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  1. SQL server auto increment ID problem

    maybe you should find a new way then, as said the auto increment doesnt always have the last number but the last number of record.
  2. I remember 4chan did something like this where they sat a date/time and everyone sent the same message over text, email etc to get the "mass surveillance the test it deserves" Not sure how many people did it though.
  3. SQL server auto increment ID problem

    Then not a clue, but if its not going to break a system, which it shouldn't I wouldn't worry ti much.
  4. SQL server auto increment ID problem

    did you delete any rows? The database auto interment keeps a track of them. 1. Data 2. Data 3. Data del 3, 2 4. Data at the end the ids would be 1,4
  5. Conky + Conky manager. in conky manager, it comes with a preset widget set up for getting information from Nvidia cards.
  6. I recently install Kubuntu and I love it anyway one issue I am having is that pictures do not default to preview, I have to click the preview button at the top normally I would like this but when I'm looking through my 1000's of pictures all sorted into year/month/day folders you can see how this would become rather tiresome is there a way to enable preview as default or for a whole folder+subfolders?
  7. Help with python not statements

    these do get confusing. True not False = True True not True = False ?
  8. Help with python not statements

    10>11 is False 5+11==33 is False so you're asking if False not false, false is false and would return false. not statements are like !=, like if 5 not 6, 5 isn't 6 so that's true.
  9. most phones here in the UK, yup we are still in the eu, come with one years warranty, in fact most electronic devices do. the only phone I have had in the last decade that has more than one year is the phone I'm writing this on. The Lumia 950.
  10. i have the chrome book too I am using galliumos on it because you know python lol
  11. Wouldn't this stop mining every single time you changed a page?
  12. Need advice for a good UK based SIM Provider

    giffgaff lol
  13. Need advice for a good UK based SIM Provider

    giffgaff > tesco super cheap monthly rolling contract its like £5 for the basic one, also on o2
  14. Regex

    The string is different every time, so it may not by the 3rd item every single time