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  1. Title is the question, PassMark CPU Benchmark says the i7 4790k is the best. Do you guys disagree? I've heard the passmark is wrong in the past.
  2. I have a laptop with a i3 3110m, notice the m for mobile so its a bit weaker. And intel hd 4000 graphics. I run everything on low and it never goes below 30 fps. You should be fine.
  3. Which one of the these cpus would perform better for recording gameplay, and also editing & rendering videos?
  4. put your pointer on the left click and middle on the right and use your pointer for scrolling/middle mouse. For grip i use a hybrid of claw and palm.
  5. So I was listening to a podcast earlier today and had to go to the bathroom, the bad thing is they were talking about the SpaceX Launch. Which to me is a very interesting subject, so I forced myself to sit through the talk and deal with not being able to take a piss. Do you guys know any good wireless headsets? The only ones I've seen are the g930s. Thanks in advance
  6. You're gonna have to find someone else to do that, too many steps.
  7. Xeon e3 1231 v3, Like a i7 4770, has hyperthreading. No igpu.
  8. Updating fixed it, thank you.
  9. And going from settings is the only way i know how