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About Ithanul

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  • CPU
    5960X, FX 8120
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte X99-UD3P, Sabertooth 990FX
  • RAM
    GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz 32GB, Sammy Wonder RAM 8GB
  • GPU
    Switching to 1080Ti SC, 960 FTW @ 1551MHz in folder rig, ZOTAC AMP! 980Ti
  • Case
    Heavy modded Haf X, Define S
  • Storage
    Samsung 940 Pro 256GB and Crucial M4 512GB, Seagate Baraccuda 3TB, Intel 120GB SSD
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1200 in main rig, Corsair AX1200i
  • Display(s)
    Overlord 2560 x 1440P 27inch
  • Cooling
    Custom Loop, EK EVO Block with full cover EK blocks on the Tis
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
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    Windows 7 Ult 64bit, Mint Mate 18

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    Overseas, Round 3: Chasing fiber connections
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    Drawing, building computers, messing with computers and folding/boincing the crap out them, painting, and hiking.
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    Just a crazy gal who likes building computers and messing with them for fun. Actually like anything that I can take apart and build.

    Just finished Associate Degree in CS later going to Auburn for duel major in CS/Electrical Engineering.

    What I do in the Guard: Fight with printers that don't like to hook to network, deal with routers that love to drop parts of their configs out, and on top of that, deal with peeps with degrees who ask some really stupid questions about their VoIP phones.
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  1. Major reason right there that I rarely buy full price. Plus, I saw that launch price and well, crap that price.
  2. I don't really upgrade (a bit of a bad hardware hoarder). I am quiet happy with my 5960X I got 2nd hand. Though, I am more of the type that grabs 2nd hand hardware since I dislike paying full price for hardware.
  3. Hmmm, I am not sure if I seen any other folders go beyond five GPUs. I do know of a few who push near that level, but they mostly run Linux distros. I don't know where the whole it is hard to setup F@H in Linux comes from. Yes, there are a few extra steps, but the quickest setup I done was with Mint Mate 18 (it will even find Nvidia GPU drivers). The biggest deal is doing a few terminal commands to setup XServer for overclocking ability and to get the extra files for F@H to run correctly. Probably the most tedious was modifying one file so XServer sees all the GPUs so you can overclock them, but there guides all over the place for that. May have to ask an individual on the other forum board I frequent, who is far more knowledgeable in folding in Linux with GPUs (said individual actually runs AMDs and Nvidias together under Linux). I know of a few BOINCers who run some monster multi GPU server setups. May see how they have theirs setup.
  4. Yep. I run 24/7 F@H/BOINC. Usually have the CPU doing BOINC tasks with open threads for the GPUs to do F@H.
  5. Yep, I got emails from the one of the places I use. Lucky enough, they explain the issue in understandable terms. I can understand why people are piss about GPU prices, but then again, if one keeps an eye out. The warning signs where not hard to miss. When I saw RX580s disappearing, I quickly went online and read the few mining threads I keep pinned in some of the forums I frequent. That is how I found out the GTX1060 and GTX1070s where about to be the next target, plus the reason too.
  6. I like the front...not the side though. I wonder if they fixed their flimsy motherboard tray. The cases are not super bad, but they could at least make the mobo area sturdy.
  7. You can modify the connections from molex to sata or another power connection. Fans are super simple to change connections. But pretty much you are at the mercy of ambient temps, unless you are willing to add more fans or smack the card under water. Since you want to keep the case quiet, the best thing is to probably find the best high flow fans you can afford that don't make a whole lot of noise and set a curve for them.
  8. I heard good things about that one. Yet to try it though.
  9. Yep, vouch for Mint. It far more friendly to folks starting off in Linux. Steam will work and most Linux distro I tried have a torrent application already on them, usually called Transmission. Not all applications have a Linux version, but with some research you should find similar Linux applications. There are ton of Linux guides out on the web thankfully. What super nice about Mint it will find the GPU and chipset drivers. Reason I use it for my folding/boinc rig. For overclocking, at least on Nvidia drivers, the driver comes with built in overclocking and fan control ability. You just have to do a command in terminal to unlock it.
  10. Volkswagen Beetle, gloss black with chrome wheels, bumper, and accents. Roof rake too. Leather interior for the seats. White wall tires. I am sucker for the old bugs. Other vehicle, convertible Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. Gloss red with chrome accents. White wall tires too. Beige leather interior. For truck, Volkswagen Amarok. Yeah, I have a thing for Volkswagens. Gloss white, matte black wheels, and beefed out for off road. For the giggles, and would be nickname bumpers r us. Malibu station wagon with cummings engine and turbo charged. 3/8 inch steel bumpers.
  11. Mobile my a... How about those peeps come out to the country side and try using a mobile carrier for Internet inside a building. It is crap. Also, the price of mobile data is stupid expensive. There is a reason I went with satellite over mobile since that was the best option of three I had price wise to speed and data cap(the other being dail-up).
  12. Yep, I guess a W7 without a service packs that does not have the USB drivers.
  13. It allows for more advance control of the driver for games and GPU (you can even overclock using that application).
  14. Huh, that is interesting. Hmmm, not sure if that something to do with W10 or new drivers. I would see if Nvidia Inspector application can restrict to a specific GPU. But, I am currently out of State at the moment.
  15. The one thread per GPU is for Nvidia GPUs. AMD GPUs can get away with less processor cycles. The F@H client and a good chunk of BOINC GPU projects require some processor cycles for the units when feeding the GPU the calculations. To be on the safe side when folding with a rig, the advice is one thread per GPU, one thread for OS. Keeps the computer able to respond to user input.