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  1. Easier and significantly less energy intensive to dump it on Venus. It actually takes a stupid amount of energy to toss something into the sun. By the time we can successfully terraform Venus we would have the capability to clean up any waste products.
  2. Are we sure that isn't Intel's processor naming strategy? Intel got shit about 14nm++++++++++++++++++ because their initial projections called for their 10nm process to be in general use by 2015 and it just kept slipping farther and farther back. It had nothing to do with the competition's naming schemes.
  3. Odd thing is that it never went down for me. Wonder if it's because I'm not using my ISP's DNS.
  4. Which means that according to their estimate the amount of consumer level cards bought by miners was between 4% and 13% as consumer graphics only accounts for 48% of their revenue. What's more, they refuse to say how they quantified that number. If they are going off of sales to third parties by various middlemen which aren't affiliated with the normal endpoints in the chain, then those numbers are a severe underestimation as plenty of miners and scalpers buy cards from consumer endpoints.
  5. Sorry, but there is a difference between currency, and universal currency. Bitcoin has never claimed to be the latter making your point rather nonsensical. As for it being volatile, this is true, but is primarily caused by the stage of establishment it is in as well as govts changing policies to it. This doesn't magically make it not a currency, just not a reliable one. Unlike govt issued currencies however, its volatility is not mostly one way.
  6. In fairness to TMSC 4 years ago(pretty much the minimum time needed for serious expansion) it is unlikely they would have predicted Intel's complete flop with their 10nm fabs, Apple's M1 being so damned good, and AMD wanting every scrap of fab they could get, etc... etc...
  7. I'm convinced the biggest winner for this is current gen consoles. It gives them a 20-30% performance boost minimum at 4k with little drop in quality. From what little info has been released on the dev side, it takes at most a day or two to implement and test(Since certain implementations of AA apparently play nicer with it than others) which makes it an effectively free performance toggle for them to implement.
  8. To be fair, they attempted to not do something and the government jumped on their ass about it.
  9. Because their lawyers finally told them to implement the lock yesterday and it's better from a security standpoint to keep the locks on the barn door than to unlock it fully. At a guess, they're worried about someone figuring out how to jailbreak it or keep it permanently in subscribed mode without paying if they leave it unlocked. Or maybe they were really stupid and the menu heirarchy is in firmware, not software, which means they can't perform OTA updates on that portion of the code. Looking back on their response to this whole thing, either of those could be true. Or there's option 3, they
  10. No, to fix their mistake they are giving out free subs till they can code for multi-level subscription services, with the base subscription being free but only including treadlock+ and run mode. However that takes time since they never planned for anything more than a single subscription type when they wrote the original code. So in order to avoid any possible injury/death lawsuits due to negligence and not simply a faulty product on their part given that Peleton has constant access to the machines(which WOULD be portrayed as a major indication of gross negligence on their part in any such law
  11. Per RGT, devs have been saying that it takes less than a day to implement and test in a game. Interestingly certain types of AA work better with it than others.
  12. Could be a poor installation area where air currents are mostly blocked or it could be something as simple as being near the aircon exchanger.
  13. Right now the process requires 4 separate machines, a bath in distilled water, and multiple applications to coat a single platter more than once. It also requires cooling the copper/graphene disk application medium to room temp from a high temp in vacuum which would be rather slow. So a laborious, high energy, time consuming process with no easy way to implement robotically.