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    Melbourne Austrailia
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    i7 2600
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    Asrock h61del
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    16gb gskill ripjaws
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    Evga GTX770 Classified
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    Thermaltake piece of Rubish
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    Samsung 840 evo 250gb 1tb Samsung HDD
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    Antec 550w
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    Some acer 1080p 60hz one then to 2x 1280x1024 60hz Monitors i found in a dumpster
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    Stock Cooler
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    CM Storm (Cheap)
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    CM Storm (Cheap)
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    Verbatim Speakers that are like over 10 years old
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    WIndows 10

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  1. Are any of your neighbors next door to you (assuming they are on the same TAP) seeing any similar issues? Also which part of the world are you in? Cable/HFC networks around the world can be designed differently specifically around the amount of customers per optical node.
  2. Hi All, I am currently running Pfsense with the DNS Resolver feature. I have noticed that Unbound has crashed and will not restart when trying to apply any configuration changes i receive the following error. The following input errors were detected: The generated config file cannot be parsed by unbound. Please correct the following errors: /var/unbound/test/unbound_server.pem: No such file or directory [1580637057] unbound-checkconf[94278:0] fatal error: server-cert-file: "/var/unbound/test/unbound_server.pem" does not exist I have tried so far. Restarting Pfsen
  3. Still no reply now been 5 days since initial contact @colonel_mortis could you potentially poke the Float Plane team getting frustrating that im not even getting a reply I understand they are small but still. The issues so far, I have been charged but I lost access part way through the cycle then my current subscription was showing as canceled.
  4. Now when i login it says my subscription has been canceled. Really hope @Slick can sort this out.
  5. Ended up just buying another subscription was getting frustrating waiting for a response
  6. Yeah I'm aware of this i don't get access on either and i have been billed for it. Yes, i did, I had it then it went away. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I purchased a floatplane subscription on floatplane.com then canceled my forum subscription now i have lost access to both even though my floatplane.com subscription should still be current. I have tried emailing Floatplane support and haven't got a reply idk what to do. @LinusTech @Slick
  8. As cheap as possible maybe $300 AUD don't have a lot of funds to throw at it, unfortunately.
  9. Quiet and about on par to a Dell PowerEdge 2950 suits my needs just need something that is quiet.
  10. Yeah i know that just want something cheap quiet happy to go used.
  11. Anyone know of a quiet server i can run at home that will run relatively cool and quiet yeah I know servers generally aren't designed to do this just want something that can run some VM's for Labs and Testing.
  12. Alright thanks just was mainly curious if the activation is any different never used it before so i don't really know.
  13. I am going to be building a new PC for a Customer i haven't used Windows 10 OEM before usually have delt with machines that have existing retail licenses is the Installation and Activation of Windows 10 OEM the same as Retail or is it Different? Thanks in advance.
  14. It reduces the amount of time it takes to convert a site such as google.com to 2404:6800:4006:803::200e or Althrough caching dns queries within your network would be much faster.