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  1. Running mine 18 I think, I have a windows 7 VM but I mostly code in Python. It is there to test my scripts work if a client happens to be using windows.
  2. actually, the problem is apple is so good at security that exploits are worth far more on the black market than what apple pay for them.
  3. void btnCalc_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { string inputOne,inputTwo; decimal output; inputOne = txtInputOne.text inputOTwo = txtInputOne.text if(String.IsNullOrEmpty(inputOne)) { MessageBox.Show("Input One is empty."); txtInputOne.Focus(); }else if(String.IsNullOrEmpty(inputTwo)) { MessageBox.Show("Input Two is empty."); txtInputOne.Focus(); }else if(inputOne <= 0) { MessageBox.Show("Input One cannot be less than 0"); txtInputOne.Clear(); txtInputOne.Focus(); } } you get the Idea
  4. i learnt on code academy, i actually sell python scripts on another forum for some side money. lots of people wanting quick working scripts
  5. I did a similar thing in college, the data class we had had questions on converting numbers two and from binary and hex which we had to show working. and seeing as the test was open book, i made a programme to do it all for me. I finished that test 100% in like 10 mins and most of that was writing the step down lol
  6. I find the best thing to do is automate a task for do daily.
  7. names = [ 'Jake2:3232:ow3defi:eiwfjwefz0', 'Michael1:fowekfewofkewfk1232:weo0fr', 'Paul:oefkwefolso334:', 'Robby:eriogjergiegtj34', 'Neil:xiokswxksdcd.s', 'Simon:ijvwivjAZx', 'Sam:weko3o43kdfcs', 'Smith19:cweokcrkicvmv123', 'Pablo100:o2314k23or' ] for name in names: n = name.split(':') if any(char.isdigit() for char in n[0]): print(name) Jake2:3232:ow3defi:eiwfjwefz0 Michael1:fowekfewofkewfk1232:weo0fr Smith19:cweokcrkicvmv123 Pablo100:o2314k23or Who needs Regex
  8. I enjoy it, made $50 in 3 hours the other day building a script for someone. Most of that was testing it worked....
  9. just another reason to add to my "Linux is better" list lol
  10. each i gets 5 rolls of j
  11. oh didn't think of that lol edit. When I'm on the pc ill take a video, basically it shows nothing for a while then jumps to 100%
  12. I fix it by doing with Pool(threads) as p: ret = [] for i in tqdm.tqdm(p.imap_unordered(f, r), total=len(r)): ret.append(i)
  13. fair enough
  14. I think the list is just too small it has ~600 and it doesn't show unless I slow it down. this working for the big list though
  15. @fizzlesticks even if i do 1 thread, without sleep() there is no bar.