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  1. dont they kill off apps/features/etc from other companies because they implement similar app/features/etc into their own
  2. agreed but also doesnt apple also kill off others to make their own too?
  3. you can use kb and mouse on consoles i dont think crypto will die off anytime soon if people keep investing cash into it also
  4. yet alone care about updates i dont think I know anyone in the real world that even has talked about os updates/etc only thing I know is they hate it automatically doing it
  5. doesnt nvidia have most of their cards made by aibs though so wont this still be up to them where these cards go? is this a small attempt to persuade aibs to ship rtx in their distribution channels and ship these directly to the miners?
  6. yeah agreed but also thinking about it maybe steam should change their layout also considering its located so closely to reviews yes anyone with half a brain should understand but then again we have warnings on products for reasons like this lol
  7. this sounds about right home schooling with drunken teachers I mean parents but I kinda like the one my daughter has for school and they have it set up so she cant just screw it up with downloads/etc for most part compared to her windows minecraft laptop that I have to constantly check on lol
  8. Lol tegra x1 doesn't compete with anything new its like 4 yrs old Softbank is so neutral with its investments and subsidiaries lol But here jump to conclusions they want to breach contracts, gatekeep, and get antitrust lawsuits everywhere I'm sure part of softbanks acquisition and now nvidias I'm sure this is part of it NVIDIA will continue Arm’s open-licensing model and customer neutrality and expand Arm’s IP licensing portfolio with NVIDIA technology source. https://group.softbank/en/news/press/20200914
  9. ah arm cant be owned by a competitor but everything else in the world can be? from drugs, 5g modems to software is ok but arm cant because its everywhere? you know if nvidia does restrict a competitor thats called what? which results in what? but who are nvidias competitors in arm by the way? last i know nvidia isnt really a competitor here lol and for arm they are all of a sudden a company dictated by other companies?
  10. if you cant see the connection of how racism/prejudice ties into already making them guilty then I cant help you
  11. but this is a corp too saying this lol qualcomm can gatekeep their own 5g ip right and their acquisitions ip right lol
  12. no if they already owned the ip it would be fine though but if bought must be restricted? no because you are already saying nvidia is going to do this but on that note you are right it happens everywhere big pharm/tech/grocery/etc and thats why grandfather/etc clauses could be added etc which i'm sure there already there also nfl license can be denied for stupidest of things but if my company cant exist without it does that make it the nfl's fault for me not surviving after them dropping my license? oh wait nfl is already guilty right? just saying they a
  13. guilty until proven innocent nice sounds racist/prejudice in a way
  14. arm can gatekeep right now if they want to do so but I see your point but most likely they will be grandfathered in like many other acquisitions until a so called date or renewal of the ip at the same time these businesses have had the time to come up with a joint venture to secure arm as an open/cheap/etc license also this is already accusing them of this which they have not done so by any means with this logic we should stop all acquisitions because of what they can be guilty of
  15. ok they have a license big deal they can renew "Qualcomm is building a case to suggest that the only way Nvidia can make the acquisition profitable will be to gatekeep Arm's technology." isnt arm allowed to be profitable ? isnt that what all acquisitions are pretty much lol? does qualcomm honor their ip licensees from acquisitions?
  16. lol this is bullshit imho is qualcomms acquisitions ips openly available for everyone else to use? or are they solely qualcomms? lol should arm not be profitable? oh arm cant raise fees now?
  17. this is just ridiculous this makes me wonder what patents are on keyboards/mice button locations and how many buttons or even the location of a power/reset/etc button on a computer case or smart phone or laptop lol
  18. maybe require something like process lasso in the mean time
  19. For starters waste, disposals, consumables, etc are part of everything to get something else most of the time "plastics in general" Electricity to get digital good is common If there are brown outs etc that's not the fault of someone using it for intented uses example miners, home shops, etc Business and residential places have amperage limits Blame the power companies for not having or using regulations and not having infrastructure to handle it This is the digital age is it not Requires electricity right What dictates energy wastage? Having 15
  20. think you are missing the point you are regulating what you think is important for electricity uses which all should be equal if you want to go the data route which data is more important yours mine or the nexts? you think we should restrict how data is used over the web? oh wait you pay for certain amount and speed and once you g over you pay extra if you dont have caps then you shouldnt be able to use more? what data is considered wasteful? isnt majority of it? as we talk in a 140 billion(wasteful) of bitcoin thread large enough to buy few
  21. consumer issues has nothing to do with it a gpu consumer is a gpu consumer if i want to buy 1000 3090 to piss on and bash them I can if i pay for them if i want to buy a pallet of amd 5900x and make necklaces out of them I can and for electricity, its none of you business what i do in my business or personal life on what i use electricity for unless i'm doing something illegal if i want to waste energy turning a non insulated open warehouse into polar arctic or heat haven, i can if i want to pay for it until there are regulations/laws etc put into place
  22. exactly you cant blame the bag manufacturers or users until something is put into place
  23. recycling costs are there and you think its cheap? solution for certain areas yes but that isnt a mining or whatever issue thats the areas issue like i said post before your response tariff? you mean overage fees? thats up to the area with said issues if they have them
  24. thats on the areas to enforce it their caps if they have them in place cant blame xx on being the issue if there is nothing in place if there is then they arent following the law, which then its a problem which is spoken about in the iran topic doesnt matter if they make plastic bags or crytpo because thats irrelevant
  25. same shit with gas and is a limited resource prices fluctuate now are you going to say you can only buy 100 gallons a month because it is directly affecting the quality of life for others?