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  1. Hey All, Looking for some help. I want to make a point of highlighting some of your hard work. I know a lot of you have done some pretty sick builds in the past and I want to showcase them regularly on our Facebook page. Right now I am looking at ideally showing one system every other week, or every week if i get enough submissions. These can be modded builds or stock builds. I will be able to share one image on the post itself but I would link to your worklog or image gallery if you have one. Like I said, these do not have to be over the top, we just want to see what you are building. To give you an idea of some of the recent builds we have share, you can view them here: https://www.facebook.com/FractalDesignNA/posts/859988760718813 and here The only requirement is that the build must be in a Fractal Design case, kind of obvious but worth stating. Feel free to post in this thread or drop a link to a cool Fractal build that you have seen. Thanks in advance for your help on this!
  2. I voted, but then again I may be a little biased
  3. Yeah, I created this login Before I created my twitter. I try to mix things up, I am shifty like that
  4. I have heard some issues with shipping cost, unfortunately with the campaign I have no control over it. Perhaps if there is enough interest in the future we structure it differently.
  5. hey all. More than a few people have told me that I should post this announcement in the forums, so that is what I am doing. The #PieFist shirt that I made is now available via tfund...basically teespring but allows higher color count on images. You can buy one here: http://www.tfund.com/FDPieFist Currently the only people that have these are the LMG staff, NeweggTV staff, Logan from TekSyndicate and a few other select Youtubers who have yet to unveil them ;-) http://youtu.be/g2ccd8ZefNM?t=2m21s Since it is a campaign, it will end in about 3 weeks. And in case you are wondering what it looks like, Luke and the crew decided to display their awesomeness on a recent WAN Show http://youtu.be/g2ccd8ZefNM?t=2m21s
  6. We skipped gold, going straight to platinum on the R4. Much more minimalistic and fits with our color palette ;-)
  7. In the US you can check out http://www.pugetsystems.com/store/?cat=All+Categories&que=%22fractal+design%22 Otherwise outside the US you can visit http://www.fractal-design-shop.de/ Hope this helps
  8. I was on a WAN show, one where i called in. I have actually done it more than once in person, but only once on camera I believe. Plus Slick made reference (on the WAN show at TimmyTechs house) to a point I made about LInus' conversational tactics. Its a good one to look up ha ha
  9. LOL believe it or not I made Linus speechless
  10. Hey @Appealingkarrot This video might help: http://youtu.be/VS45Yhjj4bY?t=57s
  11. @figuremania I am sorry to hear you are having this issue and doubly sorry to hear that it took over two weeks to get a response as that is not at all our normal response time. I will check with Tech Support Team on your issue. If you PM me with your email address I will follow up with them to make sure they have your record.
  12. You can check out Linus' look at it here: http://youtu.be/w5HSirKRHmU?t=3m2s Official support: Water cooling compatibility: Front – 240mm radiator (thick and slim) when HDD cages are removed, radiator cannot exceed 272mm in total length with the ODD bay in place. Top – 240mm or 360mm radiators (thick and slim); the use of 360mm radiators requires removal of the ODD cage. Bottom – 120mm radiators Rear – 120mm radiators
  13. The Arc Mini R2 covers all of those, except the ATX motherboard, but if you are willing to go Micro ATX.... ;-)