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  1. Is javascript promise the same as an arraylist in java?

    Promises are like callbacks, it means that part of the code will be executed only when the promise is resolved. Bare with me I'm on my phone, so say you were using nodeJs and making an api request const got = require('got'); const results = got.get('http://example.com/data/123'); console.log(results) Because the got request is async it will fire of the get request then move on to the console.log and you'll get undefined. Now got returns a promise so const got = require('got'); got.get('http://example.com/data/123').then((results) =>{ console.log(results) }) This will cause the event loop to wait until the promise is resolved before doing the console.log What is great about promises is the you can chain .then and what ever is returned from that function is passed to the next one.
  2. What was your first language?

    I started on html and then moved to php and started making browser text based games. After school I went to college i was taught visual basic, then I moved to Scotland and started on c#, got into college and that's what I used on amd off right up until I left uni. After uni I learned python and started selling python scripts over forums, I then was offered an interview for a nodejs job, spent a week learning node and rewrote my Twitter bot in node to show off in the interview. Got a code test and was offered a job, now I am rewriting a financial CRM with some thing being deployed to aws fargate and other parts being in lambda. The best advice I can give it find the area you want to go into, data science/ ai, games, websites etc and then learn the languages that are mostly widely used.
  3. Not if you're trying to capture a crime.
  4. Deciding on what to learn about Web!

    I am a full stack developer but my design is horrendous, we have two front end developers that work mostly on design, where I mostly work in the functionality side, creating http services to interact with apis and so on. Personally I would say go for what you love, I've found that doing tasks you don't enjoy that much is a big drain and doing those tasks as your everyday job sounds like a nightmare.
  5. You may not be able to remove it without root but you can disable it, same for all "system" apps aka crap manufactories install as default.
  6. I guess you missed the part where everyone lost their shit because of the change then. All the protests, movements, petitions most of which were fuelled by the public. People may be placid and bend over a take it but it doesn't take much to annoy the collective and make PRs life very hard very quickly.
  7. 100 songs @ 3Mb that's 3000 Mb and 10 mbps is around 1 Mb so 3000 ÷ 10 = 300 s ÷ 60 = 5 mins. 3000 ÷ 1000 = 3s
  8. Yeah that does seem strange, when work force branding tends to mean better hardware support and/Or more stable drivers.
  9. Linux Mint 19 update problems

    It's jsut one that is failing even if I change my mirror. My internet is fine I have connections to multiple databases from the app I help develop so would have noticed my network fail. Thanks will try this also when I get to work.
  10. Also Windows breaks then moans that u Ubuntu is unstable, 99% of all operating systems are unstable.
  11. Linux Mint 19 update problems

    It's a work laptop but I will do this tomorrow first thing, I'll report back thanks
  12. Linux mint 19 is what I use at work, the time shift to back up / and auto updates that you can easily roll back if it messes up or boots is great.
  13. Linux Mint 19 update problems

    Yeah gives the same error as the ui tool. That it failed to fetch.
  14. Linux Mint 19 update problems

    ok so it's not my network having a mess about? all good then, probably docker-compose down has messed it up i'll try restarting.
  15. I am currently getting this error while checking for updates An error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/packages tara Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG A6616109451BBBF2 Linux Mint Repository Signing Key <root@linuxmint.com>Failed to fetch http://mirrors.evowise.com/linuxmint/packages/dists/tara/Release.gpg The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG A6616109451BBBF2 Linux Mint Repository Signing Key <root@linuxmint.com>Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. any help would be great thanks.