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    Intel Core i7-7700
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    ASUS Strix Z270I
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    16GB G.SKILL TridentZ RGB DDR4 3200
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    EVGA 1080Ti FTW3
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    Dan Case A4-SFX
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    256GB Intel 600p M.2 SSD
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    Corsair SF600
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    Samsung 1080p IPS 60Hz
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    Noctua NH-L9i
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    Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB
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    Corsair Raptor M40
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    Windows 10

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  1. I actually am coming from the Dan case. It definitely does not facilitate a quiet PC. And it definitely does not have good airflow. After an hour of GTA V, the top of the case is almost too hot to touch and the GPU is basically working full-tilt trying to keep itself below throttling temps.
  2. I know about the Define Nano S, but what are the other cases like it? My main concern is finding something that doesn't stand out as very gamery, since this is going in the living room where the wife will see it all the time, and ideally would be quiet but still provide great airflow for an RTX 2070 Super.
  3. Using the 2:1 rule of thumb for sitting distance to screen size for TVs, this seems like it will be a great option for people in smaller living spaces who didn't want to overdo their main TV by getting something too large. Also, since it supports G-Sync and FreeSync it should make a great gaming TV for the living room. I'm just hoping that it doesn't come in too expensive when it eventually gets a price and release date. LG CX 2020 OLED TV Gets 120Hz BFI + 4K@120p Gaming with G-Sync/ VRR
  4. While I'm aware of the distinction between optical and digital, I wasn't considering digital in the scope of this argument. Mostly because phone manufacturers are marketing their devices as having "#x optical zoom."
  5. I'm sick of reading about "zoom" lenses on smartphones, when they are all just fixed focal length lenses. For example, the 5x periscope lens on the P30 pro should be called 5x telephoto, not 5x zoom. Zoom means that the lens has a range of focal lengths it can use, this doesn't apply to fixed focal length lenses. Change my mind.
  6. On the topic of many HDD support (with unRAID)... would it be better to buy a motherboard with lots of SATA ports by default, like the ASRock Z390 Extreme4? Or should I just get the cheapest motherboard (Gigabyte H310 A Micro) that the CPU will work in, and get a SATA PCIe expansion card?
  7. I'm doing research on building a NAS to support Plex streaming/transcoding, as well as simple file storage (backups). Right now I'm trying to focus in on the video transcoding for Plex, and making sure it's not going to be a big problem. On Plex Media Server's CPU recommendations page, they recommend (very roughly), a CPU with a PassMark score of at least 17000 for 4K HDR (50Mbps) transcoding to 1080p (10Mbps). I want to make sure I can support at least one stream at this quality, but I am also trying to not spend so much on a CPU. Plex Media Server also has a page up about hardwa
  8. I currently have a 43" TV and it's the perfect size for the room it's in and viewing distance for my setup. I don't want to upgrade to anything but OLED, but it seems like there are no real OLED options smaller than 55 inches.
  9. If anyone here owns one of the new Q Venture Gen 4 watches, I'm interested in knowing the battery life you are getting out of it. I was interested in one, until I read reviews on Fossil's website claiming battery life around and below 12 hours.
  10. I want to build a server, or buy a NAS which I can use as the backbone for a whole-home surveillance system. I'm aware of off the shelf consumer offerings, but I don't like the monthly subscription costs associated with storing the footage from the cameras, and generally I like taking on projects myself and would look forward to setting up a system on my own and getting to know how it works inside and out. Requirements for me: Must be able to view live camera feeds and backed up recordings relatively easily from my smartphone. (Android) Must use on-site storage for savin
  11. I suppose the issue with that is there are no large format 4K OLED monitors. (that I'm aware of)
  12. I was giving a little bit of thought today about what my perfect TV at the moment would be. However, I don't know of anything like it, or if there will ever be anything like it. 4K or higher as higher becomes mainstream OLED - best contrast, blacks are actually black/off Dolby Vision & HDR10 support ~ 50" - good all around size for me No built-in speakers at all - saves cost and I prefer external systems for this anyway Native 120 Hz or higher capability - in case future TV broadcasts begin supporting this, but mostly for occasional gaming And probab
  13. Isn't that just a development board? I guess I mean a product any consumer can go and buy.