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    Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company
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    Florida, a hot and sticky place
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    I am interested in games, anime, tech, music, and designing stuff.
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    Game Level Designer


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    i7 6700k @4.7 Ghz
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    Asus z170A
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    16 GB of 2133 DDR4
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    Asus GTX 970 Turbo edition
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    NZXT S340
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    Samsung 970 evo m.2 250GB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650
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    Custom Water loop
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    Dell mouse

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  1. skip that step and continue on to the other steps previously stated.
  2. So you need to enable raid, head back into the bios. If in ez mode on the front page enable intel rapid storage, now head into advanced mode by pressing f7. head to advance>Advanced/pchstorage configurator Now enable sata controller if disabled, switch from ahci to raid gotta get some sleep before work tomorrow, so I'll respond in the morning. edit:2nd paragraph
  3. once your done with that, I found the missing usb controller from the asus website here's the link: http://drivers.softpedia.com/get/MOTHERBOARD/ASMedia/ASUS-ROG-Strix-Z270E-Gaming-ASMedia-USB-3-1-Driver-1-16-38-1.shtml
  4. click on the network instead of download
  5. I don't think it's bad usb ports(being that you've tested all of your usb ports including all hubs you're using ie. monitor/keyboard/front panel/ect.), this just sounds like improper configuration of devices or bad driver. So once you've installed all the latest drivers repost with results let me know. Your bios also needs to be updated but tis is a serious task and needs to be done when you can guarantee that your computer won't lose power. To do so here's a guide on rog boards:
  6. Please navigate to start>setting>devices and can you screenshot that. Also for latest drivers the cd supplied on has drivers at the time of packaging, so to get latest drivers try this link: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z270E-GAMING/HelpDesk_Download/ To view the latest bios version shutdown your computer and spam f2 or del and take a picture of the screen that displays
  7. So let's start by getting some information first; What is your current bios revision, and have you installed the latest chipset driver from intel/ latest ASmedia usb controller driver. Also to be clear it's usb devices fail to operate, do they show up as devices is device manager?
  8. System Specs: i7 6700k was oc to 4.7 dropped to 4.0 during troubleshooting asus GtX 970 trubo was oc to 10% dropped to -10% during troubleshooting latest game ready driver and last stable during troubleshooting 16 GB of panram on xmp profile of 2133mhz asus z170 a bios version 3504 cooler rajintek tritton ssd samsung 850 evo hdd raid 5 of 3 random drive laying around the house evga g supernova 650 just rma'd should be perfectly fine windows 10 home 64 Crash details I'm running a triple monitor setup and it randomly crashed to to bl
  9. I've been looking for a good setup to take advantage of the big blank space on my wall. I'd use this to setup my own version of Linus' Ultimate gaming setup.
  10. The Fury is still a very competitive card. With the specs shown it should trade punches with a 980 making still competitive
  11. I'm really interested in getting a mouse with no movement acceleration. This mouse has gotten several reviews saying it doesn't. I want to test it for myself.
  12. Master Chief Collection, Its Halo 1-4. And to answer OP's question, Halo is one of my favorite games. Halo 3 and 4 I loved to speed run. The story for ODST and 3 were awesome! 4 was probably my favorite games competitive wise, although I'd probably be shamed by the community for saying that. Reached 50 in all games(that had csr or true skill) as well. I still play Halo CE PC team snipers on Blood Gulch every now and then. I'm just hoping Halo Online comes to North America.
  13. My body is ready for another Snef build log.