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    256 ssd + x2 1 TB
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    AOC 27" + 24"
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    Nemesis kane pro
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    ubuntu 17

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  1. GPU Price Skyrocket

    Because although crypto isn't great as a currency but it is great for storing value.
  2. RX480 Bottle neck

    You could try msi afterburner and their on screen software to display and overlay or your hardware usage on the game or set up their android app. If your cpu is the problem you could always try overclocking it. As far as I know the E 83xx are just underclocked versions with a lower base clock.
  3. Remove the second card and just boot with one. Then shut down and add the other. That might force it into the correct order. Though the performance problems are likely unrelated to the order in which the os has detected the cards can't hurt to try and fix it
  4. Maybe the way the lanes are wired.
  5. GPU Price Skyrocket

    Hopefully it will heal it's self but it's hard to say.
  6. GPU Price Skyrocket

    Basically every coin has dropped in value.
  7. Python get random object and only use it once

    Import json J = json.loads() Just add all the objects to a list then shuffle them and loop the list. from random import sample import json myJson = json.loads('[{"name":"name1"},{"name": "bob"},{"name": "amy"},{"name": "geoff"},{"name": "dan"}]') for item in sample(myJson, len(myJson)): print(item) output is different each time, {'name': 'amy'} {'name': 'bob'} {'name': 'geoff'} {'name': 'name1'} {'name': 'dan'}
  8. Opening DLL

    I'm sorry but that is an out right stupid reason to not upgrade the system. The time you're spending trying to hack together updates will be longer than the time needed to retrain staff.
  9. If they showed significant skill for their age why wouldn't they?
  10. No it's not. If you're going for a "real world" analogy it's like not changing the default pin on your house alarm.
  11. I wouldn't say users not changing the default password is a vulnerability.
  12. So it's Intel's fault people didn't change the default passwords?
  13. 100% it's a horrible way to treat the user base even if it isn't directly effecting me. Though I believe most of the issue isn't bungie but Activision. I read an article where they said it was impossible to make content without micro-transactions because of contract in place with them.
  14. The game was a gift so was free for me. Buying DLC and then microtransactions as rather meh. I don't buy them and just enjoy playing the content there is though I haven't gotten that far into the game yet not even unlocked the first strike