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  1. I been in crypto for a few years now, but not into mining and the only mining I have done was in NiceHash for when my PC was not being used, now me and a friend are slowly building a 3060lhr machine and the thing I want to ask about is...my MSI 3060 TI after I put the -lhr 68-69-70 in NBminer gives me around 32MH without me overclocking it, if I start overclocking it and remove the LHR it gives me around 31 MH, but when I both overclock it and put the -lhr command instead of getting around 40MH as it should it goes down slowly to like 14MH, any ideas? This is my exact model https://www.msi.com
  2. I need this for uni, I'm in an exam right now and have this, can somebody help? I need just a function, not a whole working program
  3. After reinstalling the software for one more time after BIOS reset it did work! Thanks!
  4. Just reseted the BIOS to default and I got in the list of changes "RGB lights from OFF to ON" I thought that'd fix it, but no luck
  5. So I have this MB for 5+ months now and tI have 5 fans and a pump connected to the RGB headers, the RGB was working fine and it was synched through Dragon Center, today I turn on the PC and there is no lighting whatsoever in my PC and Mythic Light doesn't even show in Dragon Center. I thought it may be caused by Vanguard anti cheat (my brother downloaded Valorant) so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the whole Dragon Center ( with a removal tool) and reinstalled it, but nothing got fixed. Any ideas?
  6. It is the stock cooler, but I had it with the stock cooler before too and the temps were way lower
  7. It is a follow up to this topic - I left only 1 case fan in the case (I used to have a fan in the same position and everything was working fine before) and the CPU is still overheating. I removed the auto OC mode. Is there a chance it's like that, because I'm using a fan controller that connects through SATA? Attached photo of the ryzen master advanced mode view.
  8. Yes, I am. As i said before putting in the gamdias fans the temps were great. I went in advanced mode in ryzen master and things don't look great... https://imgur.com/a/rqp4mMV
  9. I left a fan only in the place where my previous thermaltake one was to check if it would be the same, only with 1 case fan where it was before the cpu is still overheating, I think it isn't about wrong installation of the fans, maybe it got something to do with the controller that I install the fans to through sata?
  10. I'm thinking of getting one, but I'd like one that'd go well with my RGB/Cyberpunkish design I'm going for. I'll probably start removing fans 1 by 1 and see what's the problem
  11. Disabled auto OC, I don't think that made much difference
  12. I have my PC for a month now and it was with only one back fan from thermaltake, the case I have is thermaltake h200 and my ryzen 5600x was running around 60-70 degrees when gaming, even less when idle, now I installed 5 gamdias m2 fans on my case and the CPU is constantly hitting 95 degrees, sometimes even when idle, I'm new into the whole intake, outtake thing, but I tried to install the fans in many different ways and somehow that doesn't change things at all. Hopefully somebody here will have a solution. Here are some photos - https://imgur.com/a/4i7dhgp