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  1. @warmmilk Mixed reports of oil pressure issues / gearbox. From my end, only recorded two installation laps per session (total 4) but don't think he recorded a full lap. Sounded like the ESC/TC was kicking in real hard coming out of Moss though, very choppy on throttle.
  2. @warmmilk Only ran two laps in the AM. Front end is off atm.
  3. I hadn't planned on being back at the track so soon, but this changes things. @MEC-777 @warmmilk
  4. I commend you in your fine choice of civic, an EK. Milk that sweet, sweet vtec my good sir.
  5. Interesting, Overall the wheel bases look stellar, and while $1500USD for the DD2 is steep the ecosystem and support is worth considering. Personally I wouldn't need the constant 18nm, and would spring for the 12nm DD1 which would probably be in line with the AccuForce offerings. Moreover I just really want that mclaren rim.
  6. They already have a Model 3 dual motor in the works, probably a performance variant too. But those will be up around m3 money
  7. If y'all have two hours free, I highly recommend this race. It was a hoot in person. @MEC-777 @warmmilk
  8. @MEC-777 https://oppositelock.kinja.com/2018-mobil1-sportscar-grand-prix-photodump-1827437366?rev=1531180492530 Photodump is live
  9. There are a lot of good quality mods on it as well, albeit older. The 997 cup car is a lot of fun and its the only game where I can drive some of my other home tracks, Honda Toronto Indy and Shanonville Motorsports Park.