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    Florida, USA
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    Gaming, Guitar, Survival, Camping, Military, Weapons, Motorcycles
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    How's it going i'm just your typical gaming nerd tech-head. I'm also an avid support of the U.S. Armed forces.
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    Pond Maintenance, Wetland mitigation, Gopher tortoise surveyor/relocation.


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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
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    Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K7
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    8Gb Corsair LPX DDR4 2400Mhz
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    Zotac AMP! GTX 1060 6gb
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    NZXT Phantom 410 Gunmetal
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    1tb WD Blue, 3tb Seagate Barrcuda
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    EVGA 750W B3 fully modular
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    Dell SE2717HR 75hz, sceptre 24" HD TV
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    Deepcool Captain 240 RGB
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate
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    Razer Naga 2014
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    Sennhieser hd558, Blue Snowball
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    Windows 10
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  1. After seeing some these people's rigs mine doesn't seem that bad I have an fx6300 oc'd to 4.2ghz, 8gb Ddr3, 7870ghz and Asus Mobo that I'm able to OC on a bit and lepa 550w psu and a total of 4tb HDD space and phantom 410 I got today and I can barely play pubg I have to run at lowest of low settings at windowed 720p so yeah not super bad but it was a 17th bday present in 2013 and today I turned 21 so it's showing it's age but livable.
  2. So yeah none of the TS servers i used exist anymore WTF happened?

    1. minibois


      discordapp.com happened

    2. QcDExtreme
  3. Okay so i'm looking for a group to play ARMA 3 wasteland with throughout the week preferably mature players and someone with a TS channel typically around 6:30pm EST. I will not be online on Thursdays and Fridays due to prior commitments on those days every week.
  4. Personally on some else's bike i'd go full gear if you have it because there are a lot of variables that can cause a crash like as you said your roads are shit but that's just me
  5. When i rode pillion i honestly wasn't too scared since i knew the guy for a few years my only complaint was the seat was as stiff as a rock lol but yes i understand the whole wanting to be in control stand point because i know with some people who i ride in their car i'm sitting there trying to hit an invisible break pedal because they can't drive worth shit.
  6. I personally have rode pillion a few times only once since I got my license and I have had a few passengers but I made it incredibly clear to them that motorcycles are dangerous and I taught them how to be a pillion since I have as one just to understand what the proper way to act as a pillion. But when I know I'm carrying a pillion I give them my armored jacket and better gloves and tell them to wear jeans and closed toed shoes and typically I just wear my MC vest when I ride since especially this time of year in Florida it's incredibly hot out
  7. it's really not that hard just just gotta the MSF course unless you're in the UK or europe then there's a lot of things you have to do that i don't fully understand.
  8. that looks to be a 2003-2005 just judging from the frame and cluster
  9. Yes, I know of that topic however it's more car focused rather than motorcycle.
  10. this is my first but i've rode from my 300 all the way up to a 1000cc and i get around 65-70mpg
  11. yes it is a CBR a 300 to be exact only mods done is an Akrapovic exhaust it's a great little bike my only complaint is that i like a very aggressive riding position and this isn't quite right for me but that's just a different set of clip-ons
  12. I'm just curious how many other techies ride on here. Also here's of pic of me doing a bomb wheelie