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  1. So, after doing a lot of research, I have found so many varying opinions of these two popular IEM's (which is fair- it is personal preference), and I am unsure of which to buy. Where I am located, the 535 cost about an extra $100 than the IE 80's. The music I'll be primarily listening to is: electronic, rap, hip hop, and music with heavy melody. Are the 535's better in the first place, and second, are they worth the extra $100? Thanks for your time and I appreciate all responses.
  2. N_Bot


    Yes but when dragging things across the monitors expect a lot of resealing and re-sizing.
  3. I highly recommend the s340 or h440. They are very solidly built cases that not only look really nice, but are very efficient.
  4. About to try it this weekend.
  5. Ok thank you. I will try lower the resolution to the other one and see if that works.
  6. Yes. So that's why I don't know why it isn't working.
  7. But if it's not even recognizing it how will that work?
  8. Gtx 970, Asus PB287Q and Acer V223W. There are no other connectors on the Acer one accept DVI.
  9. There's only DVI for some strange reason.
  10. Yes it works just fine when it is the only one plugged in It is the 4k PB287Q.
  11. Hello, So I was looking to get a dual monitor setup. One used dvi-d the other displayport, I start up my computer with both of them plugged into the gpu and only the dvi-d monitor is showing anything. The displayport one is saying no signal. If I unplug the dvi-d one, then the displayport one works just fine. When both are plugged in I can not see the displayport one when I search for other displays.