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  1. Skanky Sylveon

    Just help me!

    I tried it, it worked better then I expected, but is still unusable for the most part. It may make a good cheap and power efficient render farm though. I actually recorded it, but the video is far too big to post on these fourms and personal YouTube videos aren't allowed outside of status updates, so I tagged you in a status update.
  2. @will1432


    Like I said, challenge accepted. 

    @WereCat you might be interested in this too.

    1. WereCat


      RIP pi... I can see it screaming. 

    2. will4623


      well my pi might hate me soon

  3. Skanky Sylveon

    Just help me!

    Challenge accepted! *tries to run blender on a raspberry pi*

    1. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @_StrikE_ I already got @Jtalk4456 telling me how I should do that.

    2. _StrikE_


      Yes but there can never be enough dildos.

    3. lewdicrous


      Dildo bonanza.

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    When your short girlfriend is angry. 


    I'm not ok with this.

    1. Cyberspirit


      That ain't thicc.

    2. Schnoz
    3. Jtalk4456


      I think this will just be a reaction reserved for your status updates...


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  7. Skanky Sylveon

    Just help me!

    As someone who is actually making some money from my models (3D printed products) I can assure you that while a beefy PC will help with render times, you shouldn't have any issues starting out with a PC that's less than half of the price that you are asking for. I don't think that you are getting the answers that you want to hear in this thread, but in all seriousness there is little to nothing that any of us can do to convince your father.
  8. 20190609_215052.thumb.jpg.bf3b10293bebe5de9a5d81caa6759eec.jpg


    Not photoshopped, that's what the sunset on my property actually looks like right now. 

    1. floofer


      Not too bad myself9856EC39-8402-456B-AC87-A884CD5F43A8.thumb.jpeg.8aebea5a473654eae6075b5d12e5df90.jpeg

    2. Schnoz


      Image result for sun engulfing earth


    If you don't get the reference then you need to get the fuck out of my office. 




    1. ARikozuM


      Sounds like a harassment case is brewing.

    2. ARikozuM


      Also, are you a cheep cheep or a thwomp? 



    3. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon


      Sounds like a harassment case is brewing.

      I'm actually kinda surprised that I've never been reported for sexual harassment sometimes. 


      Although I usally only make those kind of jokes to those who know me well enough to realize that it's a joke. 

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  10. https://comicbook.com/anime/amp/2019/06/09/pokemon-sword-shield-peta-wooloo-reaction-roast/


    Not shearing your sheep is actually neglect PETA.

    No seriously, this is what an unsheared sheep looks like.


    For further reference. 


    1. floofer


      Sheep need to be sheared, cows need to be milked,  chickens need their eggs taken. It’s all natural and better for the animals.


      I think shrek was on the loose for about 5 years. Lucky to be alive. Blowfly used to be a big problem too, so dagging is important too.

  11. @Hiya!


    Don't watch this. 

  12. I'm gonna order some micro USB ports and see if I can solder those better.  I have been told that USB C is particularly hard to solder. 

  13. 20190609_030042.thumb.jpg.3c7833cbc9a80853c955a871fa05aa61.jpg

    1. Bananasplit_00
    2. ARikozuM


      How to write like a millennial teenager? 


    1. lewdicrous


      Mistakes can be fixed.

      If it's caused by vibration, then you can use makeshift rubber washers or something to help dampen it.

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @lewdicrous It's the bearings itself, if it wasn't mounted with thermal adhesive it would probably be much louder. 

  15. 20190608_171803.thumb.jpg.5518a83170425bba2f68f5d5570015e7.jpg


    Holy shit the two data cables have less than a millimeter apart in spacing. 

    I don't know what kind of supernatural steady hand can actually solder the connectors without accidentally bridging them, but it's not me.


    Fuck it, I'm just going to order a pre made cable, it will cost more, but I have a feeling that I will go through more money worth of materials trying to deal with that fucking connector. 

    1. Schnoz


      How the hell do you even solder like that?! I'd probably accidentally solder all 30 pins together.

    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @Schnoz Flux adds surface tension, so the solder will naturally flow to the copper. 

      Although I didn't need to solder the pins, just the cables. 

      If I had some liquid flux and a clamp I may have had better results. 

  16. 20190607_223446.thumb.jpg.b7bc72418afc85d88a338dd5fb4e52fb.jpg


    Ok, closer inspection reveals that the pink is a different color as well, the paracord that comes with zap cables seems to be a bit more saturated, although now im really conflicted on what paracord sleeving that I want.

  17. 20190607_215151.thumb.jpg.4cc0285058809a9ce56523f88793e1aa.jpg


    Interesting, the 100 ft of paracord that I ordered online is slightly different from the typical cotton candy color theme.


    But the pink + teal seems to match my keyboard better than the cotton candy pink + blue, so I'm gonna use the pink + teal instead. 

    I'm going to look up some online instructions on USB A pinout, the pinout diagram isn't clear, and unlike the USB C which has it labeled on the little PCB, the A side doesn't. 

  18. Screenshot_20190607-160229_YouTube.jpg.1356bf737af9c1a67d8d1c42eff77d9e.jpg



    This isn't Touhou...

    1. ARikozuM


      Touhou                Furries



    2. floofer


      @Drak3 what do all these words mean?

    3. Schnoz
  19. 20190607_152229.thumb.jpg.b5c71af678d4192b645f7f596c7c194a.jpg


    I'm in need of assistance. 

    1. ARikozuM


      ^ Skanky is searching for a partner. 

      ^ Looking for a white van.

      ^ Would like a pleasant night of fun.

      ^ Requires being isekai'd into a harem comedy. 


      ___ out of 10.

    2. Lurick


      I fail to see the issue :P

    3. _StrikE_


      Shanky seems to be drowning in pussy. (yeah i went there)

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  20. People have started DMing me asking if I'm ok.

    Sorry, I'm fine, just got real busy as of late.

    I also decided to hustle with this fucking project that has already taken far too long.


    Seriously though, I appreciate the concern, it means a lot, and I'm sorry for causing it in the first place. 


    *I swear it's not what it looks like!*

  22. Capt345646ure.thumb.PNG.d9d39b8ff4af5252f7b0339eced8824b.PNG


    Alright, I like this one the best personally.Ca56756y7pture.PNG.4d2360ebc2550341f9de08542e8925df.PNG


    For some reason MMD models don't like my outline method, i'll probably alter it.



    I'm not satisfied with any of the needles available, so i'll just make my own since that shouldn't take that long.

  23. image.thumb.png.0fa20afe761a56b436ad7dbadfdbfeae.png



    Also, song.



    Yay for more switches. 

    Also, @Den-Fi if you can, mesure your jade stems with calipers, I found something interesting. 


    So, I have known old royal stock from kono store.  Almost all of my new stock switches mesure at 1.28mm on average, they fluctuate -+ 1 mm.


    The recent jades and whites that I got are on average 1.31mm, again, they fluctuate -+ 1mm.

    The old stock measured 1.33mm, with the same -+ 1mm fluctuations. 

    So the jades and whites that I got are much more similar to the older stock, I'm not sure if the factories have multiple tooling or what.  I think that cherry is 1.32mm, and I can imagine that most keycaps can handle a +1mm increase before having any problems. 


    And before anyone suggests that this is yet another retool, I got freshly restocked royals that mesure at 1.28, so that's not it.