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  1. It probably won’t have reviews tbh, Kogan is an Australian online retailer. I get what you mean tho. I’ll see if I like it. I’m a bit more positive now tho, because they’re using Samsung panels and from other reviews of the 1440 it’s been net good. Thanks for the advice
  2. As my title shows I stuffed up and got a monitor I didn’t want, I was aiming for a 1080 144hz 27inch but got confused with the cart and end up buying the wrong one. Just curious tho, how bad that monitor? Like for gaming and such? Should I opt for a refund and get the alternative?
  3. Hmm, you know what, I might just do that. Thanks again.
  4. I know it sounds weird, but I prefer to have my games, game launchers and files on one drive and everything else on the other. thanks for the advice!
  5. Hello friends, I am currently building my first gaming rig and was wondering if I would need any more fans? The case I bought has three already inside. I only ask this because as you can see in my part list I will only be using two m.2 drives. I'll be playing Overwatch, Skyrim, Fallout 4, The Witcher etc. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Mac.