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    Drawing, building computers, messing with computers and folding/boincing the crap out them, painting, and hiking.
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    Just a crazy gal who likes building computers and messing with them for fun. Actually like anything that I can take apart and build.

    Just finished Associate Degree in CS. Planning maybe get a degree dealing with drones.
    Certifications I have: Security +
    Certifications I am working on: HAM Technician, Linux +
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    I mess with Linux, that all I am going to say


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    1950X (incoming), 1900X
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    GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz 32GB, Corsair 3200MHz
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    2x Titan Xp, 960 FTW and 1070 Hybrid
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    Case Lab SM8, Define S
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    Samsung 940 Pro 256GB and Crucial M4 512GB, Seagate Baraccuda 3TB, Intel 120GB SSD
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    Corsair AX1200 in main rig, Corsair AX1200i
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    Overlord 2560 x 1440P 27inch, Dell 1600P 32inch, LG 1080P 22inch
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    Air cool atm
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    Corsair K70
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    Oracle 7 or Arch Linux (not sure yet, fooling with both atm), Mint Mate 18.2
  1. Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

  2. College or work?

    Most of IT jobs I know of is sitting at a desk (there are ones though where you can travel from site to site). But, I understand that feel. Previous aircraft mech myself, love to use my hands and work, but god.....the damage my back took from that (still dealing with pain on occasions - I'm not even 30 yet....). Now, entry level system analyst sitting in an A/C room at a desk. It is boring at times for sure, but I take this over beating the crap out of my body (plus, the pay not bad for entry level system analyst). I agree along similar lines. I did not go straight into college (even though I had teachers and one of my grandfathers wanting me too). Went military first where one better learn good work ethic. Good thing though, one of the benefits from the military covered my degree cost, so not debt floating over my head when I went later on for my degree.
  3. Show off your latest purchase!

    Yeah, the new movies are not cheap on that format. But darn, they look so good on a good 4K HDR TV. Just got Infinity Wars myself on a UHD disc. Anyway, some goodies I got this past week or so. Went clearance snooping with my Aunt. Lucked on a nice mouse and a steal on some Prismacolor markers (these things are not cheap at regular price). Instead of the usually seven bucks a pop, the mark down at the counter was a one buck and 97 cents. Can't complain about that. So far, the mouse working pretty well and the lightspeed hookup is working with my Mint Mate OS on my computer. Also, nabbed some cables for one of my PSUs off a chap here on the forums. Plus, did some research for a drive so I can read data off 4K HDR UHD discs. Now, just have to setup so I can firmware flash it, and I will be good to go. Now, to hope for some deals on some big TB drives in a few months.
  4. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    Warned ya. Though, I recall there was one chap that was so bad that even that person got banned from gab. Can't remember the name, but god....the posts where super bad.
  5. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    Yeah, there are others. I usually don't go out my way to look at those sites. But damn when I seen some of the stuff posted from there, I'm like, what the hell are these folks on.
  6. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    O, it is still around. Gab is what it is called.
  7. Twitter has finally banned Alex Jones & Infowars

    There is one, but just don't go there, you will want to tear your eyes out.
  8. Ideas about my career path

    Ouch. Yeah, those Cisco tests are not something to take lightly. Bad enough I only had two weeks to study for the CompTIA Sec+ test (no previous certs). Though, saw the CISSP study book one Sarg was studying for (he was retiring and going into InfoSec field). Mother of god....that book was big.
  9. Ideas about my career path

    Yep, definitely vouch on the Cisco certs. Though, fair warning to the OP. Those tests are no joke. Makes the CompTIA Sec+ I took look like a walk in the park.
  10. What song are you listening to right now.

    Fair warning, wacky German video. But, darn their songs are catchy.
  11. What song are you listening to right now.

    Damn, really dig the drops in that.
  12. Best country for immigration?

    No kidding. Yeah, some States have higher ones in certain areas. But, the tax rate ain't that bad. There some States that don't charge income tax either.
  13. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Welp, those worked good for me as media boxes back then for my use case. Now, not everyone is looking to use one in that way, but that some of the reasons I bought them back then (not at launch prices though, I never much cared to pay launch prices. Tend to wait a year before buying a console in its life cycle). I found the PS2 to be useful in the regards for the fact it could play CDs and DVDs. Meant I could go without extra hardware to play those during that time (plus, that back when I was still young with limited income, so it did its job fairly well for what I wanted from that console). Anyway, not a major biggy. Just a bit of a con to me.
  14. Petition for Linus to return the Chevy Volt

    Yep, the Volt is fun. When I was at Travis AFB, they had a few in the fleet. Those things are a blast on the freeway.
  15. Yep, I had GTX980Tis (very good ones that broke past 1500MHz) that trade blows with GTX1070s back then. Still, some more game benchmarks be nice even if I am skipping out on this gen. At least give me an idea of what one can look forward too when 7nm drops, which should bring more refinements with the newer features as well. Though, I am more interested in what the RTX cards can do in folding and BOINC. Those applications probably won't leverage the new cores, but those extra Cuda cores should bump the output a bit. Ah, another from OCN. Yeah, the site redesign is bad over there. Think a good chunk of folks left by the looks or don't post much anymore over there.