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    Dreaper got a reaction from PCNoobie in Shipping PC Need help!   
    Here is what i would do as i just did this. I took apart my custom loop tubing and drained it. I put a thick strong piece of Styrofoam from the cases packaging and put that under the gpu so it cant bend and crack the PCB easily. Alternatively you can just take out the GPU. As for everything else you should be generally safe but you can put stuff like air pocket pack stuff, a ton of bubble wrap, etc. i would ship it in your box from the case. 
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    Dreaper got a reaction from FeaR418 in Startup Bulk Laptop Help   
    Dell makes a few good ones that are cheap and have a good battery size. From everything ive seen they have some of the best batteries 
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    Dreaper got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in Startup Bulk Laptop Help   
    If you contact the manufacturer directly they should give a discount for bulk orders.
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    Dreaper got a reaction from Canada EH in Startup Bulk Laptop Help   
    If you contact the manufacturer directly they should give a discount for bulk orders.
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    Dreaper reacted to AvocadosGuac in case like the 900d   
    For 1500gbp they will LOL
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    Dreaper got a reaction from TiltedKiddo in Phanteks P400S   
    Its a combined cable to my knowledge  
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    Dreaper reacted to For Science! in Aren't two radiators supposed to be better than one ?   
    You have gone past the point of diminishing returns. GPU dies cool very efficiently due to their large size. Presumably your fluid temperature is so low that it cannot cool any more efficient. I would suspect you have a delta between the GPU core and fluid of about 15-20 degrees. And therefore unless you drop your ambient temperatures there is no way to drop your component temperatures further.
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    Dreaper reacted to iRileyx in 4K@60Hz or 1440p@144Hz?   
    Your gonna have a bad time trying to play games at 4k on an rx480 lol. Go for 1440p
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    Dreaper reacted to LukeSavenije in 4K@60Hz or 1440p@144Hz?   
    just for games i would say 1440p144hz
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    Dreaper reacted to i_build_nanosuits in 4K@60Hz or 1440p@144Hz?   
    For a monitor of this size IMO 4K does not even make sense...i would go with the 1440p high-refresh all day long especially for gaming...i use one myself and it's epic.
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    Dreaper got a reaction from tp95112 in HDR seems to be the newest tech for displays, what will be the next?   
    it would be panels with 4k 144hz ips g sync etc. 
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    Dreaper reacted to Mick Naughty in What are some of the coolest looking GPUS?   
    A broke 690 would be the best you can get looks wise. Really want one myself. 
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    Dreaper reacted to Princess Luna in What are some of the coolest looking GPUS?   
    I have always found this old GTX 560 Ti by Zotac really pretty:

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    Dreaper reacted to Ginger_ in KickStarter Ossic Disapears   
    What special kind of idiot pays $1k for Kickstarter headphones?
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    Dreaper reacted to Himommies in Empower.me possible sponsor?   
    If only i had money to manage
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    Dreaper reacted to PPCs-Matt in Which radiator to buy?   
    Personally I always prefer HW Labs for their silence optimized radiators. You get a ton of performance even while running low speed fans. 
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    Dreaper reacted to iiNNeX in Which radiator to buy?   
    Hardware Labs are amazing, I ran a full loop with 2 of their rads and some Noiseblocker fans, it was so quiet and so efficient! Also the quality of those rads is second to none imo.
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    Dreaper reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Is my hard drive ok?   
    Those two attributes are warning signs that the hard drive is about to die. So I would say no, it's not suitable for use of any sort.
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    Dreaper got a reaction from Nicnac in How do you go about asking a company for parts?   
    Just wanted to comment on this not sure if someone has already said this but in certain cases companies will have a overflow of product i know that a manufacturer contacted Gamers Nexus because they had too much inventory so they decided to do a sponsorship with them and Gamers nexus proceeded to donate everything to a local school. Bringing this up because you dont necessarily have to tell them what money gains they will get it could be you doing them a favor by taking extra inventory so in a sense its much like a mutualism type thing
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    Dreaper reacted to lionsland in I3 8100 with 1050ti will it bottleneck?   
    The only bottleneck will be the 1050ti on the i3, however that psu is not of the best quality and I would recommend upgrading that in the future
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    Dreaper reacted to WoodenMarker in I GOT A 960GB SSD FOR JUST 50 EURO NEW NOT USED   
    This is better posted as a Status Update. 
    Edit: Wouldn't be a bad idea to post the link to the site.
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    Dreaper reacted to Jumper118 in Homesick, can't really get over it...   
    stap being a baby and grow a pair  
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    Dreaper reacted to wasab in Homesick, can't really get over it...   
    I have the opposite issue. I can’t wait to get away from my family.
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    Dreaper reacted to TheRandomness in Where can I safely buy legacy GPUs?   
    You know that on eBay, the products are marked in categories that show if they're new, new but opened, used, broken, and one other that I can't remember. Just filter out the broken (for parts not working) listings, and all the cards have to work, otherwise you're allowed to open a case with eBay to get your money back.
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    Dreaper got a reaction from TSL in Pc Build Review   
    I agree with waiting otherwise a APU is a very good option