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  1. Might be wrong, but since the manufacture takes the cooling into their own hands, they become more confident in overclocking and are able to use it as a value ad, though most things they do are achievable with most cards yourself. Performance wise, the overclocking ability of a card is in much ways luck of the draw, as with CPUs. Some "extreme" cards will be "binned", or sorted through, to guarantee a certain level of overclocking performance. EDIT: the addition of custom power delivery is probably a big deal too
  2. This is essentially just a matter of brand loyalty. Most people here will have started their PC careers just buying what looks good and, depending on their experience, will either learn to love/hate that certain manufacture. Personally, having the first-hand experience with big deals like DOA products and smaller issues like fan noise makes me a bit more confident in my purchasing decisions, though most of this is statistically moot and is no indication of what experience you will have with them. All in all, any trusted brand should do you good (with most differential factors concerning servic
  3. With most of what I was going to say already sorted out, the only thing I can complain about is no AC wifi lol... not always needed but a nice thing to have if you're going to fill up one of your slots with one of those anyways... very solid for the price
  4. Ducky and Corsair always pop up in my mind first. Typed from my much loved membrane keyboard
  5. 2 980s should get you as close to the full use of that refresh rate as possible without REALLY going overkill with any more cards. When you talk about multi-GPU gaming, you have two routes: Use all that power for more pixels (extra monitors / 4K) or really just murder a one monitor <4K setup. The only other suitable gaming monitor I can think of off the top of my head is the ASUS 4K IPS one Linus examined at CES: At 4K, it should present a better challenge to SLI 980s and match the tag of "good enough to handle upgrades" while remaining a single monitor setup. I guess that
  6. My eyes aren't perfect, but I gamed on 144hz for a while and I suffered something near what you described. Since using strobelight / lightboost though, motion blur is a thing of the past and it seems much better in general. Directly answering your question, with most modern titles you (probably) won't experience major fps spikes unless you're staring at the ground or something or the game is severely unoptimized. Even though its a controversial topic, after using a >60Hz monitor for 1.5 years, I can easily tell and appreciate the difference.
  7. Modding Skyrim is an art. If you want to do it with stability, you gotta slowly add more and more mods to your collection instead of dumping them all in at once ex: Installing tweaks on a jailbroken iphone has a similar argument to it. This makes these things much easier to troubleshoot but with enough effort (and a lot of google), you can probably still find the problem.
  8. Chrome got me early on because of how "minimal" it was compared to the other browsers at the time, but really, it's incredibly inefficient with resources but remains as my daily driver only because my PC can handle it...mostly.
  9. GalaxyS4root.com LOOKS pretty legit and has tmobile versions but I can in no way confirm its legitimacy
  10. Take a look at the recent buyer's guide on the Linustechtips channel for an extra opinion:
  11. If you decide to go SLI, make sure to look up some benchmarks and see how well your favourite games scale with multiple cards.
  12. AC Unity is a mess but if you look past the bugs / can wait for them to be somewhat resolved and have friends to play it with, it can be a pretty fun new entry into the series.
  13. I've never flashed back to the original firmware since I don't prefer touchwiz, so I don't want to give a link I can't fully trust since I haven't tried it. Once again, though, it depends on whether you have the north american or international one as well as the carrier. I'm sure if you google it you'll get results. In fact... http://lmgtfy.com/?q=galaxy+s4+stock+rom
  14. All of the t-mobile GS4 ROMs (looks like they don't have a stable out for CM11): https://download.cyanogenmod.org/?device=jfltetmo&type=
  15. Oh I haven't used the installer before I'm clueless haha the safe bet would be to flash your old ROM and try and do it manually to make sure everything is still working