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    A box of vorticals
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    Software engineer at https://www.financial-cloud.com/#!/

    Node, docker and serverless.

    I run containers in production!
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    Software engineer


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    GB UD3
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    8GB 1600
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    switch 810
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    256 ssd + x2 1 TB
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    OCZ 550 w
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    AOC 27" + 24"
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    Nemesis kane pro
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    Nemesis kane pro
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    ubuntu 17

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  1. I use my laptop for nodejs development so I basically only need vscode, node, docker and I'm sorted You can always add the ppa of the app you want and install it that way.
  2. Might to check which kernel is running for the Ryzen drivers. I would suggest 18 over 16.
  3. I use popos at work, it's basically Ubuntu with a tweaked gnome and a few custom drivers for their laptops. It has access to all Ubuntu repositories and the snap store.
  4. I would say throw flask on it and return as json then html front end .
  5. Have you checked task manager to see what's accessing the disk?
  6. Twitter has now paused this. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-50581287
  7. Ive always used ctrl f for local and ctrl shift f for repo searching.
  8. Post your code here In [ code ] tags it will make helping fair easier
  9. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
  10. You also get the play with proxies mmy new favourite toy at work other than neural networks
  11. In this situation I have an object with the keys as the types you want to use and its value is a function to call. On my phone juat now but tomorrow at work I'll drop an example if no one gets to it before then.
  12. if you store your variables in an object you can use a proxy to intercept the change before it happens. const _config = { somevar: 1 } const config = new Proxy( _config, { set: function(obj, prop, value) { console.log(prop, 'was updated') } }); config.somevar = 2; // prints "somevar was updated"
  13. Also iv training. They could have at least kept the first 150 seeing as these are the ones we started with
  14. Pop os it literally Ubuntu with some extra repos to hold drivers for system76 laptops and a slightly tweaked gnome.