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  1. Inferior version of the HD 650 with less smooth treble.
  2. MB42 and MB42X are passive, meaning you'd need a separate amp. PB42X has a built-in plate amp so you can run it straight from your onboard audio. PB24X would be best. The built-in amp is decent and it would be hard to beat it for the $40 difference. MB42 isn't really worth considering unless you are on the thinnest of budgets as the MB42X has a better crossover.
  3. Vanatoo transparent zero. Not going to be many speakers with this performance in the price range.
  4. It's an okay amp and a good pairing with Beyers. The OP didn't give a budget, so I assumed something reasonable, like $1500.
  5. Do you have your audio properly configured to output bass frequencies to the sub/center out? What do you mean you've "tried everything"?
  6. Woo Audio WA6 SE.
  7. Omitting units DECREASES simplicity because the reader then has to take time to figure out what the meaning was. Try to get it right next time.
  8. audio

    Is there a reason? There really isn't a point in going from digital -> analog -> digital.
  9. Both are quite efficient. Shouldn't be a concern.
  10. It's better, but I was referring to the second generation of all these products anyway.
  11. Is this a question between integrated and a soundcard? Is there anything wrong with the onboard preventing you using it?
  12. It has nothing to do with your personal preferences. Monitors are used for music production, at least as far as quality is a concern. If quality isn't a concern, then just get a headphone that appeals for music listening and disregard the requirements for music production. If you know it all, why ask for help? But in any case, it isn't about spending thousands. It's about careful matching of components to get good sound, or at very least the sound you want. Valhalla 2 is a decent choice for the HD 800 if you put in the effort to get the right tubes. I have no idea about the nuprime. Are you? That's a linear scaling, so not really that bad.
  13. The OP wants "decent quality". The z313 do not suffice; box left unchecked.
  14. What does it matter what you paid for yours? The OP isn't you. Stop being defensive about me calling a spade a spade. No problem. The speakers I mentioned before, the Logitech and Klipsch sound like about what you need. They aren't terrible and should fit the footprint. I would be more comfortable recommending the $300 speakers, but quality can't always be the top priority.