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    Ryzen 5 3600@Stock
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
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    16GB Kingston DDR4-3600
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    Gigabyte 2070 Super
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    be quiet! pure base 500dx
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    2x 1TB NVME Samsung EVO 970
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    2x IIyama 24" 1080p
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Is your OS installed on that same HDD or is it on another HDD/SSD?
  2. You can get RGB controllers, most support both 12V and 5v aRGB Coolermaster and ThermalTake for example, they will connect via USB
  3. For the minecraft server you will not need a dedicated GPU. Its command line and need no 3D whatsoever. You can just use the 1060 for hardware encoding for the Plex server (note that this is a paid service, so if you are running the free version the GPU also wont matter) Both of them will be controlled from another computer anyway in most cases
  4. You will have to enable it in the bios, For AMD i think its SVM and IOMMU. Check the manual or browse the bios to find those 2
  5. Its already a router? Without any context your question does not make sense. At least link to the thread you mentioned. To lazy to search for it.
  6. Anecdotal evidence at best: But the last 3 computers i built i had to push hard and wiggle to get them to go in. I think its a design thing that its really tight. For a better electrical connection. Tbh it sounds more like the CPU or GPU is overheating and that will shutdown your computer after some time. Check the fans and if the cooler is making propper contact. After that you could swap out the PSU. But like i said this sounds more like something overheating then a bad connection.
  7. Try a combination of pusing it in and rocking it back and forth slightly
  8. Lets start over. Because i have a feeling that we are not talking about the same thing. You asked for a Router with Wifi 6 that does not require a LAN connection. But what do you mean by LAN? Your ISP has to connect to the router and usually thats via the LAN connection (or direct fiber) So tell a bit more about your setup and what you want todo.
  9. None of them "need" a lan connection. But what do you want to achieve?
  10. Using a 56k Modem in 2017! | Nostalgia Nerd - YouTube Besides that i have not seen one in use for a long time. Even fax machines are starting to die out finally. Only place i find those are with old doctors
  11. 7k sound a bit much for just mailboxes (from your story i gather 90?) Quick and rough calculation for that: 4 Dollar per user per month = 4x90x12 = 4320 Dollar per year. So thats 2680 saved already from godaddy vs Microsoft Outlook. Looking at others like strato and such: 100 mailboxes at 180 Euro per month (200 Dollars) = 2400 Dollars per year. And i'm sure you could find cheaper ones. And yeah, take into account what @Dutch_Master says. Just look at the Clintons
  12. I would recommend against this. After having the mail on our own server for many years (Exchange), the small cost savings does not hold up against the headaches we had when a server crashed and emails were corrupt. You will also need to setup alot of security systems and certificates to prevent your mail from just being tossed into the spam folder because gmail or outlook could not verify your mail for example. Viewing everyone's email is easy tho, as you can just setup mailboxes to have multiple owners/editors ect.
  13. Something like this? Delock Products 89582 Delock PCI Express Card > 1 x external USB Type-C™ 3.1 female + 1 x external USB Type-C™ 3.1 (DP Alt Mode) female But what are going to connect at the other side?
  14. Not all tho, the 2400G requires at least 1404 for example while the default BIOS version seems to be 0602. Hence the crapshoot part
  15. That motherboard does support that CPU but it seems it needs version 2607 at least. Asus has version 3001 at the latest version to download. You will however need an older CPU to update it from the bios. Ask around if anyone you know has a 3000 series for example and then you could update it. But without knowing which BIOS version is on the MB (retailer might had it in stock for a long time) its a bit of a crapshoot. You should check the Asus site which CPU is supported on the lowest BIOS version.