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  1. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Dackzy in Best soundcard for z906 speakers   
    wtf happened in here.
    Just use onboard optical with these speakers, no need for a sound card
  2. Like
    pas008 got a reaction from IvanSnipedYu in I'm trying to sound proof a room.   
    years ago few musician friends used cheap eggshell memory foam in their apartments/duplexes as temp
    usually just covered them with sheets
    and Honestly I dont really how well it worked, but they were never complained about etc
  3. Funny
    pas008 got a reaction from Dackzy in Headphone recommendation   
    oh wow used them plenty of times lol, just plz stop
    I'd never recommend them for anyone that fps games
    when fisher clones, clouds, or cals do way better job in positional audio for closed headphones
  4. Informative
    pas008 got a reaction from Mortis Angelus in 144HZ makes me ddizzy/sick   
    you can start with 100hz then go 120hz then 144hz
    some people just cant handle it though hope you arent one
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    pas008 got a reaction from RazerZ in Good Cheap Headphones?   
    shp9500 when they go on sale
    superlux 668b or 681
    panasonic htf 600s
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    pas008 got a reaction from godsarmy in soundblaster x7   
    Paid about the same for mine
    very pleased with it,
  7. Like
    pas008 got a reaction from godsarmy in soundblaster x7   
    nice, had mine for awhile
    I am already sbx studio fan
    I love the being able to answer phone call in middle of game with headphones and my mic
    like the small foot print  with built in amp, eliminated alot of other crap around my work/battle station
    people complaining about price when you get alot for the price, dac/headphone amp/speaker amp/bluetooth, surround software,
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    pas008 got a reaction from BoredErica in Flacs vs Mp3's   
    he needs to attend to his unicorn
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    pas008 got a reaction from KaminKevCrew in Flacs vs Mp3's   
    he needs to attend to his unicorn
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    pas008 got a reaction from Fluffinator in what is the most comfy headphone/headset on the market ?   
    my comfort isnt your comfort
  11. Like
    pas008 got a reaction from Sir_LaggaL0t in Good DAC for around 100€   
    I hear a big difference with sbx studios
  12. Like
    pas008 reacted to Oktyabr in Sound card or nah for AD-900x's   
    It doesn't even take money to solve the equation...  just a bit of logic.  "Cleaner signal"...  how clean is clean?  "Better amplification"...  OH, so THAT'S why it's called a "betterfier"!!!  I get it now!  MOAR MUNNEEZ EQUALZ MOAR BETTERFIER!!!   :rolleyes: 

    A perfect... BIT PERFECT... signal can be no more than 100% accurate!  That's it!  If a $100 DAC already does the conversion with damn close to 100% *bit perfect* accuracy how much better will a $1000 DAC sound?  100% is as good as it gets, folks.  

    An amplifier strives to do one thing and one thing only.  Take a signal and make it louder while adding as little distortion as possible.  A perfect amplifier would add zero distortion of any kind.  If a $100 amplifier can make a signal louder without hardly adding any distortion at all how much better will a $1000 amplifier sound?  Remember, zero distortion is the target!

    Some will note that I said "damn close to 100%" and "without hardly adding any distortion" (very close to perfect).  That's because in reality it's arguable that a perfect DAC and perfect amp don't actually exist.  But they get so damn close that for 99.99999% of the listeners, they won't hear the difference.  In other words... close enough.  This is true regardless of how much one costs.  SO close in fact, that the variations between two different people's hearing (no one hears exactly like someone else) will likely be a bigger factor than the accuracy of the hardware involved.

    In conclusion, it's easy to buy something that truly sucks in a measurable way.  But most of these manufacturers either correct their product or go broke.  The rest?  There is only so close to 100% that you can get and you can never go over it. 
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    pas008 got a reaction from MVPernula in Gaming Headphones for a Friend   
    had m50s they are long gone sold them off cuz they horrible, guess they ok for music
    potato pic of 770s and some of my others sry just turned around with crappy phone camera

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    pas008 got a reaction from BaconComputing in Gaming Headphones for a Friend   
    dt 770 and m50 are crap for fps gaming,
    still dont understand why people recommend them
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    pas008 got a reaction from legodude in Soundcard/DAC?   
    lol its on the right track but the video is crap and both them are biased sell outs
    ohms only variable for power? I know there is another episode but you just dont state that shit especially with the headphones they hold up,  I can name many high ohm headphones that are easily driven and low ohm ones that must need an amp lots of volume
    drivers are user error, never had an issue unless I accidently installed over another
    surround software has to do with algorithms not eq settings
    any gamer will tell you there is a difference between razer, sbx, yahama silent cinema, cmss3d, dolby, etc
    also dont many front panel noise come from sharing usb ground
    oh btw same shit just internal vs external six one way half a dozen the other
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    pas008 got a reaction from Afiqos4253 in BenQ XL2720Z users here?   
    3 here
    after seeing 2420z and VG248QE side by side
    it was clear benq for the extra $50 each by far
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    pas008 got a reaction from DWN in Gaming headset   
    make your own first link is to open cans great positional
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    pas008 got a reaction from D14RAP in Hardware Windows Volume Mixer?   
    roccat power grid might work for you
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    pas008 got a reaction from Verne in Superlux headphones?   
    lol superlux actually competes with higher range headphones
    I have owned the hd681, 3 times, they do need eq tweaking on highs
    I do own the 668b's too actually on my desk right now next to my q701's
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    pas008 got a reaction from VulsaviiK in 120Hz 1080p Monitors   
    research more plz
    here to get you started
    dont have time to link them all to you and educate you
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    pas008 got a reaction from gilgameshflood in Is it worth getting a 7.1 sound card for stereo headset?   
    try sbx studios on creative products
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    pas008 got a reaction from BoredErica in Do headphone cables affect sound quality?   
    alot of blind tests inside
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    pas008 got a reaction from Cosmos_i7 in Audio Technica ATH-M50   
    I love my m50s for music, but for first person shooters I cant stand them, their positional sound is absent, I hear people all around me