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    I suffer from depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. I am a great example of a diseased mind.
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    Former Activision employee


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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
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    an SSD
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    EVGA 650W G2
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    an old T.V.
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    Corsair 115i
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    K70 mx red, red led
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    Corsair M65 RGB
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    Sennheiser HD598SE
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    Arch Linux
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  1. First the pony wearing BAPE now the pony doing the floss...i need to become a brony


    Do you sleep with clothes on or no clothes?

    I keep a shirt and pajama bottoms on, no socks.

    Content Ban-anza - YouTube to ban video uploads

    Everyone hating on EU meanwhile this already exists in America and it's called the DMCA.

    Phones are boring, what is the future?

    The past 4 years I haven't seen any improvements with phones that would get me to consider upgrading. I'm not interested in small bezels (I need something to grip onto without touching my screen- bottom bezel should include a home, back, and menu buttons, and top bezel should have a camera, speaker, and other stuff), multiple cameras (camera quality still hasn't improved much from flagship phones from 4 years ago, still waiting for more improvement), notches (yuck, same with rounded corners- just ew), no headphone jack (I use mine a lot, not going wireless- that would just be another device to buy and charge), fingerprint readers under screen (I don't use biometrics as they are insecure- governments can warentlessly force you to unlock them), etc.
  5. Uh oh, this thread isn't good.

    Do you listen to ASMR?

    The only ASMR I watch is from Ephemeral Rift, which I listen to nearly every night before I go to bed.

    The most annoying music you have ever heard?

    Most of the stuff they play on the current pop music radio stations.
  8. That still leaves plenty of fun games to play.
  9. I've never found anything interesting at a Thrift Shop technology related except some flight stick that I bought for like $2 and it works, but my brother who works at one saw a Thinkpad 760XD come in and bought it so that's pretty cool. The only thrift store in reasonable walking distance (was about a 30 minute walk away) closed down so I don't go to any right now. Otherwise I love them because I'm poor.
  10. EPENEX

    Best way to pull weeds.

    Why would I pull weeds? Just let your lawn grow naturally. No reason for human interference.
  11. EPENEX

    Linus Sebastian to be the next Elon Musk!!!

    If I lived in Canada I'd buy some weed and try it.
  12. EPENEX

    Why did you buy an Android Phone?

    First of all, let me say that I barely use my phone, and do not have service on it. I have a Galaxy Note 4, which I enjoy for it's size, stylus, headphone jack, screen resolution, physical home button, removable battery, and upgradable storage. I also use a custom ROM- AICP running Android 8.1. Android gives me more freedom of choice, such as being able to change my icons and launcher. Rooted Android gives me more options like being able to edit my hosts file so I can block ads, and use my phone to boot GNU/Linux ISO's. I also love that I do not have to use the Play Store to get my apps. I can use third party repositories such as F-Droid, this can allow people to make a ethical decision to use as little proprietary software as possible. There is also the case of overcoming the censorship of the Play Store- such as how they do not allow gambling or porn apps and how they have removed apps such as Gab for "hate speech".