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  1. I'm just here for the badge, do I get a badge?
  2. Do any games you play have log files? Something similar to me was happening and turned out it was the same to failure errors on the graphics card everytime.
  3. I've been having problems with my graphics cards dramatically under preforming while playing Starcraft 2 (I know, I know its a dead game but I like it). My setup is below: i7 7820x 64gb memory gtx 1080 Despite this I consistently drop to single digits in game at lowest settings, and the game becomes unplayable. In addition I have a 'gigabit' internet connection which actually is more like 600 mb/s, so I don't think it is an internet issue.This happens at both 1440p and 1080p, I have't tried lower resolutions. There doesn't appear to
  4. Do you think I should be concerned about the controller not showing up in device manager at all tho? Even if it was just the adapter shouldn't the controller be there without a connection present?
  5. So the wifi where I'm at is pretty spotty, but the Ethernet is solid enough. The connection works fine on my work computer (MacBook), but Im running into some trouble on my aspire. I am using a USB Ethernet adapter from insignia (model NS-PU98505). Again trying to connect to an acer aspire s7 392 (i7-4500U, windows 10 64 bit. What I've tried so far: - Downloaded latest LAN drivers from acers website. - power cycled machine by removing battery - loaded system default settings from the bios - 'system reset' (I think it's the new equivalent of syst
  6. I have a 970. I just got left a nice tv from a friend who graduated. It has HDR so I would probably use this to power that for movies and whatnot. Also i use my idle cards to fold with so this would probably be a nice boost.
  7. I tried. I filled out their "contact us" form earlier this week and they never emailed me.
  8. I bought the arc midi r2 a couple months ago and its a great case but I accidentally got the version without the side panel window. Does anyone know where I can buy just the side panel with the window? http://www.fractal-design.com/home/product/accessories/arc-midi-window-side-panel (Here's what I am talking about) E: I live in NA, forgot to add this at first
  9. Is this even possible? I am stuck with an iphone 5 for the foreseeable future and i really miss the android experience. Is there any way to have both loaded on your phone?
  10. I may be alone in thinking this, but personally i prefer cheap modable cases for watercooling. Right now there are only two cases out there that won't limit the performance of your other components, and those are the TJ11 and the 900D. Unless you get one of these cases you will need to mod in order to get the fullest performance out of your components. So if you are going to mod it anyway, what is the point in sending $250 instead of $60? With enough modding radiators can fit nearly anywhere. That's why it always seemed to be a waste to spend money on a case when you don't need to. L
  11. Very nice color coordination. You are doing what I should have done to my sabertooth x58 a couple years ago. People say that it isn't a good color scheme, but the only problem is that it is so different. If you are willing to adapt the rest of your system to match it it can really look great. I just don't have the patience to do a sleeving job like that lol
  12. Ive been using it for about three weeks and I already have almost four miles. Really surprising. I also found it surprising that my keystrokes and clicks balanced out. I was sure I typed more than I clicked.