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    Ryzen 5 3600@Stock
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite
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    16GB Kingston DDR4-3600
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    Gigabyte 2070 Super
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    be quiet! pure base 500dx
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    2x 1TB NVME Samsung EVO 970
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    2x IIyama 24" 1080p
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Didnt they sell most of their intellectual property rights to Nvidia? so was something left they can use?
  2. You mean 8TB? And you'll have to assign a letter from that screen. Right click Big Boy and assign a letter 2 seconds to late
  3. First off all, that PSU is way overpowered for what u need. But that shouldnt be an issue. It can however be faulty and cause a lockup like that. Did you also check the temps? See for example if the CPU is getting way to hot and it goes into shutdown mode.
  4. Maybe you have the wrong driver for your Matrox Mystique? (Randomly picked GPU) Or your Cyrix is running to hot? (Also randomly picked CPU)
  5. Full load was something around 80 Watt. But thats every core at 100% so you'll need to check what the CPU usage is in Fornite, but 28 Watt seems normal. But without GPU and CPU load during that ussage we cant give a good answer
  6. @mebaby2 You can just activate amazone music with your Dutch account. Just go to https://music.amazon.com/ and login with your Amazon account. Then get the trail to check it out, just remember to stop before the trails ends Edit: Amazon is upgrading everyone to HD/Lossless just not NL just yet.
  7. Just disable CSM, it only needed if you want to boot an old OS that does not support UEFI.
  8. All these versions are giving me a headache, either way he can connect both USB front ports as he has the 2 gen versions on his motherboard. Pinout nothing changes. So in theory it should give full speed unless they used really crappy cables.
  9. The case has a 3.0 USB A connector and a 3.1 USB C connector, same goes for the Motherboard. (Gen 1, Type C and Gen 1, Type A) So seems partpicker is a tad confused. There is a gen 2 C connector on the back that of that motherboard. In short: They perfectly match port wise
  10. Like i said, light games run fine. As far as holding up... been just a few days tho and she isnt going to highschool in a few months . Its very nice tho, she has been drawing on it alot since i got the pen for her. Tho you'll need to clean up a bit, install all the windows updates before you can start. Like Express VPN, Mcafee and such. And a few other preinstalled programs.
  11. Depends, for my daughter i got the x360 envy 8 GB 4500u but thats for high school and her use case is Office, drawing, and some light games (roblox and stuff). The 5500u has slightly better multicore performance, so what are you going to use it for? Since that and the memory might be a deciding factor.
  12. Dejavu time. We had this same discussion about Window 10 and that was a storm in a glass too in the end. Lesson learnt: Wait till the actual release is here.
  13. Had a chat with one of the ITers and turns out i was wrong. While the Rent Company pushes their G-DATA antivirus, extra service and insurance. The school itself just wants Windows Defender and is fine with just that. No special software is needed, so no tracking or anything like that. Their mindset is that it is the responsibility of the student to keep their laptops in order. Shows how old i am other then office installed (which is provided by the school) most things like communication and rosters are done by app on their phones. Old man rant: I had to bic
  14. Personally i switched to Onedrive since i needed a family plan for Office 365 for 100 Euro's per year for 6 persons. It has 6TB total (1TB per person) or take the single license for 1TB and 70 Euro per year. I stopped using dropbox due to having to work on documents with others. Was a nightmare with them, but i think they changed it. Imo if you need office then OneDrive is a no brainer. And as for my files with big corporations, i dont really care and i backup to a local drive weekly anyway
  15. Looks like something from your screen OSD? If its also in Dutch the n.v.t. would make sense