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  1. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to Sauron in Python3, Why does this bypass GIL?   
    You've run it and... what? If it was faster than just doing sleep x times that's because sleep doesn't actually do anything and other threads can be run while it's waiting.
  2. Funny
    vorticalbox reacted to WereCatf in Intel caught fudging benchmarks in M1 vs Core i7 11th Gen comparison   
    Me checking Intel's latest "benchmarks" out:

  3. Like
    vorticalbox reacted to WereCatf in Huawei makes new OS, basically Android 10.   
    Huawei != China.
  4. Informative
    vorticalbox reacted to manikyath in Manjaro Architect edition Anyone?   
    manjaro is basicly arch with an actual installer.
    but i do say it's very refreshing to see that they made it a very barebones installer, gonna give it a spin in a VM and see if they managed to reach the refinement some of the big boys (debian / *buntu / fedora) are good at.
    EDIT: nope, it's shyte.. 9 years of development and they still cant get keyboard layouts besides US QWERTY to work properly. selecting additional packages is essentially just a dump of the repo, and currently my screen is just a waterfall of errors because it cant resolve some mirror's hostname.
    also, for having not selected any additional packages, i really wonder why i'm seeing SO MUCH FREAKING SOFTWARE fly past on my screen..
    installation done, here's the pain points:
    - had to set language and keyboard layout 3 times, still had to do one login with a wrong keyboard layout
    - virtualbox drivers are broken
    - i enabled auto logon, it doesnt auto logon
    - i installed the 'latest' kernel.... but there's a kernel update?
    - i didnt install any additional software, and went for an xfce installation, the layout they squeezed xfce into is HORRID...
    - while having not installed any additional software, here's the damage report: gColor2, GIMP, Gparted, GtkHash, HexChat, HP device manager (WHAT?!!), pidgin, thunderbird, timeshift, VLC, and a bunch of system utilities installed 'double' like xfce's task manager and htop.
    all in all.. it's a pretty poor experience compared to going for a *buntu, and for all the work they seem to be doing on making things more refined.. it's making things more messy. i havent had problems with virtualbox drivers since like.. 2015? but manjaro never fails to surprise.
  5. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to cm992 in Python 3, I have made a program that uses a lot of ram, in short I want to reduce how much it uses.   
    Can't really help without knowing more about the program
  6. Funny
    vorticalbox reacted to straight_stewie in Webscraper to check stock availability   
    Damn. Thought there was another hobby developer here interested in automated market analysis.
  7. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to FakeKGB in Who here Programs with TCL Still?   
    This is rare(ish). Sometimes it seems everyone goes to sleep.
  8. Funny
    vorticalbox reacted to ARikozuM in Browser extension to automatically skip segways   
    Running away from mall cops?
  9. Funny
    vorticalbox reacted to Kilrah in Python Noob Questions (don't get mad I'm new)   
    As many as you want (aka until the whole thing is unreadable...)
  10. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to colonel_mortis in Trying to build JavaScript timer with reset button   
    What exactly are you having trouble with? We won't write all of your code for you, but if there are specific things that you are struggling with then we can point you in the right direction for those. At the moment you don't seem to have any code for handling the button press events - what have you tried so far?
  11. Informative
    vorticalbox reacted to pd. in Youtube description crawler?   
    Install youtube-dl youtube-dl --skip-download --write-description -v https://www.youtube.com/user/LinusCatTips/videos  
    grep -r "cat" /home/ltt/  
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    vorticalbox reacted to WereCatf in What really happens to the "smoky" xbox series x   
    I have had a whole bunch of times when a device failed and let out smoke and I have not seen literally a single time a device produced this amount of smoke or this pure white. I mean, the smoke here is entirely pure fucking white -- not one, single device has ever produced that amount of smoke let alone such pure fucking white.
  13. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to WereCatf in What really happens to the "smoky" xbox series x   
    Bullshit. It's just more bullshit. Electronics-fire does not produce white smoke, I speak literally from personal experience.
  14. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to kelvinhall05 in Your Computer isn't Yours   
    Did anyone really trust that Apple did what they claimed and respected the privacy of customers? Cause I sure as hell didn't, and I'm not surprised by this.
  15. Like
    vorticalbox reacted to Sakuriru in .NET 5 released, finally merging .Net Core and vanilla into a single package   
    For those of you that live under a rock, a couple of days ago Microsoft officially released .NET 5. This means .NET is officially a true cross-platform framework, capable of running on Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This includes ARM for both Linux and Windows (it's unknown to me at this point if there's plans to support MacOS ARM, but most likely).
    Its direct competitor would be JVM in this case, and comparing the two certainly makes Java seem wanting. It still remains to be seen if over the next few years it gobbles up some of the Java market share.
