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    Ryzen 5 3600@Stock
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
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    16GB Kingston DDR4-3600
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    Gigabyte 2070 Super
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    be quiet! pure base 500dx
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    2x 1TB NVME Samsung EVO 970
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    2x IIyama 24" 1080p
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  1. If you want the forum to be online 24/7, then yes.
  2. You are misunderstanding the term server. Its not specifically something you need to rent online. But a description to a dedicated computer running a 64bit linux distro. Its very lightweight and should be able to run of any simple computer/laptop you have laying around (No Raspberry tho, 64bit required)
  3. Short answer: No and no. There are a few issues here: PSU's can have a over current or over voltage protection, tho that is meant for small power surges coming from the net. Not massive spikes. Alot of PC's are not grounded correctly. Be it dodgy wiring in the house or just no ground at the outlet. So the only path would be the inside. But those 2 are moot anyway regarding a thunderstorm. A lightning strike nearby will kill of most appliances, there is no protection that can deal with that amount of energy in that short of time. Only defense is lightning rods or puttin
  4. Yes, this was a rough calculation Number was already high enough. Tho yet another thing learned: bit depth is per channel.
  5. There is a plug and play solution from Hirschmann that will modulate gigabyte internet over the coax while preserving the coax tv signal https://www.hirschmann-multimedia.com/en/news/mb-32-the-hirschmann-gigabit-ethernet-adapter
  6. Color depth × vertical resolution × horizontal resolution × refresh frequency So in case of 8k (lets go nuts and record at 60fps 16 bit RAW): 16 x 8192 x 4320 x 60 = 33.97Gbs = 4.25GB/s 2 hours is 2x60x60 = 7200 seconds 7200 x 4.25GB = 30.6TB So get your NAS ready You might need a few extra drives. (Nevermind the transfer rate)
  7. For Plex at least consider the Intel CPU's for transcoding (paid version only tho) https://support.plex.tv/articles/115002178853-using-hardware-accelerated-streaming/ Do not count on HW acceleration soon for AMD CPU's/GPU.
  8. https://www.freenas.org/faq/ All the info you want. Plus you can ask in the community there. Besides without any other info then "i dont want to use xxx", we cant help you correctly. Same deal for the forums there. Be specific to what u want.
  9. Nope, older routers will be limited by their hardware. Cant magically add hardware to a router via software.
  10. You know. Might have been handy to tell that in the OP. Including what you are trying todo Still not sure. Anyway, its still trying to open it with java.exe instead of javaw.exe so best steps now are to remove all java installs and just install the 64bit java windows version. https://javadl.oracle.com/webapps/download/AutoDL?BundleId=245060_d3c52aa6bfa54d3ca74e617f18309292 from: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  11. Then select the file, shift right click and select "opent with" and use the bottom option for a different app, from the new window scroll down again and select "more apps" and scroll down to browse for more apps. Browse to the java folder (prob something like C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_301\bin) and select javaw.exe
  12. Without any further info i'll have to assume you are trying to run the installer? In that case you'll need to open with javaw instead of java. You can do that by right clicking the file and select "open with" the select java
  13. I'm getting old, saw a bat file and had MSDOS in my head
  14. Maybe silly, but i was just wondering about the legal tax part of this. Not saying that it should be so, or even that it is ok.
  15. He was at Blizzard from the start and part of the problem, while he became president in 2018 he was vice president in 2014 and before that he led the WoW team. So he did not "step into" this.