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    I suffer from depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. I am a great example of a diseased mind.
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  1. Can I live in a caravan or camper van for life ?

    It's not impossible, but it's not really worth it. Just get a job and an apartment, it will be much easier and you will be happier. You'll have things like a home address (instead of P.O. box), your own wifi (instead of public wifi), power (not using batteries/solar panels), and your own toilet (besides public restrooms). Sure an apartment will cost more, but your quality of life will be higher.
  2. Lenovo Yoga's The 700 series is more around you budget https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/700-series/c/yoga-700 but if you are willing to spend extra there's the more premium 900 series https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/yoga-900-series/c/yoga-900-series
  3. Trusting news sources is a mistake in the first place. Most of them are highly opinionated and if they use facts, they only use the ones that help whatever political argument they are trying to make. I take what they all say with a grain of salt, and will check to see what other sources say and compare to try to get the most accurate view.
  4. Consumers are ruining phones

    Ignore how other people waste their money and buy the right phone for you. I'm still on the Note 4 because in my opinion there is no better phone. I've never had someone comment on it being "obsolete/old" or that the camera was "bad". But it says Samsung right on it so people see it and probably just assume it's a nice phone, which it is.
  5. It's faster, looks nicer, sometimes easier (like downloading files from a repository and upgrading them all at once), can give me something to do when something breaks or doesn't work correctly. GNU/Linux is the main reason I stopped gaming, because I found that messing around with it was more fun and rewarding. It's also generally more stable than Windows, I haven't had it break on me as often as Windows. Also, updating doesn't take 2 hours where I can't use my computer (happened yesterday so I removed Windows from my x220 in response). It's just overall a more rewarding OS to use and you learn a lot.
  6. Too bad most people can't just chose another ISP if they start blocking things. We have to keep giving them money for their terrible actions.
  7. Oh look, you can get decent specs in a macbook now. It just costs $500 more than it should.
  8. A step in the right direction... kinda. Governments shouldn't be using Windows in my opinion, but they probably shouldn't be using Chrome OS either.
  9. What happened to SteamOS?

    It was mostly pointless. Who wants to dedicate a computer to just Steam in big picture mode, and have the OS be GNU/Linux so most games don't work? Frankly you get a better experience using Windows.
  10. All asdfmovie fans comment here

    I liked them when I was a kid... That's how old they are...
  11. Designer Clothing

    I got my Twenty One Pilots shirt from a thrift store as well, it just made me wonder why they donated it. Hopefully it's because they lost weight and it no longer fit because it's an XL.
  12. Designer Clothing

    I have a few Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste polos that I like to wear. I do have target brand tshirts and hanes which I usually wear around the house, but am thinking about donating (most is old and doesn't fit too well). I just like to dress up in nicer brands when I leave the house. I'm starting to delve into other stuff and thinking about picking up some off-white and other designers, and streetwear such as Supreme. I also just bought a Bape hoodie to get ready for winter. I also will buy stuff if it's cheap yet looks good, like you don't need to spend $500 on a pair of distressed bleached pants when you can find the same thing for $50 just not from a famous/designer brand. Some prices are ludicrous such as this pair of designer jeans I want https://mikeamiri.com/collections/2018-denim-all/products/denim-cargo-black-wax, but some are justifiable. I also love designer sunglasses, and am easily willing to spend hundreds, even maybe a thousand on a pair of sunglasses. I don't know why, I know they're just molded pieces of plastic, but I like them. They're fun to collect. I'm not rich or anything, most of my designer clothes I got from thrift shops, as they sometimes come through, and if you go there daily you can find some good deals, typically $9 for a nice shirt around here.
  13. Dual Screen Smartwatch - Ticwatch Pro

    e-ink needs to make a comeback to smart watches. I'm considering upgrading my original Pebble to a Pebble 2, even after their shutdown, as I see no other watch that can compare.