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  1. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    sorry my reply was misleading, very badly worded. I meant have they actually done anything where they didn't just go full out. I've really not followed they products so asking out of interest.
  2. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    has anything telsa done not "went big"?
  3. exactly. They made the right move here. @L.Lawliet have you seen some of the mods for Skyrim? They tank all but the most powerful cards and even then some struggle to get about 30fps. The last thing we need is mods on a portable platform.
  4. as bitchy as the EU can be and with some stuff being just outrageous, mostly about net neutrality but who isn't doing something to piss off the internet? I digress, the EU actually is very good at maintaining customer rights, calling out bad practice and most importantly issuing pretty little fines for it.
  5. EK Water Blocks Parts Ways with Top Management

    @VegetableStu at least someone can follow the news rules.
  6. Playing Multiple Videos After Each Other HTML

    for you maybe, once on a remote server I can see it taking s while to load. Did you manage to get it done I am interested in the solution
  7. Is it time to ditch Chrome now?

    Firefox those addons, not 100% about google input (not even sire what it is).
  8. Can I prevent my headphones from leaking sound?

    Then its probably your mouth thats leaking sound rather than the headphones.
  9. Playing Multiple Videos After Each Other HTML

    ew. Windows. Then consider not doing it with that format? no one wants to wait for a video of the size on a website.
  10. Building chat server with python

    its at the bottom you need to add arga to your command line python sometime.py host or if you don't but anything it should start the server. but yes we need the error stack not just the line it failed on.
  11. Db.php <?php class db { private static $handle; public static function connect($host, $username, $password, $db){ self::$handle = new PDO("mysql:host={$host};dbname={$db}", $username, $password); self::$handle->setAttribute( PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_WARNING ); } public static function query($sql, $args=null){ $sth = self::$handle->prepare($sql); $sth->execute($args); return $sth; } //end of class } //enter your database information here. host, username, password, DB name db::connect("host", "username", "password", "database"); ?> then your php require('db.php'); $sql = db::query("select ID from student_tbl where firstName=:n limit 1", array(":n" => $name)); $row = $row->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); //row now contains an dict of your data echo $row['ID']; If you need more just but more field=:c to the query and then add , 'c' => $variable to the array
  12. If you apply that logic to people. 100 people haven't killed but one person has. illegal is illegal whether its 1/100 or 1/1000 but in this case if Ms believe they can without a doubt prove that they have illegal versions then they are within their right to sue even if it 1/100. Ms are right that "intent to buy" is not the same is buying. Though it would stupidly easy for Ms to check the key and see who brought it an when. so this does bring up the quest why Ms didn't ask for the keys so they could check but instead went for for hey prove they are real. seems fishy to me.
  13. my target platform is chrome stable at work so I'm unable to use FF as so features don't work. I di really like it I've been running for a while now.
  14. videos with adult language shouldn't be in YouTube kids, if it is then sure google should indeed step in a fix that error. however on the normal YouTube, no video should be removed because "a kid might see it" the point of YouTube is a network to share videos. Sure "extreme" videos or out right legal videos should be pulled but a video where peppa pig called her dad a "twat fucking twat" is neither of the above. The censorship was a valid point as that's what it is, the issue for me here is that YouTube is not YouTube kids and none kid friendly should not be pulled from the main platform. p.s bubby love ❤
  15. still failing to see how is that is anyone else responsibility than the parents.