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  1. So, I love my Note 9, had it for a while, but with one problem. it's been on a November 2019 security patch and Android 9 for as long as I can remember. I bought it unlocked on eBay, when it arrived it was locked to Sprint but switched to T-mobile when I put my sim in. and that's where it's sat. Today I've been trying to update it with ODIN but ran into an interesting road block, the Baseband version still matches up to Sprint from 2019. Yes I've already made a backup of my data, however it would be really poggers if I didn't need to factory reset my phone. Is the solution a $4 jun
  2. UPDATE: So I drove for an hour with a friend thinking everything will be sketchy considering the price, but turns out the seller was an engineer at Dell and was moving in a couple days and trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible, he pre-ordered the headset and used it for about six months before moving, putting it back in the box where it was just never set-up again. it sat there since ~2018. so $400 and I have a basically brand new system complete in box and everything is working. Besides the obvious flaws such as my forehead getting sore after a few hours, this is just lik
  3. I'm doing it. I'll keep this thread updated as things develop. $400 is still a lot of money but this is something I've been eyeing since 2017 when it was released plus the seller seems like a nice guy in emails. though lets just foreshadowing isn't so obvious...
  4. Alright, So I plan on buying a used HTC Vive off Craigslist for $400, yes it's low, also an hour drive away. but that's why i'm here. What is the best way to test an HMD? My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5577G with a 4gb GTX 1050(desktop is better, see profile for specs), clearly not VR ready but would it work to test in a Starbucks or something? What are some other things I should be looking for? (also not sure where to post this, HMD = Head Mounted Display so i'm posting here. mods feel free to move or delete)
  5. I just want you to know I pulled an all-nighter trying to get this working. Through all my years of using Kubuntu, KDE Neon and MX Linux I always thought /dev was for peripheral. devices. You live and you learn I guess. TKL is still super buggy so i'm going to blame everything on that. Web UI is nowhere near as polished and intuitive as FreeNAS.
  6. So far the only user I have added is root. Honestly might be better off just installing TKL straight to the 1tb drive and gifting the machine with root only. Then I could also return my $14 16gb mSata ssd. The friend this is going to won't know the difference. There is almost no documentation for this buggy mess of a distro, The biggest thing i've learned is to never take FreeNAS for granted.
  7. As the title states. I've been trying to setup Turnkey Linux as a basic NAS for a budget christmas gift. I bought a cheap Zotac ID84 on ebay with the intention of using FreeNAS (which i've been using for years on my personal NAS) but the NIC wasn't supported. I'm out of ideas, it's already christmas eve, and i'm already out $100 in trying. So here's what I have now: The root directory can be accessed by webDAV and SMB. Everything is installed and working, everything so far is plug and play. But for the life of me I cannot access the 1tb HDD I planned on using for the main pool.
  8. I'm not to sure honestly, But better be safe than sorry and back it up first. Try running Kubuntu or KDE Neon on a flash drive and see if you can replicate the issue. If not I would try contacting Asus and filing a warranty ticket. Additionally, It probably won't hurt to update the bios once you're sure it's stable.
  9. What model laptop is the specifically? Can you try moving the ram to another slot or booting without storage?
  10. I use a cheap asus ultrabook as a test machine and it does this all the time. Try pressing and holding F2 or Delete when booting instead of spamming them.
  11. My first unit would die if I used it to tighten anything, wouldn't turn back on without plugging the micro USB back in every damn time. Fought with Amazon to return it and ultimately got a replacement which bound up and seized 10 minutes after unboxing. Fought with Amazon again and got a full refund. This is about on par with MiniDSO. most of what they make is cheap trash. Wowstick F1 as mentioned by @ColinLTT is light years ahead of the ES121. The motion controls are just a gimmick, I'll take a more ergonomically placed button any day.I'd recommend returning it as soon as you can before your
  12. Can't say I didn't expect to run into issues with a first run product, But I love spending almost $400 and waiting 9 months to be a beta tester. I've tweeted at them and reached out on indigogo (where i've had the most luck hearing back from them). Today has not been a good day.
  13. So after 9 months of waiting I finally got my THX Panda's in my hands, they sounded absolutely incredible... for the first few hours I owned them. Unfortunately after a few hours of use they refuse to power on or charge. I still get the charging LED, but that's about it. Plugging them into my PC via usb (type A to type C) They recognize as an audio device but are quiet and with loads of feedback I've tried a variety of different chargers and cables, but can't get get any other life. I've reached out to Drop.com for a potential RMA but hav