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  1. Thanks! Yes, what you depicted in the drawings is exactly the advice I've followed to try and rule out my setup and posture as the issue. I think I may order that mouse and see what happens.
  2. Hi everyone! I've had tendonitis in my wrists, particularly the right one, from using a mouse and keyboard for a few years, but it's gotten bad recently. I've already made sure that my setup is as ergonomic as possible with the gear I have, and I switched to a 60% keyboard so my hands are parallel with my shoulders while playing games, which I think did help somewhat. And I do wear a brace and ice it regularly. But my mouse hand is still pretty bad. I've been using a logitech G402 for years, and I think it may be a lot of the problem. I was looking at vert
  3. Yep, Nvidia clean install. GPU is a 1060, and the audio is just a good ole' Realtek HD thing. Tried both the rear and front panel jacks. I forgot to mention above that we also tried a fix where you switch the Realtek driver out for a generic Windows audio driver, which didn't seem to do anything.
  4. Hi all, I've been trying to help a friend diagnose an issue with his PC. He recently upgraded to a boot SSD, and since reinstalling Windows, the audio and video will gradually drift out of sync when watching any video content in a browser. Youtube, Netflix, etc. So far I've tried: Turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome Using a different browser (also with HW acc. disabled) Switching to a different audio device Updating/reinstalling audio and GPU drivers. Nothing has worked. I'm close to just walking him through reinstal
  5. Ok, glad I was worried for no reason. Thanks guys!
  6. Hey all, I built a new rig recently with a Ryzen 3600 and ASRock B550 board. No OC so far, I've kept everything stock. I've noticed in Ryzen Master that the stock voltages the board is putting out seem pretty high. Looks like it's doing up to 1.4-ish volts for single core, and when I run an all-core stress test, it's capping at about 1.34 volts. I've seen a couple posts such as this one on the AMD subreddit saying the max safe all-core is 1.325V. Is it possible the default voltage on the board is going to degrade my chip? Should I manually undervolt a bit?
  7. Got if figured out, turns out I had to match the sample rate in the Windows sound settings for the input device to that of the interface.
  8. Oh no I'm talking about the line in for the interface, the option in discord is "Line In (TASCAM US-1200)". I'm just not able to figure out how to get the XLR input to come through this.
  9. Hi everyone! I have a Tascam US-1200 interface. I went with this model because it was a cheaper alternative to something like a Focusrite, and with more inputs. However the model is discontinued and no longer gets driver updates, which is currently making me regret my decision. The unit works for pretty much everything I use it for. I can record into my DAW (I use Reaper) with a microphone and it works just fine, using ASIO to pick specific inputs on the device. However, no other applications are able to pick up my mic through the XLR inputs. I choose the "Line In" opti
  10. Hi everyone! Been setting up a modded Minecraft server with some friends today. Everyone's installs went smoothly, except one. He downloaded java to run the Forge .jar file, and the file appears to be associated with Java based on the thumbnail image. However the .jar file refused to open, it would just run a cmd window for a split second, then close. The default programs menu doesn't even seem to know Java exists, so I think it's an issue with his install of Java, but uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't do anything. I thought our best bet would be this registry clean
  11. Hi everyone! I know embarrassingly little about networking and need some help here. I recently moved into a new place with several roommates and a slow CenturyLink DSL connection. I want to give myself QoS upstream priority since I'm the only one in the house who plays games, so I'm hoping this would help my ping to spike less drastically. I'm a bit lost in terms of what to input here to achieve what I want. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys!
  12. In case you're interested in an update, I think I've narrowed the problem down to Windows. Looks like it's a DPC latency issue caused by the DirectX kernel and other Windows stuff, at least according to this neat little utility I found. Working on a solution now, might just have to reinstall Windows.
  13. Also, what program are you using to monitor temperature? You should be using Ryzen Master, the one you're using could be giving faulty readings.
  14. First step would be to check that you've screwed the cooler all the way down, and nothing else is getting in the way preventing proper mounting pressure. I have a 3600 with the stock cooler currently and it idles around 40, so something is definitely not right here.
  15. Ah yep, got the new version and it says B550. I ruled this out because I just downloaded HWMonitor, but I suppose they just don't have it fixed yet. So much for my conspiracy theory