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  1. AMD are liars!

    Their support page doesnt work for me most of the time, and when you finally contact them, just when you get a glimpse of hope and start e-mailing, they just stop leaving you and your problems. 

    1. LHJKO


      How does that make them liars that just makes them bad support

  2. Hi again, I have sent my pc to the place I bought it for service, and they have been doing tests non-stop to get the problem I am having pop up on their screen. They have tried it on my pc and even on their test bench. They have done a number of benchmarks and apps that put the gpu under load (for example the furmark benchmark) and they have even tried gaming on the computer and still no problem was showed. What could the problem be? Why arent they getting the same problems as me?
  3. Found these screenshots in my folder, could help.
  4. Alright, however this might take a while, it is quite random.
  5. Can I download a software to check the health of my gpu?
  6. However the gpu is brand new, I bought one of the first ones that came in my country.
  7. I have ran the ram diagnostics tool, did not have a problem
  8. So, I have been having this issue and frankly after months of trying to fix it I have gone mad. I bought my new pc back in June. I have an rx 580 8gb, 16gb 2666mhz ram, r5 1600 (if any other specs are needed please say so) and I am getting texture glitches in Grand Theft Auto V and Rainbow Six Siege. Randomly mid game textures start flashing, some of them are black, some of them flash from black to white, I have red bars show up, sometimes textures look like they are made by diamonds... And to top it off, if I am not getting this texture issue, the game crashes and the AMD drivers crash with i
  9. Yeah, you were right, I was downloading the wrong bios update, cheers dude
  10. I didnt have any overclocks made
  11. Ok, im getting a bit frustrated now... Hi, I Have built my new pc 2 months ago and have been getting blue/red screens, i have found a solution and that is to update the bios. I have a Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 with F2 version of bios, i tried to update to F8 but got the error: BIOS ID check error, so i tried F7 and ended with the same result, I have formatted my flash drive to FAT32, I have checked if it is the right board, I have downloaded from the official Gigabyte website and have searched everywhere for an answer. Can anyone help me? Thank you all in advance. PC specs:
  12. Hello, I have bought the Sony Xperia T3 about a year ago, it was working fine and i was very satisfied with my purchase, but for some whatever reason almost exactly a year after buying the phone it`s speakers, headphone jack and mic aren`t working and above all that i am getting no signal on my phone. The mic and headphone jack don`t respond at all. The speakers make a static like sound when there needs to be sound outputted. I have tried factory resetting my phone, tried the sony reset key button, tried updating the software on my phone and tried the repair option in the software but wit
  13. Wouldnt something like this be more effective? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/bkyWcc
  14. Ok, Thanks to everyone who participated in this post! You have helped me a lot!