load monitor tool ever since I got my dual x61's. Now since it's starting to become colder here I'm overclocking my CPU/GPU. For testing my GPU I was using Heaven and CAM to monitor temps. But since CAM would bug out and freeze I started using MSI Afterburner. First thing I noticed was the HUGE improvement in performance. So I figured I'd do some more testing. My test: I'm running my i7 4790K at 4.6GHz (1.250V) and my EVGA 780ti SC at 87°C temp goal, +70MHz clock and +200MHz memory.
  9. Not sure how I'm feeling about the RMx, Think I'm gonna go with the RMi from corsair.
  10. Oh neat, my laziness showed off again as I could've found that topic with a simple search.. Just to be sure. T1 = best and T7 = worst I suppose? Yea I know the 1000W is a little overkill but I don't wanna go to close to the advertised watts. The 1080ti will surely suggest a 800W PSU or something.
  11. HeyGuys So my PSU broke down yesterday. Had a CM G750M. Had it for 3 years or so I think and it gave up yesterday. Now I'd like a new one but since I have little to no knowledge about PSU's I'd like to have your opinions. Looking for a 1000W PSU 80% gold or plat. (Gonna upgrade my PC with a 1080ti when it releases next year) I don't wanna cheap out on my PSU anymore so there's not really a price limit Thanks in advance!
  12. HeyGuys So this morning I was deleting some videos from my phone because that particular folder was getting a bit too full. I was using VLC to delete the videos. I was deleting from the bottom to the top because deleting from VLC is an actual pain. What I didn't notice was that it somehow bugged out and just deleted videos from the top, no matter what video I selected. Now at the top were some videos that I really didn't wanna lose... Did a quick google but most ways to recover deleted files involve software you need to download so I'm not reall
  13. Yea me neither. Must be because of the industrial setup Noctua has, when running in more extreme conditions than a gaming PC the fans might need a little more power to perform
  14. I can't properly quote @legacy99 's post ... Site bugged? That aside. Indeed we've all been there man. I'll remember to buy 12V fans in the future now though so lesson learned