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  1. I use c-pap wipes. since they have to clean face junk off masks I figure they are great for mice, keyboards and other things that need bodily gunk cleaned while at the same time being very mild.
  2. everyone messes up a driver once in a while, just not possible to be perfect every time. I didnt have issues with the new certified driver but per nvidias request they wanted everyone to either get the newest beta driver or roll back even if they didnt have issues. I went with the beta and again, no issues so it's all good for me.
  3. they are ok, I have bought a handful of items from them. in general though you do need to price shop because you can find the same items for the same price if not cheaper elsewhere. price shopping is always a good idea period. I once ordered Christmas cards that were supposed to be at my place before Christmas obviously however we didnt get them til late January and were left high and dry. Massdrop doesnt really do customer service well and they dont have to since they dont really promise you anything other then being the middle man. So long story short I still use massdrop once in a while and am very careful about pricing and delivery dates.
  4. the scaling isnt great however the cost of adding another gpu vs starting over makes it a wiser choice to just get one more imo.
  5. aesthetics, I like a sleek utilitarian looking desk. color offerings were limited. I preferred something either adjustable or a specific height which in my case is about an inch and a half higher then standard or typical desks. Needed to be able to hold all my PC related accessories with out crowding or to much extra space so sizing was an issue which made the choices even more limited. Again, all this goes down to settling for many desks I ended up selling off which in the long run costs so much more money. Better to spend more to get more in this case.
  6. having spent a few grand on many many desks I ended up learning that it's better to pay what you need to to get the perfect desk rather then trying to save money settling for desks that are just ok. Maybe it's OCD but I am not happy unless things are how I want them functionally and aesthetically. If I am going to sit somewhere daily and spend hours at a desk I sure as hell would want it to be exactly how I want it to be.
  7. that is what I run so I say yes, worth it for sure. thing is while a lot of my buds wonder if they can run this game and that setting I really never do, I just play it and that is that.
  8. buy a ton from amazon and send everything you dont like back. if money is an issue buy and send back one at a time. It can be a slow process however it will yield the best result.
  9. with that cpu I would go air however you can always reuse whatever you get if you upgrade down the line.
  10. I was drawn in by the "full budget" thing and was fooled grr.
  11. I buy from massdrop fairly often but I do have to say that half the time you can find the same items cheaper somewhere else. always price check. shipping times can be a bitch but if you arent in a rush its a pretty solid site.
  12. When I was younger I did. Now I prefer an understated look. no more windows no nothing fancy looking. I am very satisfied in knowing what is under the hood. I am more the utilitarian type as I get older I guess.
  13. spray glue is easiest IMO. I did it with many 3 inch panels after trying a few other methods that didnt seem to work so well on holding it smoothly against the walls. Word of warning though if you want to take them off easily with out ripping anything and leaving very minimal residue on the wall use a heat gun.
  14. correct. only thing I have done involving Nvidia is register for an account to sign into gforce experience. My beta code was sent to that email.
  15. I am guessing the codes are related to actually singing in to your gforce experience with an account. I cant think of another reason I would have gotten a beta code and I did.
  16. maybe it's just me but that gpu feels out of place with some of that other gear. IMO I would not say it's a balanced built but that's just me.
  17. I would be happy with any mouse, my son and wife both need one. Unfortunately I have been hogging the gaming peripheral budget
  18. for the price I think they make over all good shit. I got no issues with them making similar shit to what's already out, this is nothing new.
  19. just use a needle nose to get the torque you need. put some tissue or something like that in the teeth if you want to be more delicate.
  20. I got it on sale and played it only for the first time late last year...fantastic arcade style racer. GET IT!
  21. start knocking on doors asking if people need shit cleaned, yard work done or just help with daily tasks. need to buckle down and get your hustle on.
  22. taking any value out of it and just going by what I think of it cosmetically I didnt find it attractive at all but after looking at it for a bit it started to grow on me. I still dont think it's sexy but does have a certain charm to it.
  23. Depends on what is causing it, can be a handful of reasons. if common sense remedies dont work you should go see a doctor to get some good stuff to clear you right up.
  24. it wouldnt help your system if it's just for gaming but it wont hurt it either so if you got money to blow why not? Money exists to be spent right?