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  1. like what? on amazon.it I do find only generic chinese crap
  2. So, I was planning to use it as a modem, attaching it to the pc I don't really care about other specifications, it needs to have a good connectivity (eu markets), support tethering and hotspot, and be cheapest as possible I was looking into the used market, but it seems that many do require 50/100 bucks even for junk hardware so..
  3. I'll be frank, the text is too massive, I skipped some part of it, if I'm missing something I'm sorry lenovo is known for trying to ripoff, recently it has be fined for refusing to refund windows license anyway it seems overly expensive, laptops with 3060/3070 can be found at lower price though you aren't providing any useful information, doing cs, doesn't actually define what are you gonna use, so it's a worthless argument; you can cap performance/power usage, if you're interested into save power, ergo battery, most of the "gaming" laptops do i
  4. a while ago I remember that there were around some usb wifi keys with a sim card slot in it, Idr what they have been called... Also I know that there are routers that do support sim cards, but they are out of budget it would be useful because as a modem when I'm not at home I will be using a shitty nokia 430, it's stuck at 3g to connect the pc to the internet
  5. looking around on amazon.it there are some pretty cheap m2 board, but they do not come with antennas there are also some cheap generic chinese like usb adapters, but I do fear that they do fail like nothing dunno what to get, for cheap I do mean literally a couple of euros, but only if it's necessary up to 20 I was able to find this, but I have no idea if there is any better something that does support a sim card, to get the internet from, would also be ideal, if there aren't any at this price, I guess that I will recycle some old phone
  6. 12345678


    dumb question I might have solve it
  7. uh if he wants to convince people to vote for the bill to pass 5 millions usd is a pretty low budget besides most of the us resident don't vote, so it might also be pretty much demographic specific so..
  8. though companies often are better than the government just kiddin they both suck
  9. depends the 6900xt can be easily resold for 1500/2000 the 3070 for 1200/1300 out of ebay, cash (so no fee in place) they both do around 60mhs frankly I would sell the 6900xt, you do more money, and nvidia has things that are more reliable (cuda, optix things that do miss on amd, and are pretty much used everywhere outside games) for gaming performance dunno, see the benchmarks
  10. so the support literally refused to help or aknowledge the problem, saying that it was a bank issue, while in the reality, it was amazon system that was refusing to send a request to the bank or made up stories, where they pretty much didn't do anything, and when I did requested a copy of the chats (since I did notice that weirdly they weren't saving chats), they pretty much always closed down the chat in my face pretty fishy behavior
  11. most of the nvidia quadros and professional gpus they are basically the same thing of mainstream gpus, no reason to exist besides suddividing the market (without taking in consideration those gpus with lots of vram, and those that are not from the same price tag)
  12. so with ebay I needed to pay only when I sold something, so they had interest for sales while on things like fb marketplace, they basically want payments for clicks, which for me are worthless so basically I'm searching for something that requires you to pay them only when you sell something, so they have an actual interest to make the thing sale I can't sell anymore on ebay because some competitors decided to shitflood me with reports, ebay decided to ban me for selling there (even though I had all positive feedbacks), and the customer support is like argui
  13. why the fuck don't a listen more to my innet voice? I didn't want to met somebody, but somehow he conviced me after I couple of minutes he said to me that he wasn't feeling well, and that he had fever and col d like symptoms but he is sure that it wasn't covid because he trust his own words wtf man, are you fucking serious?
  14. yeah and it's stuck like that for 5 days and amazon's support cannot help pretty much same dunno but words between different languages are somewhat similar
  15. contacting amazon's support doesn't help they do say they have no idea on what's happening, and it's likely that my order will be cancelled (because it doesn't let me update the payment method, and today is the last day that I could do so, but amazon doesn't permit me by doing so because of that error) which sucks because it was a rtx 3070 retry later as the error does say doesn't help, changing browser same thing