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    A box of vorticals
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    GB UD3
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    8GB 1600
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    switch 810
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    256 ssd + x2 1 TB
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    OCZ 550 w
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    AOC 27" + 24"
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    Nemesis kane pro
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    Nemesis kane pro
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    ubuntu 17

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  1. Not completely true https://chocolatey.org
  2. Fairly old laptop for programming

    Exactly that. Sometimes we move around when work on projects.
  3. Fairly old laptop for programming

    Our laptops are always docked so battery life really isn't an issue. Without a gpu you will be limited to 2 screens, so gpu is a nice to have for more work space.
  4. Fairly old laptop for programming

    Was use t5 at work for coding. Means we can just move by putting our laptops in a dock. I7, 8gb and some Nvidia card.
  5. How would I go about my own app development

    Transcoding you couls spilt across aws lamda and stick the main server in a vpc with an auto scaling group.
  6. The price of fredos makes me sad. When I was 15 I was hacking browser text games for lots of gold.
  7. Blesses? If anything your just spreading the file across millions of people making it easy to be caught. Plus they have had tor for years.
  8. Does Python use multiple cores?

    Welcome on some forum somewhere I wrote a large post about multi processing/treads/async but i don't remember lol I'll try find it. Depending on how much you want to learn I would look into gevent (a threading module), multiprocessing, generators too. Remember it doesn't have to be a list it just has to be an interable.
  9. Does Python use multiple cores?

    Threads are not the same as running on multiple cores. Your are confusing multi threading and multi processing. Both of which are relatively easy to do in python. Multiprocessing in python (running on multiple cores) is as simple as having a list of work and using the multiprocessing module to make a pool of cores and then map the list to a function to process. from multiprocessing import Pool def f(x): return x*x mylist = [1,2,3,4,5] pool = Pool(2) pool.map(f, myList) This will square the list across 2 cpu cores. If you need to access the result you can do a for on the map For result in pool.map(): print(result) There is a downside and that's each core gets a copy of the list this with large lists can be very memory intensive. You can somewhat get around this by using generators but that's another topic for another day.
  10. Python for loop help

    What is the bigger problem maybe we can help with that.
  11. Intercity bus market data scraper

    In this case I would suggest robobrowser, its requests and beautiful soup merged togther to let you "browse" but in pure code. https://github.com/jmcarp/robobrowser
  12. Using python to access a specific value in JSON

    Sorry about that. I use node for work and json is included. Glad you worked it out.
  13. Using python to access a specific value in JSON

    json = JSON.loads(a.text) print(json['round-duration'])
  14. Stackoverflow developer survey

    Since getting my job I have done nothing but JS for front angularJS (dinosaur edition ) and node.js. I actually rather like it for creating APIs now.
  15. Mint os vs Ubuntu

    The telemetry was optional, you can send crash reports if you like but you don't have to. The only Ubuntu privacy issues were with unity and searching sending data being enabled by default. Unity isn't a thing now and it was super easy to turn off.