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    SpamBrie reacted to ShearMe in Soundcard advice   

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    SpamBrie reacted to Samdb in Turns out we have a star in our midst   
    Oh @Joshua
    Link if the video is not working.
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    SpamBrie reacted to Frix in SteamOS   
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    SpamBrie reacted to piplupgao in People Who "Know" Tech   
    Pretty much every IT teacher
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from techswede in What's the meaning of Stonehenge?   
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from DrunkAssassin in What's the meaning of Stonehenge?   
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    SpamBrie reacted to Mooshi in Your man crush   
    If you insist.

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    SpamBrie got a reaction from VampireKid in GTA V [PC] release date possibly 22/11/2013   
    Yeah Microsoft live and the Rockstar social thing for GTA4 was ridiculous!
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    SpamBrie reacted to Maskot in How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?   
    14 even though I'm 17.

    I've been pulled over while driving because the police officer thought I was a little kid.
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    SpamBrie reacted to Kejsare102 in What I like to call "The Excalibur"   
    First of all, this isn't really a log. I just want to share my rig with this community and since the description to Build Logs was "Show off your rig" I assume this has to be the best category to post it in.
    Anyways, this is my newest and current rig. I just finished it all a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures during the assembly of everything. What a bummer, eh?

    I chose the name "The Excalibur" not only because it's a fucking awesome name but also because I tried to keep my rig as military themed as possible.
    The military fights wars>The Excalibur is a legendary weapon used in war>Therefore the name fits. You know what I mean, right?.

    Also, I will exchange the stock Corsair fans for Noctua fans whenever I get money to spare. They're expensive as hell where I live.


    Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
    CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
    GPU: GTX 780 DC2
    PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 620W 80+ Bronze
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4) (Only 4GB currently since one of my sticks broke )
    Case: Corsair Vengeance C70 Military Green
    Storage: Two random WD HDDs 640GB each
    Cooling: Corsair H100i


    Mouse: Random crappy Logitech mouse. Will get upgraded soon.
    Keyboard: Really old Zboard membrane keyboard. I completely love this keyboard and refuse to upgrade until it breaks completely.
    Keypad: Razer Nostromo. Not used that often, too small for my hand.
    Headset: Random Deltaco headset. Will also get upgraded soon.

    Upgrade Plans:
    Upgrading the harddrives to something like a 2TB WD Black and a 240GB SSD.
    Buying a new modular PSU with sleeved cables.
    Buying new RAM.
    Exchanging the fans for NF-F12's.
    Upgrading my mouse to a Steelseries Sensei.
    Upgrading my headset to some good headset. I haven't decided which one yet.

    I am terribly sorry for the horrible picture quality. I'm a poor student, I can't afford those fancy system camers. My iPhone camera will have to do for the moment.

    The case. You probably already know how it looks like.

    The guts. Looks military enough. Will hopefully look even better with Noctua fans. It's either going to look really cool or ugly as shit. That's the curse of Noctua's fans.

    Random mini-closeup because why not?

    The entire battlestation. Where I waste my precious hours of daylight.

    From another angle.

    That's basically all I got at the moment. If you've read it all the way to the end, you're a cool dude. I'd really appreciate it if you could leave a comment telling me what you think and if I there's something you think I should add to it.

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    SpamBrie reacted to CoolBeans in today is my bday. I was given some money, need to figure out what to buy   
    7950 and a 1080p monitor
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    SpamBrie reacted to ttam in LTT Forum Ads   
    I don't mind them on forums. 
    I win every time. I love those!
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    SpamBrie reacted to helping in LTT Forum Ads   
    Hopefully there will be more sexy singles in my area if they integrated some form of advertisement.
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    SpamBrie reacted to Dravic in UK Next-Gen pre-order sales of both consoles. Very interesting.   
    People should just get a PC already.
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    SpamBrie reacted to Lil Chillbil in What do you want for Christmas?!   
    waiting for someone to say slick... 
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    SpamBrie reacted to LAwLz in What do you want for Christmas?!   
    I am going to ask for money and I will probably get that and some kitchen stuff since I am planing on moving to my own place fairly soon.
    I wouldn't say no to a cute girlfriend either. ;_;
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    SpamBrie reacted to mattlef in Shrinkless Sleeve - Quick and Dirty Method   
    Hey Everyone,
    I made this video for my build log, but i thought id share it here as well, in case some of you have not seen it and wanted to find a quick and easy way to sleeve your cables.
    Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns,
    Leave comments as well !

