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    I like to sleep, I like to code, I like to eat, I like to repeat.
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  1. Yes, the region settings are correct, it does seem like something that would be related to the timezone. I can see on here (http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/g.html) that there's `South America - Falklands` that is relating to the same date however these systems are in Ireland. Cheers, We have also disabled the automatic time zone change checkbox on Windows and have noted the same issue. We have also been able to replicate this issue on someone else's PC which is completely different to these. BIOS Version American Megatrends Inc. CCR6R112, 5/03/2014 W
  2. I may have made this under the wrong topic. It may need to go into https://linustechtips.com/main/forum/46-troubleshooting/
  3. Hey, I have had an issue where a bunch of computers decided to change their time at 1AM. They all are the same model with the same BIOS and are pretty much fresh installations of Windows 7. Essentially, on the 6th of April 2020 between 1AM and 2AM, all of the systems decided to increment their time by an hour. Between 2AM and 3AM, they had all gone back to normal time. It doesn't look like their timezone had been changed, they are offline so NTP isn't involved. All I get is a message in the Event Viewer saying the time has changed an hour. The issue is st
  4. Will the forum access resume at some point? Subscription migrated to Floatplane a few weeks ago.


  5. OP- if you need a hand PM me. Is the machine running the database Linux or Windows is the first question. Once we've established that, has MySQL server been installed already? Regards, Leon.
  6. You could use PSTOOLS - It essentially runs a command on another computer. But it really depends on how the computers are configured to if it works or not. If you're on a domain network then you'd just pass a network username and password but if not then you're going to have to work out how to pass different credentials per computer. For a domain network you could just create a list of every computer and then just loop through it via a batch file, executing the PSEXEC command each time.
  7. Maybe you could store your passwords in Windows batch however this is the least secure thing I've seen since I found out one of my colleagues was using password1 as their Windows password... Theoretically it's possible but anyone would just be able to open the batch file and read the passwords. You should probably look into a programming language like C or C++ and use some encryption classes rather than this insecure plain text idea. I personally prefer C# however a lot of people on here would say something along the lines of that is uses a bunch of classes and stu
  8. So, something like this batch file? @echo off Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion title Just a screwing yo mom.... for /F "tokens=*" %%A in (users.txt) do ( for /F "tokens=1,2 delims=. " %%y in ("%%A") do ( set userid=%%y set firstchar=!userid:~0,1! REM echo %%y %%z - !firstchar! set user=%%z!firstchar! echo Sending shutdown to \\!user! psshutdown \\!user! -f echo Shutdown sent to \\!user! ) ) pause Just pop that into a notepad document and save it with the file extension as .bat This is the contents o
  9. Here's some CSS from StackOverflow which seems to do what you want to do but it's inverted. /* gradient shining border */ border-style: solid; border-width: 3px; -webkit-border-image: -webkit-linear-gradient( left, rgba(0,0,0,1) 1%, rgba(0,255,255,1) 50%, rgba(0,0,0,1) 100% ) 0 0 100% 0/0 0 3px 0 stretch; -moz-border-image: -moz-linear-gradient( left, rgba(0,0,0,1) 1%, rgba(0,255,255,1) 50%, rgba(0,0,0,1) 100% ) 0 0 100% 0/0 0 3px 0 stretch; -o-border-image: -o-linear-gradient( left,
  10. I guess the first thing to do is work out what type of programming you want to do and what sort of applications that you'd like to make. I know it's not a language but you could start with batch, it's simple and is pretty basic enough, else python is more of a generic language that is used for a lot of things now so it's probably something to get interested in. In terms of project ideas, I can't think of ideas that easily, I find I'll only do something if I feel like I need to. For example, I hooked up an RFID scanner, a relay and a few window sensors up to my Raspberry PI
  11. Thanks, it helps a lot, I'm just really bad at naming things. I called something doEntryStuff.php at one point :D
  12. Okay, thanks. So, if I were to remove the extra tag and move the contents into the race array entry like: { "races":[ { "race_title":"", "race_id":"", "race_active":true, "race_desc":"", "race_map":{ "enabled": false, "src":"" }, "race_image":{ "enabled": true, "src":"" } "race_color":{ "enabled":false, "color":"rgba(255,255,255)" } } ], "count":1 } Then it would be better?? In terms of graphql, as thi
  13. Hello, I'm updating a project that I made a few years ago, and wanted to update some of the api responses and would really like your feedback on what a better response would be. So this small section displays races, I've formatted the response to make it easier to read. This is the old JSON response from the api: { "races": [ { "race_title": "test", "race_id": "1551", "race_desc": "I like big butts and I can't deny", "race_short_desc": "I like big butts and", "race_active": "true", "race_map": null, "race_image": nu