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  1. Great .. some day I would like to see pics of all such mighty machines . If u feels ok for it. anyway thanks a lot sir all ur help and time really appreciated . how can I give u thumbs up in here ??i can’t find tab or button for like
  2. I just checked in ur profile. U using Quadro p5000 that’s my dread card . Great sir
  3. Price of 250gb m.2 PCIe X4 and I tb m.2 sata is almost same in india
  4. I ll need ur suggestion here sir. Should I buy only 250 gb PCIe X4 ssd and continue using my HDd for storage . But again it ll take a lot time to read rendering input data from hdd. And ssd ll only help uploading programs faster but if I store my data on hdd still my rendering ll lack speed.’
  5. Thanks a lot electronic wizardly . Thanks for giving so valuable time and feedback. It’s really helping me clear my doubts
  6. 660p from Intel . I was checking options for wd black PCIe X4. Or a Data xpg sx8200 burn higher capacity ssd are too costly in India
  7. I m worried about power supply. Dell manual say it is only 280watt. P1000 takes 45watt. But I guess my MoBo is limited to only 35watt on PCIe x16 .
  8. Is it really that helpful to use m.2 PCIe X4. Or even m.2 sata is enough for my job .?
  9. I use AutoCAD 2018 3ds max 2018 sketchup 2018 for rendering vray and corona for presantation enscape 3D for sketchup
  10. System is dell optiplex 7040 mid tower specs i7 6700 quad core 8thread 3.4 ram 32 gb 8x4gb hdd 2 tb monitor 29inch ASUs
  11. hi LINUS. i m Sandip I have dell optiplex 7040 mid tower . i7 6700 32gb ram I use PC for my architectural work recently I need to update 2 things . ssd and video card. my MoBo says m.2 socket 3 . In manual I read it’s m.2 PCIe X4 m key socket can I install wd blue or any m.2 Daya drive to m.2 PCIe slot. ? and 2nd question is my psu is only 280 watt . When I checked power drawn on kilowatt meter it shows 135watt for my rendering jobs . i want to ask u of installing Quadro p1000 will help . For now I m using default amd r 370x . An