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  1. How much punisment can a SSD actually take?

    yep and apparently its the same rating as an ipod, which is pretty much going to be the rating of any single PCB device.
  2. How much punisment can a SSD actually take?

    just google for "samsung ssd white paper" http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/downloads/document/Samsung_SSD_White_Paper.pdf it says 1500G shock. I dont know what 1500G compares to. Maybe a free falling family sized car.
  3. not really. you cant do much except annoy them by turning on the tv. You can do the same with a universal IR remote control
  4. Multiple computers?

    yea i have a work computer and i have a toy computer
  5. yep this is a feature of apple products. Apple TV probes the network when in standby. iPad probes the network when it should be sleeping. It does make the products more usable. I dont know what it means for power savings but it is not hard to shut off through the router/firewall. Connect any device to your network and run a packet capture and you will see your ipad flick through. Whats cool is you can actually trick your neighbours apple tv to connect to your laptop if it depends on wifi, and then you can wake it up at any time.
  6. i think you are over-rating the difficulty. you cab be living i an apartment without a workbench and still knock out some rivets
  7. but its not hard to remove a rivet; basic tools will do it. I have 2 cheap cases in the garage. one is riveted. it would take 1 minute to smash out the drive cage, making the design tool-less would just be adding a cost to something that is not needed, right?
  8. see above. rivets are only a barrier for those who are not competent at using a hammer and chisel. Pray to Thor and then deal with your drive cage
  9. are they rivetted in? because if they are held by rivets i would argue they are removable with a screw driver and a hammer or drill
  10. first world problems. OEM you dirty poor person.
  11. all cages are removable, except for designs like the old antec 900/1200 series style. - in these cases the drive mount was also the fan mount.
  12. phantek p400 has 2X 2.5" and 2X 3.5" bays. there is room to purchase extra parts for more bays. this is annoying as overtime the total cost of the case increases. I can tell you over time you will collect drives, and find uses for them. the modular approach is more expensive.
  13. Are used bitcoin mining graphic cards worth it?

    ill take them for 1/2 price
  14. Creating your OWN ISP

    youd be better off reselling
  15. Tips on promoting a computer tech company on social media??

    pay for advertising. set a budget and run a campaign.