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Electronics Wizardy

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  • CPU
    Xeon E3 1231 V3
  • Motherboard
    asus b85m-e/csm
  • RAM
    28gb ddr3
  • GPU
    Quadro 5000 2.5GB
  • Case
    Powermac G4 Quicksilver Casemod
  • Storage
    120gb ssd + 500gb 840evo + 2tb hdd + 6tb nas
  • PSU
    520 antec eco
  • Display(s)
    apple 23 lcd + apple 16 crt
  • Cooling
    antec kulher 620

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  1. Electronics Wizardy

    2+ gamers one GPU

    There is no way to do this well, but the best option is below The best way is probably with multipoint software, give microsoft multipoint a shot. That way you can have multiple keyboards and mice and monitors and sessions on one systems. Pretty easy to setup, give it a go. Should work well on most systems, only thing you really need is usb hub for every user.
  2. Electronics Wizardy

    VM Ubuntu server no port forwarding

    If your on ubuntu, id use kvm or libvirt, as they work better and are faster. But the easy way to make the network work is to replace the nat network with a virtual switch.
  3. Electronics Wizardy

    How do I "UN-RAID" a drive?

    Screenshot? You should just be able to do a format on the drive. Does that work?
  4. Electronics Wizardy

    I9XE build. Is this good for video editing and gaming?

    id also wait for the next get of 2066 cpus, it will be soon why 8 dimms? Id go 4 x 16gb dimms why 2 different types of hdds? Id just get one type and run raid in storage spaces why the 545s? Its a old slow ssd.
  5. Electronics Wizardy

    I9XE build. Is this good for video editing and gaming?

    why so many drives? Id get all 8 or 12tb drives. No reason to get those 4tb ones. Get a nvm;e boot Get some sata drives like the 860 evo or mx500 for mass storage.
  6. Electronics Wizardy

    Plz advice on second computer.

    You can't sli a 1060, get a single faster gpu if you want better performance. FOr those uses a r5 2400g or a 2600 will be fine, 2700x is overkill. Get a ssd
  7. Electronics Wizardy

    I9XE build. Is this good for video editing and gaming?

    Why 7980xe? The 7960x is faster in ppro, and neither are great for gaming. What are you editing? Codec? Bitrate? Weird storage setup? Id get bigger hdds. Why 545s? If you going all out might aswell get some nvme drives. Why cs6? cc is much better and faster, esp with new hardware and you seem to have the money for it.
  8. Electronics Wizardy

    3.5 inch SSD?

    other than the problems with bigger sized hard drives. Raid rebuilt time is longer. and speed per gb is slower. and since with ssds the dollar per gb is about the same, might aswell just get tons of 2.5 15mm drives. That seems to be the go to current data center formfactor.
  9. Electronics Wizardy

    Do I need more RAM?

    Don't set this to 2g, set it to like 64M. The driver will use more ram if needed. What is ram useage like? Is the system paging? Id personally get more as I use a lot of ram hungry apps, but just monitor your system ram usage and amount of paging.
  10. Electronics Wizardy

    3.5 inch SSD?

    why? there are lots of problems just making it bigger. The amount of wobble of the platter increases, and you can't spin it as fast or pack as many platters in. Also latency will be even worse. It normally makes much more sense to have more drives than a bigger drive.
  11. Electronics Wizardy

    3.5 inch SSD?

    basically, so more flash chips can be used. Not needed these days as flash chips have gotten much bigger.
  12. Electronics Wizardy

    Suggestions for a Sata3 controller

    Just Use the ssd on a sata2 connector. The performance difference between sata2 and sata3 is very small for desktop uses, Ived tested it. The iops and latency are much better on the ssd, and almost nothing on a gaming pc needs the extra sequential speeds. tldr; Just get a ssd, sata 2 vs sata3 won't make a noticeable difference.
  13. Electronics Wizardy

    3.5 inch SSD?

    Its the flash chips that take up space in side the drive, and there aren't manu controllers that can drive that many chips where are 3.5 in drive is needed, and not many people want to spend that much on a drive. You can already get 30+tb in a 2.5 in drive, and it makes more sense normally to get multiple 2.5 in drives. Also there is only a sata and sas standard for 3.5 drives, no pcie, and with 30+ tb drives, you want a faster interface.
  14. Electronics Wizardy

    SSD won't boot anymore

    Try replugging the cables again. Probably a bad connection.
  15. Electronics Wizardy

    Managing power delivery with a raspberry pi

    You want the transistor to be fully on or off. To do speed control use pwm. That way its much more efficent and you don't need a dac.