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  1. Well i thought that would happen.... it is an old monitor.... welp, im just going to try to continue to just do whatever until my real monitor gets here. Thanks for the help
  2. One thing i just tested for the first time, if i go on a black screen, while my monitor is on (say im loading something or whatever), that screen would primarily be green. (i just thought this might help more considering my first description was so bad).
  3. Nope. (if anything, it would be on the too cold side considering i left my heat off and its nowhere near a window or any sort or heat source).
  4. No phone, or camera so no pictures. DVI-D (it says Dual Link on it if that helps) I do have a router slightly under 3 feet away from the monitor, the PC is right next to it. (however, on my other monitor, i did not have any of these issues).
  5. Basically, anything on my monitor that is black will have a bright green on it, but its not solid, it would be mixed up and happens randomly. The drivers dont seem to do anything (i downloaded them from the official site, but nothing happened either). Its hard to describe what it is im exactly seeing but due to me not having a phone to show exactly whats happening, this is all i got. Does anyone know how to fix this? Monitor: Acer X223w (i know its old, its just something while my new one ships). I can answer any questions if needed.
  6. TLDR: How do i delete my IP address from a server? (and deleting the device in your account on the web page does not fix it). As you see by the title, i have downloaded that one app that is supposed to help you connect to your buddies in games. I personally did this to help connect of a game called Rainbow 6: Siege (if this even helps). And when doing so, i was simply doing it because my group said to since we could not connect. Now usually i dont bother downloading weird stuff like this but somehow i did, and now this group has my IP address (which they claim they are not bad, but
  7. Alright, that was less painful and long description needed than i expected... Well Thank You Very Much and have a Merry Christmas.
  8. Im sorry, im completely new to phones (i know, weird right?) but what program/ how would i use to send this to them live?
  9. Thank You for the reply, luckily hes got it all done (i have no clue how) but i appreciate you taking the time to type out a well explained and good solution to the situation. Thank You Again.
  10. Christmas is in two days and this is the time when family usually gets together, however in my situation, part of my family cant be here. So instead of just doing my own thing, ive decided to try and get live video from my house, to my grandparents. Initially i though about just using a laptop and leaving it stationary on a table or something, and use skype to send the video feed. But then something dawned on me, what if instead of just having a stationary view, i also have an external camera (video camera or phone) and have video being sent from that too? (Kinda like one of those old home vid
  11. He followed this guide and said he needs to pay for the software, and this it didint even let him choose the SSD (which i think means he needs to format it or not, please correct me). http://www.todo-backup.com/backup-resource/data-transfer/migrate-windows-10-to-ssd.htm
  12. i have no clue, hes on the other side of the continent, i would have to ask him (if he ever replies). What/ where did you download? (apparently he didint need to download the thing he tried to use which i though was easeUS).
  13. It costs money which he does not have/ refuses to buy...