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    Intel core i5 4460 3.20 GHz
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    MSI B85M-G43
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    Kingston HyperX BLU 16 GB
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    Sapphere R9 280X VAPOR-X OC
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    CM MasterCase 5 Pro
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    WD Blue 3TB, SanDisk Ultra 2 240 GB SSD
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    Chieftec A80 CTG-750C
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    LG 24EA53
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    OZONE Strike Pro BROWN
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    SteelSeries sensei
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    Some shitty headphones
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    Windows10 PRO

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  1. So I have recently acquired a Xeon x3450 and upgraded from my i5-760. Now I'm wondering if I could use ECC memory with it. And if I could use more than 16 GiB max specified in the motherboard manual (Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6). Xeon CPU supports 32 GiB as is shown on it's ark page. Thanks for your help!
  2. Yea that might be the problem.But the GPU can reach 95 C but I have it set to max 85 C and it stays at 85 C. And that is an "ok" temp
  3. Yup last 10 drivers and the old shitty drivers. But nothing worked
  4. So basically I've been scouting the internets for the fix to my black screen problem but nothing works for me. I tried underclocking and undervolting. NOPE. Flashed a new bios. NOPE. Flashed a bios from another "compatible card". BRICKED CARD. Flashed 290x bios. NOPE.... So to the problem: When I play games like Overwatch, GTA V, Warface I get a black screen and the computer freezes. Sometimes it happens after 30 minutes and sometimes 3 hours. I never get a black screen when the card is idle. Any Ideas? Thanks!!!
  5. Sounds like a dead card. Send it back if it's still in warranty.
  6. If you are overclocking that's normal. If not than something is wrong.
  7. Sounds like a dead CPU or motherboard. Plug in the motherboard speaker and listen for beeps. Than look up the beeps in your motherboard manual.
  8. I am currently using a R9 280X. I would like to replace it because its a space heater and mine draws 270 W.
  9. Visual studio is a big pain in the ass. But when you get used to it it's kinda good.
  10. What is the problem? What is so hard?