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  1. I reckon it's entirely because of the cooling on the pre-evo car, given the nature of how the front end is shaped and how aggressive they run the V mount rad. Not as much leeway as on say a M6. I don't have my Gallardo GT3 photos processed yet so I cant do a direct comparison, but yeah the Reiter splitter extends way further than any of the Super Trofeo cars. Speaking of, I reckon the curved center section is more for underbody flow than improved simply radiator protection as it's seen on numerous other cars. But it also seems to be a trait of not having the radiator that exposed so who can say for certain.
  2. Man I completely forgot DTM had a night race at Misano this year... it's a shame R3E still has a license, I think ACC could do this justice now.
  3. What a finish. The last 30 minutes... oh my.
  4. Took a bit of a break from Petit and threw on some ACC. So much fun, really enjoyable even on a gamepad. Have to say I prefer the big ol' Conty over the Huracan, even though the latter is undoubtedly faster. Absolutely love Misano. You can abuse the curbs so much but theres enough flow between tight sections and the long straights to keep it interesting. The Bentley handles like a traditional GT3 car, and you can infer how the GTR and M6 will handle given this baseline. Overall very fun and can do 1:39s consistently. The Huracan on the otherhand is incredibly nimble, to the point where it snaps pretty often. Whether its because of sharper steering or the rearward weight bias, but I found it to be twitchy on the limit. Granted its gearing is shorter than the Bentley so you can correct more easily, but its not quite as fun as an experience. Faster for sure, given I did 1:38s right off the bat. Definitely a good choice of car to showcase ACC given its more sophisticated data dispaly (LEDs accurately show rpm, lockup, slip angle, etc) and overall an easy car to drive for a beginner. Also I finally figured out how to change assists level! Like AC, ctrl+t and ctrl+a for TCS and ABS respectively. 4/8 and 2/11 were my happy spot, granted on the gamepad I didnt have quite the feedback I wanted for proper threshold braking and throttle modulation. Theres probably other stuff I wanted to say but I'm eager to get back to watching the race.