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  1. I live in a south pacific island full of koreans, chinese, and japanese that are escaping ex-wifes. Prostitution is legal. Gambling is legal. Drugs are not legal but cops dont do shit. It is not so much a dream but reaching a monetary high score.
  2. you assume the money goes to shareholders and re-investment in new technology. This shit is all lawyer profit. The money goes into paying off ex-wives, new swimming pools, yachts, coke, and hookers.
  3. i have seen complaints of these kits. for the last two years the market was spoilt with low power mini-itx boards competing with embedded boxes. Both appear to be sparse in the 2017 market. PC-Engines still makes their SoC, which is not a bad product, I use to own one of their first networking boards. I dont think USD$299 is competitive with a m-ATX board.
  4. pfsense can be loaded from usb and run in ram so no need for disk unless you want to do some advanced stuff that needs packet capture. SSD will not make much diff in boot time because bsd does not make use of advanced features of eufi like windows and linux. IMO an OS can be tuned to boot in 10 seconds or i dont care because it takes me 5 minutes to make a coffee. na. calculate the energy difference then put it into monetary costs against your powerbill. it depends if you are charged per kw/hr or charged in blocks of kw/hr, but you might find that the most energy efficient syst
  5. just ask for hackintosh and it will be done
  6. yep, this might be a good product as not all tablets & phones will need 2A at the same time, charging over night for example. If the switch is only for the display then it might be a winner, except the for the price; i might just buy a USB3 PCIe card and modify it
  7. i was actually looking at this on pbtech.co.nz. its $69NZD there + $5 shipping. I like it but... its 2A out of any port, but only one port at a time, hence the selector switch. At this price id rather buy a 5V transformer and build/modify a cheap hub. The current and voltage displays can be done with a pair of cheap $5 to $10 multimeters. I think I might do this and throw it into an empty PCI slot.
  8. the last episode i saw was about an alien race where the female gender was culturally unacceptable and sex change surgery in infants was common. It could have been a great theme for a true sci-fi. But they fucked it, nothing interesting was explored, just some poor attempts at jokes about the female gender.
  9. i think the older i get, the more movies i have watched, the more I turn off the tv halfway through a show or film. Compare will smith's "i am legend" to the earlier black and white film from the same book "the last man on earth". The older film was better. The newer film bent over for focus groups full of people who must be very easy to entertain.
  10. do you mean the new one? I have seen enough internet chatter about why it sucks to not bother with it.
  11. The plot twists are predictable. The Orville is pretty much Star Trek if characters on Star Trek were allowed to talk back and be cheeky to other characters. A bit of toilet humour. The occasional mention of a character's sexual perversion, sexual preference, gender bending. Seth Macfarlane's comedy is getting old. It is very formulaic and once you have figured it out, all his work becomes predictable and looses value.
  12. yea i dont have time to write a tutorial, I just wanted to name drop so the OP knows what to google.
  13. the 10 port doesnt but one of the 4 port ones does. Its got an OTG function, i am now searching using the keywords 2.1A 2.4A and OTG
  14. Above is a conversation about cables, if the computers have gigabit nics, or were made in the last 10 years then there is a high chance you can just connect them direct with a cable. After connecting cable, assign each NIC manually an ip in the same subnet. e.g. and Then, if you are using windows you can use Windows built-in file sharing; if you are using linux or bsd you can use rsync. You can use rsync in windows too but i dont want to explain that.
  15. the one you posted before was good. now i just need to find if ther eis anything cheaper. That one was good coz it uses the standard, i think its called IEC, appliance power socket so I dont need to buy an adapter, I can use one of my spare cords. There was one downside and that is it has a fan, might have to mod it.