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  1. I am planning of building and selling gaming PC’s and I am woundering if a i5-10400f and a 1660 super would be a good combination?
  2. Yeah both inputs to charge the devices are usb-c
  3. I have this chromebook https://www.google.com/intl/en_au/chromebook/device/lenovo-ideapadflex-3/ and I am woundering if I can use its 45watt charger to safely charge my s20+. I don’t know from what I have searched the max the s20+ is 25watt and the charger is 45watt but not 100% sure and wanted to double check. Thanks!
  4. By Trusted i mean manufactures that don't have a reputation for blowing up im fine with there brand having a few products that are bad but not to the point that there rep is you're PC go brrrrrr
  5. People take parts to me i put it together and then they pay me my 50 (aud)
  6. I am starting a business from home as a young teen into PC's and I would like a list of PSU,,RAM,,MotherBoards manufactures that are verified/trusted because when working with PC's because I don't want to work with something that can literately brake on me any-time when working with it. EDIT** (TRUSTED MANAFUCTURES) Gpu| Amd, Nvidia, Cpu| Amd, Intel, = Motherboards|ASRock, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, = Power Supply's| Phanteks, Corsair, Cooler-Master, Be-Quiet, ThermalTake, Asus, = Ram| ADATA, Gigbyte, ThermalTake, Corsair, G.Skil
  7. It’s up and running thankyou so much for the help I’m posting this just before I go to sleep but thankyou very much I’ll keep you updated if you want if so send me your discord
  8. Once I’ve booted into windows with my flash drive how to I put it on to y 1tb ssd
  9. One last question how big is media creation tool and how big is windows 10 home/pro on it
  10. The 580 may not be the best card around but it’s the one I would recommend to a family member building a budget system and it generally holds up on games with physics because of its pretty decent core count
  11. I have a laptop so I just download it onto my usb with no other files on it if it’s an iso file will it work?
  12. I’d say upgrade to a 580 and try to get a cpu with 12 threads and 6 cores