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    bicycles, custom building stuff ppl dont usually custom build.
    rc stuff and custom rc stuff. Computers, small and powerful ones. Car audio and bass... low bass... bring on dem sub 30hz sine waves
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    it was a dark and stormy night ... (insert rest of biography here )
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    Finished School yay! kinda unemployed now :l

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  1. hmmm i definitely won't be able to afford this because Ink retails for like 5000usd a liter... if you were to go with the HP ink cartridge prices that is and How do they make printer ink anyway, combine one pint of blood from a virgin with nectar extracted from a tree atop a mountain in china all while keeping both fluids at at constant 24.237 degrees celsius.
  2. this made me decide to go and check the fragmentation on my hdd... turns out its pretty good
  3. I have a gionee e6 lol, it has a mediatek chip (quad core one) and it runs pretty good(cannot run graphic intensive games at 1080p) but the battery is only 2020 mah (for a phone with 5" screen) but yet it can outlast a galaxy s4. goes to show that the mediatek chip, while slow uses very little power.
  4. i'll have you know that i do have the hardcore Android mentality of "bigger is always better" ... and i do agree 5.9" is just too big
  5. no new sensors needed ... because the phone already know where you pressing. also chips are quite efficient (i can confirm that with mediatek chips )
  6. the brain keeps processing the images you see and given enough time you can start to make out very fine details. its gotten to the point where i can just make out a little bit of pixel spacing on my phone which has a 5" display @1080p (441 ppi)
  7. i'm a big fan of big phones but 5.9" is too damn high ... i say minimum 5" and max 5.3" thats the sweet spot
  8. the thinnest phone in the world is this>> http://www.gsmarena.com/gionee_elife_s5_5-6109.php at 5.5mm and no there arnt any reports of it bending (it may flex but thats ok)
  9. so looking here http://kyokojap.myweb.hinet.net/gpu_gflops/ there is most likely no way the A8 chip has more graphical power than the k1 (A8 having the powerVr GX6650)
  10. wait! 2-1=1 ... now 2+1= wait for it... 3 OHMEGERDD!!!
  11. ttpod (use on mobile ) lots of music streaming and you are allowed to download songs you like
  12. my cheapo chinese phone has a yamaha headphone amp in it, and it goes damn loud and plays good too. (bass is less than an htc one but i think the one may be over bassed with the whole beats thing )
  13. 4.2.2 and flash installed (on my tablet tho )
  14. it has to do something with the energy it absorbs ... my bet is that it would be very very hot in bright places
  15. If your phone has trim just full it to the max with random stuff (recommends pics of a potato ) then delete it all. the trim should activate and wipe everything if not when the hacker recovers the data he/she will get a bunch of potato pics alone. Another method is to reinstall the os and during the install format the flash chip (basically a guaranteed wipe of EVERYTHING) . (odin for samsung, sp-flash tool for devices with mediatek chips and other tools depending on the chip you have.) EDIT: quoted the wrong post ._. ment to quote this: