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  1. well... can you like ban me for 3 months? I'm again here for no reason so... thanks
  2. no you just print the thing to a normal piece of paper then get the printed paper put it up to the surface gou want to transfer it, and rub the thing with either acetone or alcohol apparently, never tried though
  3. then for 150? also on aliexpress I've seen for cheap third parties refill, but idk for what sort of printers are they alright
  4. in the past I had several inkjet printers, all thrown in the trash because I was putting in more time into troubleshooting them than printing so I wanted to try a laser one, also because apparently I can transfer prints to whatever material by using some acetone or rubbing alcohol...
  5. main materials: plastic and metal princube is too expensive though stencils are too difficult to use in this case, the stuff is too small adesive neither because they do look like adesive maybe some sort of paper/support alike, that helps to transfer the print to the thing you like, with like alcohol, heat or idk
  6. my schools were full of people that liked to jerk off, most where there for reasons like "if I finishing this school I get a good job" or because of friends, or because other stupid reasons, and didn't actually put any time into learning for themselves, and if they couldn't pass, then it was either the fault of some external cause like a bad teacher/book/too difficult or they were too stupid for it and then tried grades can be faked by either copying or by teachers out of pity/sympathy let people pass, they aren't that "objective", and besides that teachings are not that much stric
  7. bruh I guess that's only about time to learn if you grow up with a phone/socials, folders are not really something that you will ever touch; though I don't think that's restricted to gen Z Btw many in my old glass, didn't know where the fuck did they save stuff, one time someone did manage to save some of their stuff over the net in each singular computer (cit one of my teachers), but neither did know how to turn on a computer...
  8. I can't quite understand what's the point of an anticheat, just time to find a workaround or just get an external hw that plays for you lol
  9. So I bought this thermal paste (30g) for cheap, but it doesn't say anything about that, so I suppose it's not?
  10. quite frankly I don't care now I'm using more other search engines like yandex, because the results often sucks or are censured over stupid people complains/morals I like violent mangas, I used to use google image to find new mangas like that, but now it always fails to find related mangas(images)
  11. but both methods are equally valid, so it looks more like a trade restriction even if in the end, almost nobody is enforcing such laws (talking about eu, us idk, but I don't think that's so different) from small home formers to big industries, but it looks like big industries do bail out regulators whenever they do see something that might damage them; they usually don't bother to persecute home farmers when selling their unregulated eggs for 1€ each to few customers, but whenever they do see something that could damage them they are quick to act, by either doing some campaign
  12. I do see regulations as a good thing as a start, but then they do start to be a cancerous business, preventing new possible competitors into getting into the market, unless they don't have ton of moneys (or people) to make things change for them; and the food market is no exception like gmo banned in europe for a lack of data but not in the us; us eggs banned in eu and viceversa; miracle fruit banned in both us and eu, thanks to shitty corporation; then often even the basics food regulation/safety standards are not even enforced
  13. ok all cool, but I haven't seen anything in the market but maybe it could also be a dumb regulation thing, sometimes they do destroy business even before they are born