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  1. Hello. My brother used to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 quite a long time ago, which he later passed to my mother and then my father. Today, an accident occured, wherein the phone was soaked in a bit of water (with concentrated juice). Since then it has been dried, but it still doesn't functioned properly. When you turn it on, you see the Galaxy S4 logo, then TeamWin logo, and TeamWin Recovery Center appears, with options like Install, Wipe, Backup, Recover, etc. I don't know anything about phones, really, the most advanced thing I ever did to a phone was rooting an LG L5 back in 2012, but I'v
  2. Since the problem described in the original post is the only real issue that I've experienced with this software, I had no real reason to seek out an alternative. It works fine, it comes already installed with the OS, it supports the formats I use. It's simple and easy to use. I care about the rating because I like it when everything has 5 stars... it looks pretty...
  3. Hello. I've been listening to a lot of music lately, in particular the first 7 albums by the British metal band Iron Maiden. For a particular project I'm working on, I've set out to listen to each album at least 10 times. Right now I have listened to four albums 8 times in total and the other 3 albums nine times in total. What I noticed, however, is that WMP does whatever it wants with the scores for each track. For example, if I add a track to Windows Media Player and listen to it in full right away, its rating will increase from 3 stars to 4 stars, and if I listen three more times, it'll go
  4. The sound card I linked is something I've been drooling over and wanted to have for several years now, so I'm probably gonna stick with it even if there are other alternatives.
  5. If I buy this:Sennheiser HD 650 Followed by this: ASUS Xonar Essense STX II I will NOT need an additional DAC and/or Amp to get great sound, correct? (Ignore the audio source for now; I just want to know about the hardware) I'm just trying to make sure, since I saw some people pairing expensive soundcards to external DACs and Amps, but from what I understand, it's rather redundant, since they do virtually the same thing.
  6. I'm not sure what is the context behind this, but there's just... too much of everything. Unless they want to build another Compensator, and even then, this is overkill even for the Compensator. 4 1440p 100Hz monitors? You'd need 3 GTX 1080Tis just to play Minecraft on that.
  7. Looking around the internet for an answer to this question, most sites only talk about what formats it supports, which, as far as I know, is only of importance if you use iTunes as a music player. However, what I'm looking for, is what format does iTunes store its files in. When I bought some music there, I noticed it was in AAC 256kbps, but there was an option to convert to other formats, such as MP3 or WAV. What I want to know, is does iTunes convert the already present AAC file to the other format (which is redundant when trying to get high quality music, as you can't recreate a lossless fi
  8. The video is the main reason I consider buying the DVDs/Blu-Rays, as for the most part I enjoy Iron Maiden more on studio albums than on live albums. Also, now that I think of it, I shouldn't have said "great choreography and showmanship" It's just... fun to watch. I have Sennheiser HD 513 and plan on upgrading them to Momentum 2.0s (for outdoor listening) and/or HD 650s (indoor eargasm) somewhere in the next... year or so.
  9. I doubt I will, I'm a headphone-lover and a speaker-hater. At least I'm 90% sure I won't get a surround system in the next... 5 years, and I'm not buying music now and thinking about what I'll do with it in 5 years.
  10. I'm not sure if it matters much; I don't have an expensive home theater system. I'll be listening to the concerts with my headphones, and watching them either on my PC or on my TV. I don't have 5 speakers and a subwoofer in my cans
  11. This is a very good response. It's less about the bit-rate or frequency, since pretty much anything above CD is redundant, but if DVDs usually don't offer audio quality inferior to CDs then it's all good.
  12. Exactly the opposite. Because it's Iron Maiden, I don't want a half-assed product DVD-Video. It's a concert with both audio and video recorded and distributed on a DVD disc.
  13. I did tests myself. I compared 1411kbps WAVs to 128kbps MP3s, and while the WAVs were indeed audibly better, the difference was surprisingly small. When I did tests between 320kbps and 1411kbps FLACs, I'm 90% sure the perceived difference was just placebo effect. I didn't do something silly like upscale 128kbps MP3s to 1411kbps WAVs and then compare the two; I ripped my CDs to WAVs and then converted these to MP3 in the first test, and in the second I downloaded the music in both FLAC and MP3 from the original creator on Bandcamp I can't find any information on the Amazon pages, bu
  14. That depends on how the audio was recorded, though doesn't it? I can upscale my .wav files from my CDs from 44.1KHz to 96KHz and there won't be no difference. Since the CDs were recorded with professional studio equipment, I'm assured (or at least hoping) that all the space available on a CD has been utilized. When it comes to live shows, though, I have no idea what kind if equipment they're recorded with, so I don't know if the extra KHz and bits even matter.
  15. I plan on buying a couple Live albums from Iron Maiden. However, something I've been wondering about is whether I should go with CD albums or the DVDs from the shows. I know for a fact that shows like Death on the Road are absolutely awesome in terms of choreography and showmanship, but I also wouldn't want to sacrifice audio quality compared to a CD. Is audio quality on DVD movies better than on CDs? Worse? No difference? And for that matter, I'll definitely be ordering their newer shows like Flight 666 and En Vivo, as well as Live at River Plate from AC/DC on Blu-Ray, but since Blu-Ray ha