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  1. I contacted them and the Whatsapp number was on their website.
  2. Anyone can help with this issue? Still Chrome can't import all folders and bookmarks from Chrome html.
  3. He aksed for name, phone number, email, serial number and product number. Is this normal and safe? Should I give him these personal infos?
  4. So I tried reaching out to the Support and they're asking for Email, name, phone number, etc. Is this normal and trustworthy? Should I give the support these personal details?
  5. Thanks. The BIOS and everything is up to date. Checking for updates in the HP Assistant was the first thing I did when I got the PC. But I'm not tech savvy at all so these other options are really not something I can do myself. Should I contact the place I ordered the Laptop from?
  6. Hi, My brand new HP Spectre x360 14 has issues waking up from Sleep. This has now happened two times. The screen is off, the PC is completely unresponsive. Only the Power Button is glowing on and off. These two times a hard reboot was required (holding power button several seconds). Now I hope to get help to fix this problem because I don't want to return this PC or send it in. What also happened yesterday is that the Laptop didn't go into sleep mode. Instead the screen just turned off and the fans started spinning. I closed all Chrome tabs but that didn't resolve the issue. I had
  7. This makes me want to change to local as well. Can I change and keep all my files, settings, and folders intact?
  8. I have several thousand bookmarks. Exporting them works fine, it's all there. Importing them to Chrome however or Edge doesn't work. They're are Chrome Bookmarks, but Chrome misses many folders and hundreds of bookmarks when importing. Edge freezes as if they're too many and just doesn't import anything.
  9. Compared to my Desktop my Laptop does not have several advanced power options like USB Settings, PCI Express settings, hard drive settings. Why? I need to configure it so that external Hard Drives stop sleeping after just a few minutes but the options is nowhere to be found? Also the only power option I have is Balanced. Please help!
  10. I tried copying them in bulk there as well but it didn't work unfortunately.
  11. I don't need to export all bookmarks, only a few selected bookmarks that I have.
  12. How do I copy all selected Edge bookmarks at once like in Chrome?
  13. Why do you use it and what is the best option for privacy?
  14. My new laptop has an OLED screen. Pure blacks really are black but the "greyish blacks" like you have in Windows and YouTube dark mode makes the screen look grainy. Like there are tiny grains on the display. HDR is enabled.