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    Just a Crazy Cat

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    Not Telling
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    The wacky beaches of the Gulf
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    Drawing, building computers, messing with computers and folding/boincing the crap out them, painting, and hiking.

    Slight computer and eletronic part hoarder.
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    Just a crazy gal who likes building computers and messing with them for fun. Actually like anything that I can take apart and build.

    Associate degree in CS. Plan to later work towards Bachelor degree.
    Certifications I have: Security +
    Certifications I am working on: HAM Technician, Linux + or RHEL base cert
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    I mess with Linux, or more like fix user issues. Aka, folks breaking comm cords.


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    1950X (main), 1900X (2nd), Xeon E5-2670V3 (3rd)
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    GSkill TridentZ 3200MHz 32GB, Corsair 3200MHz 16GB, GSkill 3000MHz 8GB
  • GPU
    1080Ti FTW3 & 1080Ti SC Black (main rig), 960 FTW (2nd rig) and 1070 Hybrid (3rd rig)
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    Case Lab TX10, Define S, Case Lab SM8
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    Samsung 940 Pro 256GB (main) and Crucial M4 512GB (2nd), Seagate Baraccuda 3TB, Intel 120GB SSD (3rd) - got a 8TB WD Purple and 10TB WD Helium HDD to install
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 1300W in main rig, Corsair AX1200, Corsair AX1200i
  • Display(s)
    Acer Predator X27, Dell 1200P 32inch, Overlord 1440p 27in, LG 1080P 22inch
  • Cooling
    Noctua NH-U14S (main), Noctua NH-U14S (2nd), Dark Rock Pro 3(3rd)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70
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    Sennheiser HD598BE
  • Operating System
    Mint Mate 18.3 (kernel 4.20.8), W10 LTSB (stripped down), CentOS 7

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  1. A hunt got very hectic at the end.
  2. The deal was not about that aspect of the trading card games though. Most parents in region I was at dislike it because well, bible belt (aka, those where being viewed as the devil tools). Hence, I mention the burning part (this also occurred to certain books like Harry Potter where even schools where banning those books in the area for a time).
  3. :I The first Witcher, ugh, I got so tired of the gameplay, I smack it on the lowest difficulty setting just so I could enjoy the story and lore. As someone that likes the Witcher books, the story and lore is the only darn reason I even play the games. I'm still keeping an eye on Cyberpunk 2077. Really curious how much of the lore from the actual tabletop will be put in and what story lines they plan to pull from.
  4. O yeah..... I still remember when parents down here went ape crazy about Pokemon cards, MTG, Harry Potter, etc. :I I ain't kidding, some even went as far as burning said items. Even some schools going as far to ban such (they even banned playing cards while I was HS back then).
  5. There is way to setup "rigs" that can pickup a wider range of freqs. But, you will mostly be limited by the antennas you can hook up as those will greatly affect what you can hear and how far away you can hear. Depending on the band will also affect the range. HF can go farther while as you go up the frequency range, VHF, UHF, etc. have shorter range. The range can also vary by the power output of the base station as well and weather conditions and terrain. Mostly you will see smaller radios for VHF/UHF and bigger radios with larger amps to handle HF (most simple antenna setup for those is a dipole). There is also what we call beer can antennas in my Guard unit for hitting sats we use to communicate long distances with RF. HAM radios have few sats as well. (if ya got a HAM license you can talk with ISS) Also, if you don't have a license, you can listen in, but don't transmit. Especially on HAM bands (the license are not hard to get nor expensive for HAM if you interested in wanting to talk on the bands for it).
  6. Nice. I listen to a bit of Parov Stelar as well. Also, for Lone Digger. Plus, +1 for Cards Against Humanity. I tend to play that along with Exploding Kittens and Unstable Unicorns with fellow military buds when we are on orders.
  7. Sounds like standard sensors that go out around that age for a vehicle. But yeah, definitely sounds like the o2 sensor. My former 05 Frontier had the same behavior from a bad one it had. Highly advise, find a forum dedicated for that brand or vehicle type. There tends to be very useful info on common items that break on the vehicles in such forums. Along what are know to be common issues the vehicle seen down the road.
  8. A poor Tobi that got abuse with ZSD of my switch axe.

    Some odd reason I find Tobis and Odoggo fun to fight.




    And now, a few extra screenies from the game:


    I'm digging the new armor.



    Smug bugger.  Still getting the hang of Tigrix in MHW.  Darn enrage state is a bit annoying when playing switch axe (currently my 2nd used weapon, I tend to main insect glaive but digging the challenge of switch axe atm).




    Viper Tobi just chilling.



    Brachy boi.  Took a bit, but did finish him off yesterday night.  But ugh, sucker hits like a blasted tank if ya not careful (don't help my nutty self still using some HR armor.  Yeah, I know, I'm nuts for that).  But hey, what better way to get the fear of ya better dodge like a boss if you don't want to cart.



    Pretty ice dragon.


  9. O my, more FE characters. It is like, Everyone: We got enough sword fighters, yet? Nintendo: Yes, but no. Now, can someone drop the idea in their ear to put a monster hunter character in (for luls, please the Admiral or a Palico xD). I think at this rate that character and Waluigi are used to troll the player base.
  10. Hehehe, yeah, electro swing is some good stuff. I like old school swing style music. So, electro swing just sweet to me, as I like electro and dubstep style music as well. Though, if you like that, may I introduce you to Caravan Palace. You may like this as well.
  11. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne