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  1. okay. this thing should work i think. i can add the broadband line to the new AP and run 2 wires for pc and the wireless router. and place the router in room B. or should i use another wireless router ?
  2. how can mount that thing ! is there any way to amplify the power ? so that it can handle the resistance ?
  3. okay , i'll think about it later. can i execute my plan ? is it possible ?
  4. "2nd access point" meaning ? should i place the router in room B and run the ethernet cable to the pc in room A ? or add another router in room B ?
  5. As shown in the 1st picture, the wifi router is in ROOM A, connected with a pc by Ethernet Cable. But I need wireless connectivity in ROOM B 20m away from ROOM A separated by 2 walls. Can I just open up the router and replace the short wire with a long cable to the antenna from the circuit board and place the antenna in room B ? (shown in the 2nd picture) If it's possible , tell me if I can use wires from ethernet cables. or suggest me good cable with low resistance. My thoughts : maybe it won't work due to the resistance of long wire. ethernet cables have