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    5960X, FX 8120
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    Gigabyte X99-UD3P, Sabertooth 990FX
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    GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz 32GB, Sammy Wonder RAM 8GB
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    Switching to 1080Ti SC, 960 FTW @ 1551MHz in folder rig, ZOTAC AMP! 980Ti
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    Heavy modded Haf X, Define S
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    Samsung 940 Pro 256GB and Crucial M4 512GB, Seagate Baraccuda 3TB, Intel 120GB SSD
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    Corsair AX1200 in main rig, Corsair AX1200i
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    Overlord 2560 x 1440P 27inch
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    Custom Loop, EK EVO Block with full cover EK blocks on the Tis
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    Corsair K70
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    Windows 7 Ult 64bit, Mint Mate 18

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    Overseas, fighting with a printer
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    Drawing, building computers, messing with computers and folding/boincing the crap out them, painting, and hiking.
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    Just a crazy gal who likes building computers and messing with them for fun. Actually like anything that I can take apart and build.

    Just finished Associate Degree in CS later going to Auburn for duel major in CS/Electrical Engineering.
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  1. Yep, the word on the GTX1070 and GTX1060 got out. Reason I glad I heard way ahead of time and did mention on a few threads about the fact those two where starting to be bought up.
  2. To high. I sold mine for 300 bucks with blocks and that was shipping included. Strong cards, but they no longer worth that high. Keep looking around, especially on other tech forum boards. Should be able to find one lower.
  3. Get a G10, buy an AIO that works with it, call it a day. O, and don't worry about what others think about cooling that card. I rock my GTX960 with a G10 and Corsair H55 on it. 1551MHz at 38-40C 24/7 folding for over a year and a half now. Super quite to boot.
  4. None. I don't like other peeps touching my computers.
  5. Another tip with a GTX1070. Lower the TDP as far as you can while aiming for decent MH/s and stability. The cards can pull decent MH/s with lower TDP. Go down till you see the chart were they set the TDP target in MSI afterburner. Tweak away.
  6. Yep, get an air cooler if you staying at stocks and not going to push the CPU hard.
  7. Heck, the little stinkers do a good job. Still have a old 1GB one that still alive. Though, I do have the big 128GB one for travel.
  8. The baggage is most likely to be checked. May depend on the airport though. I just flew a few days ago, and everyone of my checked baggage was checked and a slip of paper stating the baggage was checked was within. This was within the US and a small airport at that.
  9. Folding or mining is going create a ton of heat. Sorry to say, but that FTW3 is going to stay hot. Unlike gaming, folding or mining puts near a 99% load on the core the entire time. I run without side panels, but major reason for me is fast access to components if Kevdog's Law takes one out (so far only lost two components to date). Sorry for super late reply. Deployed at the moment, so super long hours and crazy stuff with computers going on.
  10. We talking about HDR ones correct? Otherwise, that monitor going to go up in price for a good HDR one. And, not just one with HDR smacked on it, one that actually has HDR10 Premium on it.
  11. Agree. Each has Pros and Cons. Myself, I have consoles along with my PC, because, crap it, there is some days I just don't want to fool with gaming on the PC. Especially after a 12 hour shift on help desk duty arguing with officers. Also, on that partpicker, peep needs to add a UHD blu-ray player; otherwise, it missing a feature the Xbox One X has.
  12. I remember when crypto first started off, and one of the other forums I visit had the subject ban. I say this. It did not stop people asking at all; instead, everyone went straight to PMing. The forum, of course, reverse the ban later on.
  13. Depends what area of IT you are aiming for. I know several peeps who get paid north of 70-80K a year and they only have an associate or bachelor degree. On the other hand, they have several certifications to back up their experience. At least State side, most employers prefer people with actually on hands experience with equipment over a person just coming out of school. So, definitely get an internship somewhere to get on hands experience.
  14. Yep, NZXT makes a bracket to allow CPU AIOs to mount on GPUs. Not very hard to put on. Depending on the card, you sometimes can keep the mid plate (I usually refer to as a thermal plate). On my GTX 960 FTW, I could keep the plate on while using the bracket. Since I am using an universal block on my GTX 1080Ti, I had to do this: (Note: This is a SC model, not sure how the FTW3 plate lays out) It can vary depending how far those mount tabs stick out. If 80F bothers you, you may not want to ever come down to the Southern States during late Spring and Summer. Easily gets over 90 to 100F down here outside. Sometimes, hits near 115F during late Summer. The killer is the humidity though. There a reason this area I live at falls in a sub tropical climate zone.
  15. You can fine tune those 1070s. I can't remember right off my head on how to control the voltage or power draw in Linux. Here a little guide on mining with cards I just came across today. This using Afterburner, but should be a way to do power draw control in Linux as well.