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  1. Its one of the early fully publicised swaps yes, but I havent heard from EV West in years. We've come a long way though, if you have the know-how.
  2. They're all in the album. Its the Canadian car.
  3. I know, Tesla has one on the front and two on the rear. Rimac has one per wheel.
  4. FYI onboard video of the new Roadster in full plaid
  5. Hyundai is making bank now that they're poaching german engineers. Quality is so much better in the current cars
  6. Rimac is selling its motor/battery/controller tech to a lot of manufacturers right now, and Porsche MissionE is a shared platform within VAG so the future is bright! (I'd love to see rimac parts in this Dallara though - carbon tub that weighs 885kg with a four-cylinder ICE) Also the SLS-E was spotted testing recently
  7. Good news! New Vantage road and GTE racecar reveals next week ahead of McLaren P15 debut in december! @MEC-777 The Vantage takes after the DB10 and the GTE racecar has had nearly 60 hours of development and endurance testing hours put into it already.
  8. @MEC-777 I know why I find the butt of the new Dallara car so pretty now Modern-Italian-911-GT1-AMG
  9. Pretty sure its a motor per axle, just the larger battery pack allows for higher short duration performance. This isn't a Rimac or Nio implementation of per-wheel drive.