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  1. Yeah totally outdated. You're gonna need at least a 6700k, Titan X, the new MSI gaming line of MOBOS a 4TB PCI slot Intel SSD, 64Gb of RAM and 100TB of HDD storage. Then you'll be up to date!
  2. E5 1620 or 2620 is what I was gonna end up with.
  3. He has a burning desire to own the Domm plats I don't know why and it's a tad more efficient when you have 4 rather than two. Though, I didn't go full 980 Ti because I figured it might just be a bit much since I don't know how often he would game on it and the idea of two cards in one system was quote "Friggin awesome!" to him. So I might have to go single card.
  4. That's why I went caviar black with the HDD's because he can buy more for cheaper than an SSD in the future. I went with the EVO PRO as a boot drive. I believe he will be playing games on this sometime as well so think of it as a combo unit. Should I go Xeon E5 or stick with the 5820K?
  5. So I'll go Gigabyte Windforce, because in my opinion the DD cooler on the 380x is over priced
  6. Terrible company...what are you talking about? AMD makes great GPUS! Linus' 7 Gamers 1 CPU was made with 7 AMD Fury Nano's, I'll fix the link issue and imo the MOBO is worth it. Especially considering it's his first build, ASUS makes it simple.
  7. A mixture of both, I suspect he'll game on it but he says he wants it next to him WHILE he games. Before this he was trying to find dedicated server boxes...I'm pretty sure he has crappy specs on his PC last I checked. He doesn't realize he could do both on this PC
  8. I think he might be running multiple per game. Probably not more than 2 or 3
  9. Here is the build I have going currently. A friend of mine who doesn't know much about PC's asked me to build him a 2k$ - 3k$ machine and this is what I came up with http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cBCf6h Should I go with a Xeon E5 instead? note: I'm pretty set on the GPU's for crossfire and I'm pretty set on the Dom plat RAM. He wanted 64Gb of RAM I said 32Gb should be more than enough It's used for runnning servers in Gmod, Minecraft, Teamspeak etc. etc.
  10. Yep the money whores have to ruin all the fun. This is why we can't have nice things.
  11. I've heard these are actually quite good for the price https://www.massdrop.com/buy/meelectronics-air-fi-matrix2-af-62
  12. That's a pretty low wattage system, I think 750Watts would be more than enough