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  1. As elected politician is not on that list as an individual option, it is invalid. Even without it being a separate category civil servant still makes number 10.
  2. Why would you ever download stuff on a work computer in the first place? As for the other forms of tracking, none of them are available to the RIAA/MPAA/game companies in any way that connects one to downloaded material.
  3. Or they use DNS over https+opendns or other dns solution of their choice+ a non-shit vpn.
  4. AMD may be attempting to skip step 1, and with the new consoles using RDNA2 variants 3 may come rather quickly since the increase in performance would be a godsend for devs and keep download sizes down.
  5. Somewhat useful to modders as it allows them to see all the hooks in the game which in theory means they can change AI behavior and more. Not simple to do however and it will still take significant amounts of time. Not to mention that CDPR may be significantly changing things anyway.
  6. More importantly, all the towns in RDR2 fit into at most two sections of Night City. Hell, if you were to collect up every single 'inhabited' area in RDR2 I doubt you'd manage to fill up 3.
  7. No. Not only is player movement much, much, much, much slower and limited, but the population spawning is significantly less dense.
  8. How much heat do server memory controllers produce?
  9. PC is fine, Apart from crashing every 4-6 hours of play PS4 Pro is fine. The XBOneX is apparently even less of an issue than the PS4 Pro. The big issue is apparently the PS4 base model, but I know someone playing it on that and while the crashing is worse because of the memory systems on the PS4, it's still not a big deal. Course, his PS4 is relatively new and early model PS4s might be having more issues, especially if dust choked.
  10. The original target was always PC which can get away with a HDD because of on average double the available memory. They then tried to make it work on last gen consoles. Which it mostly does at this point on team green consoles. Team blue has a memory leak issue because Sony got lazy in how they designed the PS4 gen memory handling. Though in fairness when they designed it they probably weren't considering a massive, extremely detailed cityscape with fast transportation and few loading screens to be on the list of things games were likely to attempt. The closest game type to it was
  11. Which is a lie. On my second playthrough now with a different build on the Pro. I know two people playing it on the base console. However both of them play it on 720p TVs. It is probable that it should have been capped at such. On the topic at hand, I spent 5 hours yesterday on my post game save crafting and duping items in an attempt to trigger the save bug. My inventory scrolling would effectively lock up(technically just very slow. Took me 5 min just to enter/exit it) before I would get to that point because even having 800+ crafted weapons/clothes and tens of thousands of compo
  12. Pretty sure the only ways to trigger this are to kill a bunch of people in the main open world area and never loot any of their bodies, to loot everything and never sell/disassemble any of it, or to craft like 500+ nonstackable items and leave them in your inventory/stash.
  13. Company size has little to do with available funds, especially 7 months past the nominal release date for your first major product in 5 years. GoG from what I understand doesn't generate any significant profit and Gwent isn't exactly huge. It is entirely possible they were out of operating funds. We have no clue what loan terms were or anything else.