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  1. Thanks man but there is no warranty for EVGA psu's in my country!!! except Corsair and coolermaster
  2. Okay guys evga 750 supernova g1 or coolermaster v750?
  3. thanks yeah it has 5!!! year warranty
  4. I heard that has thermal isuus's!!?
  5. Ok man i got it .. christmas was like a week ago <_< thanks
  6. No man anything except Seasonic ....
  7. Then happy new year :mellow: thanks for that
  8. Hey guys, HAPPY CHRISTMAS :D i bought anything for my new PC,except PSU.please help me to choose best PSU.so which one of these psu's is good? cooler master v 750 corsair cx750m Antec TruePower Classic TP-750C thanks
  9. OHHH so will this MB suitable with next gen intel processors?
  10. hey guys this is my new PC:(not yet ) MB:MSI Z97 Gaming 5 LGA1150 or MB:ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 CPU:Intel core i5 4690K or CPU:AMD FX 8350 HDD:WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm RAM:Kingston Hyper X Beast 8 GB(4GBx2) 2400mhz DDR3 GPU:GALAXY GTX 770 2GB GDDR5 CASE:RaidMax Cobra Z (blue) POWER:Corsair CX750M 80plus bronze CPU Cooler:DeepCool Maelstrom 120m radiator ODD:Pioneer 24X DVD-RW So i want you guys to help me to choose best cpu between them,thanks a lot.And i have to say this,there is no warranty for Intel CPUs in my country.(f**** country)
  11. Ok ... I got it Soo... i can.many thanks bro
  12. Thanks man. I saw & i think i can too. (and music was awesome )
  13. Hey guys Mmm...can i install AX1200i in Cosmos II? Just fast please! cuz i'm Confused! I bought Cosmos and i dont know that cosmos can accommodate It?