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  1. FOM have never allowed embedded playback of any of their content since even before Liberty acquired them, this is not new. You have to go to Youtube.
  2. This is the 91, one of the last cars to get the Cosworth V8.
  3. The 49D is my favourite. Always love driving pre-turbo cars, but seeing them race in person had a lasting effect on me.
  4. I, for one, am glad Liberty poached Will Buxton and now paddock pass is vanilla content. One of the best parts of the weekend if you want some insight into F1 beyond the racing. @MEC-777 "Maybe because the halo they people forgot to look the mirror" - Alonso
  5. Did you know LEVORG is short for subaru LEgacy eVOlution touRinG. I DONT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE SAYING BUT GIB.
  6. Wasn't the Sport 260 a street car? This white one was one of the earliest Exige Cup cars, one of 15 delivered to North America in 2006. Interior looks awesome though, ontop of the normal fare of trackday gear (suspension, brembos, lightweight wheels and slicks) Anyways, Lotii are meant to be driven!