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    Follow me as I build PC's review products and give you step by step tutorials on how to mod, change and build with No Compromise.

    You can find me all over the web. Reviews, build logs and guides.
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  1. "For years we've obsessed over creating the definitive high-end liquid cooling enclosure - an ultra-refined case that sets a new standard for quality, innovation, and performance. For those seeking the ultimate high-performance PC case and to our Customers supporting us for all these years, we're extremely proud to present you with the result of our efforts; the Limited Edition MBX MKII. The MBX MKII was conceived for you and designed, refined, and built without compromise." https://xforma.com/ I know i posted this in the Case's forum, but i REALLY think this is news worthy. Charles
  2. Nope, no need to strip at all. The sleeve just goes over each individual wire. If they come "pre sleeved" with that ugly uni-sleeve, you need to cut it off.... but outside of that, no real cable mutilation is really required
  3. hahaha! No for this he used his HTC One. Surprisingly good quality for a cellphone
  4. Not sure if this has been posted here, but check it out! Linus via skype on the 'dam good show' This was only the second episode, but Linus was a great guest and provided a lot of great insight as always. Leave your thoughts below!
  5. I dont think I'll be posting on that channel anymore mostly on the one you guys see me most often. But what i can promise is that my editing etc will get better soon no more dragging intros Thanks for the compliments guys. I'm humbled!
  6. You can also check out dazmode.com His sleeve is quite good too. Very tight weave.
  7. Nope!!! Just hit some snags and started with some new projects New case coming, new mobo... new cpu... new GPU... lots of new stuffs!!!
  8. My setup is pretty simple. I use a Intel 120gb SSD for my OS drive, and a 1TB WD Black for my mass storage drive. Why? Beacuse the SSD provides the raw speed i want for window and day-to-day, and the 1tb for volume.
  9. Sounds good Ookami!. Pumped to see what you come up with!
  10. Glad to hear it man! I love the shrinkless look. Take some pics and post them here I'd love to see everyones results!
  11. I did this with MDPC-X Sleeve. I dont see how paracord would be a problem however. without heatshink, the sleeve starts to shrivel and doesnt keep shape. You need something to keep it from curling back. That's where the heat shink comes in. However, ive heard of people doing something with soldering irons, though i wouldnt recommend it.
  12. Thanks Denned. I don't think the process is that difficult, it just meant to take the time to measure out the length of the sleeve, etc. I cant wait to see what your results are like Haha! Best of luck! show her the video and say it can be fun! lol
  13. It wasn't the camera person, it was the tripod. We need to find a better option for smoother transitions. But thank you for the feedback. I know that I need to prepare better. That was evident right after i shot it and watching it back. The thing I wanted to do is not hide anything and be real so i can grow in-front of everyone. There was no second take. However in stating that, most of the mistakes or inconsistencies were due to nerves that will fade over time with better preparation. This was my first on camera un-boxing and i can promise that it will only get better from here. I app
  14. Bah! I was hoping someone wouldnt notice. Note to self, prepare better lol.