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  1. That's because they would start calling the gaming community whiny little bitches... which they are.
  2. Just buy a nice router. Download a free wifi scanning app on your mobile and find any dead spots (if any) - I have a 5600sqft house (huge) and a single, centrally placed router that gives 90% at the very edge of the house from my 2gb internet connection. If there are any.. since the house is wired.. just place a access point in that location.
  3. Is your XMP profile enabled in your bios? It may just be reading the ram is 1600mhz but not running at 1600. Without XMP, it would be running at 1333mhz.
  4. No benefit what so ever. It's just a flat out dumb idea in general. Your system will run games+stream better if you didn't run all of this junk.
  5. What happens when you take a channel that was once about tech and basically sell out. It's more a Linus Media Group $$$ than a Linus Tech Tip channel. Even with that $9000 streaming setup they posted, they still cant get their streams right =P
  6. Modem to router to switch. You can plug the cable into any port on the switch, which essentially gives it internet. You then just distribute out the remainder of the ports on the switch to the rooms. Just remember to label them for ease of finding which room they go to.
  7. 7980xe, Mobo, 64GB ram, cooler, 500GB NVME, handful of 12TB drives, 1080, case, PSU... will put you above $7400 USD. Add in all the other items and you now have the dumbest PC build of 2017. You can build the ultimate gaming PC + a TINY TINY mini itx PC to "stream" with for A FRACTION of the cost. Still can't get over how stupid the video idea was lol.
  8. Please, no one actually go this route for streaming.
  9. Your CPU cooler isn't plugged into the correct 4pin header on your motherboard. You probably have it in a "SYSFAN" instead of the "CPUFAN" near the CPU socket itself.
  10. No, I strongly recommend against it. That video is a serious 0/10 on every level. It's incredibly expensive to start. For just the price of the 7980XE you could buy yourself an 8700k system and a 1080 with all the tiddly bits you would need to stream. Not only would it be easier than trying to deal with unraid and vms.. it would just work much easier. Who the hell needs a stack of 12TB drives to stream when Twitch saves VODS for you? It's just another video to show off all the expensive shit they can get from sponsors to do just dumb things with.
  11. As someone old enough to remember film cameras.. You will be fine. Just leave it in dark areas. Light is the enemy.
  12. Am actually in the works of cashing out shortly. I have about a months worth of lawyer and accountant meetings to go through before even thinking of doing such a large sum. Hopefully by that point, it may be at 20-30k.
  13. Nope, very wrong. -Source: Went to the prestigious university, took the engineering courses.