    And just because its funny:
    The Girlfriend Perspective!

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    SpamBrie reacted to DGPC in Bertha 2.0 (Modded Prodigy with 520MM of radiator)   
    Come on an adventure   This is my first go at watercooling and I don't think I'm ever going back to using air! Here we have Bertha 2.0 (after getting bored with Bertha 1.0 of course). Composed of a modded prodigy with a shroud (obviously not an idea I saw watching SingularityComputers  :P ), 520mm of radiator and some cable sleeving. More below.

    Cable Management in a Prodigy WITH tubes everywhere = worst thing ever. Must say, it wasn't a half bad job. I'm still going to have nightmares about it. Good thing I'm not posting a pic of behind the GPU!

    A bit more detail on the parts:
    Case parts:
    Bitfenix prodigy (Modded front panel) + shroud (installed by yours truly) + Modded Power button + Hole in the bottom (to fit a radiator) All this done with a trusty dremel.
    2 Corsair SP120 fans for intake and 2 NB fans up top for exhaust (Notice how the rings are nice and green)
    Some Bitfenix presleeved extenders (Hate all you want, that took effort to manage in the back since these things gotta attach to the original cables)
    PC parts:
    CPU: 4770K
    Mobo: ASUS Z87I-Deluxe (took a lot of patience to get one of these)
    RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance (Couldn't find the vengeance pro GOLD)
    SSD: 128GB Samsung 840 PRO (wish I could get one of those evos)
    HDD: 750GB WD Caviar black
    GPU: EVGA GTX 780 (bow chicka wow wow)
    PSU: Corsair AX860
    Watercooling parts:
    Resevoir: Swiftech micro res
    Pump+CPU Block: Swiftech Apogee drive II (Believe me, you need to save as much space as possible in there)
    GPU waterblock: EK titan something or other
    Radiator(s): 240MM and 280MM black ice stealth (520 in a prodigy WOOT WOOT :D )
    Fittings: Monsoon free center compression fittings (gold to match the mobo of course)
    Tubing: Primochill advanced LRT Atomic UV green (I even used the included Sysprep, I'll keep this spot updated with any plasticizer issues I hope to not have) I also got 2 bitspower 90 degree fittings that I like to ignore
    Coolent: Primochill Ice intensified (UV Brite Green)
    More pics:

    The modding process in all its painful glory

    **respect for anyone who can guess where the SSD and HDD are** just noticed that the pictures don't exactly showcase it hah
    Sorry for the sloppy pictures  :( silly iphone why won't you take good low light pics
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Covalent in Microsoft Buys Nokia   
    Wow interesting to see what will happen with this and windows phone 8.
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Naz in Microsoft Buys Nokia   
    Wow interesting to see what will happen with this and windows phone 8.
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Hazorazor in Microsoft Buys Nokia   
    Wow interesting to see what will happen with this and windows phone 8.
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    SpamBrie reacted to M-ursu in Rhino Shield Mark 2 Giveaway   
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Punished07 in Trojan Virus   
    If possible backup important files onto dropbox, external drive etc. then reinstall your OS
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Beskamir in Car Crash and Texting   
    Careful not to post anything on this forum in case somebody reads it in 25 years when you can't use the internet if you are not wearing a seatbelt whilst sitting your office chair. 
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    SpamBrie got a reaction from Brazsty in Should i whait for gta v to be realesed to pc or buy on xbox 360??   
    Personally if you could afford it I would get a PS3 rather than an Xbox since it has Blu-Ray and free multilayer.
    But im just going to wait for PC *Fingers Crossed* it wont be too long!