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    Exploring the cavernous depths that are TofuHaroto's Brain
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    I am but a mere man, destined to succumb of that which afflicts us all, and drags us to that which we fear
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    Intel DQ670W
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    HyperXFury blue, 8 gigs (1600 mhz CL13) s i n g l e channel
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    Red Devil RX580 Golden sample (1.56GHz)
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    Antec Lanboy (replaced with a df500, because Antec Shill)
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    128 gig SSD, 1 TB HDD
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    Corsair CX600
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    Samsung panel, VA, curved, 72Hz
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    Hyper 212 turbo r e d
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    AFX firefight MK01 (kailh b r o w n)
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    AFX firepower LM02
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    logitech Zone
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    Windows 7/ Windows 10/ Windows Vista/ Windows XP/ ElementaryOS/ Windows 95/ Windows 3.1
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    Dell Latitude 6430u

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  1. In Win PB650 (it's pre-order, though, currently) https://au.pcpartpicker.com/product/k8wkcf/in-win-pb-650-w-80-gold-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-pb-650w you don't exactly need a 650w unit, but it's one of the best units in your price range
  2. Huh, https://www.itopya.com/asus-rog-strix-550w-80-gold-full-moduler-135mm-fanli-psu/, the ROG strix seems to ber your best bet, seeing how it is available at a heavily discounted price. I think that this is one of the newer models, without the tripping with high-transient issues of the older focus units
  3. adding onto that, fractal ion+ 560w, the NZXT C 550, FSP hydro X, etc
  4. adding on to that, XPG Core reactor 550w, Phanteks AMP 550w, SS Gx-550, Cougar GX-F, etc, if you find them at an equal/lesser price than those mentioned above by Haro
  5. If you're looking at an O11 case, i'd assume that you're looking to have a custom loop, and therefore, I would just like to say that the razer version is bloody overpriced, and the dark tint doesn't really let you admire the glorious insides as much as the regular O11.
  6. What's your budget, and in which currency? I am fairly certain that we can find better units at a given price point. a 650W psu is already rather overkill for such a build, and a 750W unit should be out of the question. Also, the VS unit is not even in the other units' price range, does your marketplace have it listed alongside those, price-wise?
  7. Hey, do you live in the USA? There's a great deal on the AMP 550w units, which are being sold for 87 dollars.
  8. And, the N1 reviews that I wanted to rant on about have already been broached upon. Oh well, let me just leave this here. the thing with amazon and newegg is the fact that the reviews are either 'hurr durr I can't understand how to use a power supply' to 'OMG this unit turns on! 5 stars!
  9. Hey, how much do you wish to spend? @JDcorrectly
  10. yeah, no, it'll be reasonably quiet, definitely, and thank you for buying one of the best silent coolers in the market today, my man.
  11. everybody knows that Kailh browns are clearly superior
  12. I'm fairly certain that there exist G3 units, on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYGFRL6?tag=pcpapi-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1 Not a very convincing price, though
  13. Hardware Bastards? 0.o, you mean Hardware busters? (sorry if my dumb arse didn't get the joke, if it was meant to be one)
  14. None of these are particularly quiet cases, do you wish to look for other, more quiet offerings?
  15. as everyone above has said, dude, this thing is literally from '06-'07. It's good night time for the unit, as good as it may have been back then (some reviews show that it's actually a very impressive 2006-07 unit)