  16. Agree
    vorticalbox got a reaction from jagdtigger in EU governments plan to ban secure encryption   
    Criminals by definition don't follow the law, so wouldn't they just encrypt the text/image before sending it over the now back doored app?
    As always this has nothing to with stopping criminals, it's hidden under the cover of doing something good but really it's so government can get more Intel on its people.
    How very 1984.
  17. Informative
    vorticalbox reacted to lars-petter in [Python/Pandas/Numpy] Filling in missing values in Dataframe based on values from another Dataframe   
    I wanted to use the existing fillna functionality of pandas (https://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/reference/api/pandas.Series.fillna.html). There you can provide a dict with the to-fill values:
    >>> df A B C D 0 NaN 2.0 NaN 0 1 3.0 4.0 NaN 1 2 NaN NaN NaN 5 3 NaN 3.0 NaN 4 >>> values = {'A': 0, 'B': 1, 'C': 2, 'D': 3} >>> df.fillna(value=values) A B C D 0 0.0 2.0 2.0 0 1 3.0 4.0 2.0 1 2 0.0 1.0 2.0 5 3 0.0 3.0 2.0 4 A bit of overhead to do it on a per-subset part given a dictionary as provided by the author:
    def custom_fillna(dataframe, substitution, reference_column, inplace=False): if not inplace: dataframe = dataframe.copy() substitution = substitution.to_dict("list") references = substitution.pop(reference_column) # We do a per reference value replacement for idx, ref_value in enumerate(references): inject = {key: val[idx] for key, val in substitution.items()} mask = dataframe[reference_column] == ref_value dataframe.loc[mask] = dataframe.loc[mask].fillna(inject) return dataframe df = pd.DataFrame( { "1": ["A", "B", np.nan, "C", "A"], "2": [np.nan, "C", "C", "V", np.nan], "3": ["N", np.nan, np.nan, "N", "M"], "Class": [1, 2, 1, 1, 2], } ) substitution = pd.DataFrame( { "1": ["A", "B"], "2": ["V", "C"], "3": ["N", "M"], "Class": [1, 2], } ) result = fillna(df, substitution=substitution, reference_column="Class") result 1 2 3 Class 0 A V N 1 1 B C M 2 2 A C N 1 3 C V N 1 4 A C M 2  
  18. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to WereCatf in Automatically Switch to 60Hz While on Battery?   
    Have you actually measured if it really makes any difference? If it doesn't, then you're just wasting effort on a frivolous thing.
  19. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to Acid Panda in Razer's new non gaming laptop   
    Time to make space for the razer hate
  20. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to benjivm in What's the best javascript framework?   
    There are lots of different frameworks. For frontend you should check out the following:
    React Vue (my personal favorite, the composition API is the sweet spot between the options API and React's more bare-bones, functional approach) Svelte Svelte is really simple and might be all you really need for a basic reactive website.
    For backend frameworks there's really just so many, but I recommend checking these out in particular:
    NestJS Koa (my personal favorite, very lightweight and extensible) Hapi Then you've got these big boys for specific frontends, offering things like server-side rendering, routing conventions, etc., these are for later in your journey:
    Next (for React) Nuxt (for Vue) I've been using Vue for a while now and ever since Vue 3 I've been enjoying it quite a lot. I reach for it for everything from very simple one-off forms on a static page to fully dynamic SPAs.
  21. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to Rauten in EA gets a thorough ass whooping in the Dutch courts over lootboxes   
    True, but there is a random chance involved -after- you cough up some money, and then if you win big you can cash it out on the marketplace.
    I know nothing about Dutch law, but it feels as though this should have the same consideration as FIFA ultimate team...
  22. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to Ashley xD in EA gets a thorough ass whooping in the Dutch courts over lootboxes   
    i love my country, doing what the USA can't. giving companies what they deserve. 
  23. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to suicidalfranco in Fortnite set to return to iPhones via Nvidia GeForce Now   
    in before Apples steps in and determines what website can and cannot been accessed from an iPhone unless the website owner pays a fee
  24. Agree
    vorticalbox reacted to Sakuriru in Reboot Netgear Router w/ C#   
    You're more than welcome to make your own code as obfuscated as you'd like, but don't expect other programmers to share your opinion, because you're making it harder to read when it would be trivial to make it easier to read. It's also part of the language's own official naming conventions.
  25. Agree
    vorticalbox got a reaction from WereCatf in (UK) Mobile Networks to be banned from selling network locked phones   
    I don't see how locking prevents the "trouble" here.
    Regardless of if the phone is locked, you're still in a legally binding contract that you are legally bound to pay.