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    computer stuff and diy


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    Intel core i5 6500
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    gigabyte gaming 3 h170
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    1x8gb crucial ballistix
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    gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1070
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    deepcool dukase v2

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  1. I went to go play some games but they weren't working because I store them on my hdd and it said it couldnt "read" please help.
  2. can i use a kill coil if i have a nickel gpu waterblock? i have heard a kill coil will do bad stuff to the nickel.
  3. I recently installed liquid cooling on my computer and need a disinfectant. here is my system: rad: alphacool xt45 gpu: EK-FC1080 GTX G1 - Nickel tubing: ek Duraclear res: xspc tank v3 pump: alphacool vpp655 pwm coolant: tap water please help me choose a coolant because i am sort of a noob at water cooling.
  4. read title. for htpc. don't care if it is from eBay.
  5. thanks, (there was also no way I was gonna pay $25 for shipping and $10 tax for the EK rad)
  6. ekwb recommended the EK-CoolStream SE 240 (Slim Dual) radiator but i thought i could get a better one for the same price. on ek's cooling configurator it said the system would be 27c at idle while mine is 32c. i bought the alphacool nexXxos xt45 because it seemed better in every way because it had more fpi, and it was a full copper radiator. was i wrong, or is ekwb's estimate incorrect?
  7. can i use furmarks burn-in test instead? i like the fuzzy donut.
  9. should i get another rad or some new fans
  10. i made a custom loop, and i just hooked it up and ran heaven benchmark at extreme settings. i notices a buzzing sound like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz coming from the gpu. i notice that there is a air bubble in the gpu waterblock but this is my first time watercooling so i dont know if that effects performance. i was getting around 76c on my 1070 i dont know if that is good or not but here are some pictures.